The american revolution


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  • Note: How Canadian government views American military actions in Canada in War of 1812 compared to how we view the Revolution
  • The american revolution

    1. 1. From 13 Colonies to One Nation THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION
    2. 2. Patriots • Wanted independence • Willing to fight for freedom Loyalists  Wanted to remain part of England  Were willing to fight to remain tied to England THREE MAJOR AMERICAN OPINIONS GOING INTO THE WAR The Middle  Had no real opinion  Didn’t fight for either side  Over time, this group shrank
    3. 3. The British began sending soldiers over to enforce their rules. Paul Revere and friends rode out in the middle of the night to warn everyone. The first battles were in Lexington and Concord, two towns in Massachusetts. These battles actually proceeded the Declaration of Independence. FIRST FIGHT
    4. 4. Things did not go well for the Americans at first. America lost important battles like the largest battle of the war, the Battle of Brooklyn Heights. American prisoners were placed on boats during the war. Many died when in prisons. THE WAR’S BEGINNING
    5. 5. Saratoga was a month long fight between the British and the Americans. America was losing at first, but over time enough Americans arrived and the Americans won the battle. Considered the turning point of the war. France agreed to help America after the battle. BATTLE OF SARATOGA
    6. 6. The Marquis de Lafayette (French) became one of Washington’s major supporters German states and Spain also sent assistance to the colonies after the Battle of Saratoga. Other European countries wanted the chance to help beat England, which was the most powerful country in the world at the time. INTERNATIONAL AID
    7. 7. Surprisingly, more battles occurred in South Carolina than in any other colonies. Famous South Carolina Battles: Cowpens and King’s Mountain Most of the fighting in South Carolina occurred between loyalists and Patriots. Francis Marion led his army in guerilla fighting with British soldiers. BATTLE IN THE SOUTH
    8. 8. Americans learned to fight, and specifically how to fight the British, in the French-Indian War Americans knew the land better than the British Americans had other countries helping them Americans were farmers and hunters The British were trained soldiers. The British had the best equipped army The British hired German mercenaries to help them America Britain ADVANTAGES OF EACH SIDE
    9. 9. The British, led by Lord Cornwallis, surrendered at the Battle of Yorktown. A French fleet blocked their escape from the town, while the American and French soldiers beat them in the battle. BATTLE OF YORKTOWN