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Evergreen Power Corp

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  1. 1. The following information may contain forward looking statements. Forward looking statements address future events and conditions and therefore involve inherent risks and uncertainties. Actual results may differ materially from those currently anticipated in such statements.
  2. 2. » Energy is the largest industry in world. » Demand for energy continues to increase. » A tipping point has been reached. » Transformation from carbon-based energy to renewable/sustainable energy. » Renewable energy is at the apex of this massive transformation. The development of renewable energy and energy efficiency marks "a new era of energy exploration" in the United States, according to President Barack Obama
  3. 3. Global Energy Demand Global Government Global Environmental Mandates Concerns
  4. 4.  “Now, the choice we face is not between saving our environment and saving our economy. The choice we face is between prosperity and decline. We can remain the world's leading importer of oil, or we can become the world's leading exporter of clean energy.” – President Obama 
  5. 5. 3 Main Components of the Green Energy Era: 1) Renewable energy production 2) Cleantech related technologies and processes 3) Legislative, regulatory and incentive framework
  6. 6. The technology and processes that underlie the transformation of a green energy economy: 1) Efficiency 2) Recycling and material re-use 3) Infrastructure
  7. 7. » US total electrical production in 2006 was 1,336,146 MW with 11.1% coming from renewable/other energy sources.* » Conservative estimates for future renewable capacity range up to 635,000 MW (428% INCREASE) by 2025** » Renewable electrical energy from hydro, wind, biomass, solar and further down the road tidal and wave. » The key issue is what % of the total electrical energy production will renewable energy play in meeting future US demand? Sources EPRI (Electrical Power Research Institute) Journal Summer 2007- *US Department of Energy. 2006 **Low estimate based on EPRI renewable energy scenarios assumes a high CO cost base and gas prices scenarios without implementation of Federal Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS).Excerpted from the ACORE (American Council on Renewable Energy) “Outlook on Renewable Energy” With fill implementation of RPS standards/Cap and trade based on renewable resources
  8. 8. » The Obama administration is proving to be the catalyst to shifting the U.S. to a “Green Economy” » Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) » The Production Tax Credit (PTC) » The Investment Tax Credit (ITC) » Advanced ITC » Renewable Energy Grant » Loan Guarantee Program » Clean Renewable Energy Bonds (CREBs) » Qualified Energy Conservation Bond (QECBs) » Renewable energy and related technologies are at the heart of the President Barack Obama speaking at Green Energy Summit in Germany, 2009 transformation.
  9. 9. » Requires a certain percentage of a utility‟s power plant capacity or generation to come from renewable sources by a given date. » Goal is to significantly reduce GHG emissions. » Puts pressure on utility‟s to produce a significant amount of renewable energy in the coming years to avoid penalties » For example, Texas requires 2,000 megawatts of new renewable generation by the end of 2009 » Measured by Renewable Energy Credits Source: Pew Center on Global Climate Change
  10. 10. WA: 15% by 2020* VT: (1) RE meets any increase ME: 30% by 2000 MN: 25% by 2025 in retail sales by 2012; New RE: 10% by 2017 MT: 15% by 2015 (2) 20% RE & CHP by 2017 (Xcel: 30% by 2020) ☼ NH: 23.8% by 2025 ND: 10% by 2015 MI: 10% + 1,100 MW ☼ MA: 15% by 2020 ☼ OR: 25% by 2025 (large utilities)* by 2015* + 1% annual increase 5% - 10% by 2025 (smaller utilities) (Class I Renewables) SD: 10% by 2015 WI: Varies by utility; ☼ NY: 24% by 2013 10% by 2015 goal RI: 16% by 2020 ☼ NV: 25% by 2025* CT: 23% by 2020 IA: 105 MW ☼ OH: 25% by 2025† ☼ CO: 20% by 2020 (IOUs) ☼ PA: 18% by 2020† 10% by 2020 (co-ops & large munis)* ☼ IL: 25% by 2025 VA: 15% by 2025* ☼ NJ: 22.5% by 2021 CA: 20% by 2010 UT: 20% by 2025* KS: 20% by 2020 ☼ MD: 20% by 2022 ☼ MO: 15% by 2021 ☼ AZ: 15% by 2025 ☼ DE: 20% by 2019* ☼ NC: 12.5% by 2021 (IOUs) 10% by 2018 (co-ops & munis) ☼ DC: 20% by 2020 ☼ NM: 20% by 2020 (IOUs) 10% by 2020 (co-ops) www.dsireusa.org / August 2009 TX: 5,880 MW by 2015 HI: 40% by 2030 State renewable portfolio standard State renewable portfolio goal
  11. 11. » California - 5¢ per kWh » Texas - 5¢ per kWh, or 200% average trade value of certificates » Washington - 5.5¢ per kWh » Delaware - Solar: 25¢ per kWh and increasing for subsequent years - Other: 2.5¢ per kWh and increasing for subsequent years
  12. 12. » Antonio Villaraigosa, Major of Los Angeles – Declared a goal of achieving 40% renewable energy by 2020, and 60% by 2030 » Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor of California – Signed an executive order to increase renewable energy goals to 33% by 2020 » Jon Corzine, Governor of New Jersey – 30% of the state's electricity supply to come from renewable energy by 2020 – Energy Master Plan, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
  13. 13. » European Union (EU) countries are the most advanced green economies in the world. » EU legislation, regulation, incentives and carbon pricing already in place. » Developing world less advanced but some specific opportunities exist. » Developing world has greater current and future energy demand.
  14. 14. » Evergreen Power Corp is an investment opportunity born out of experience and timing. » The United States, along with most of the Industrialized world is entering a transformation into a Green Era.
  15. 15. » Founded by Green Power Capital LLC registered in Delaware. » Strategic partnership with Syntaris Power Corp. to leverage their experience and skill-set in the U.S. Syntaris has the right to purchase up to 33% of Evergreen. » Strategic partnership with Alaska Power and Telephone to develop the Soule River Project in Alaska. » Strategic Partnership with Valard Construction Ltd. to assess inter-connection to the grid and construction of transmission lines. » Focused on sourcing, developing and operating clean, environmentally friendly, renewable “green energy” projects in the U.S. » Green energy projects designed to minimize impact on waste, land, air and wildlife. » Key low impact hydro asset, Soule River Project in Alaska. » Offers a fast, safe, and well-regulated power source.
  16. 16. To become a leading supplier of renewable energy and cleantech solutions by sourcing, developing and operating assets in an environmentally friendly manner.
  17. 17. Evergreen Power Corp‟s management team consists of highly educated & experienced industry professionals with strengths in various fields. Management Team Together they are dedicated to developing Evergreen Power Corp into a company who proactively seeks to become a pre-eminent supplier of “renewable energy." Board of Diligence Directors Team
  18. 18. Evergreen Power Corp has formed several strategic alliances to help realize its mission. From technical support to engineering to transmission, Evergreen has formed alliances that will help it become a predominant supplier of renewable energy.
  19. 19. Pre-Feasibility STAGE 1 Feasibility / Due Diligence STAGE 2 Project Development STAGE 3 Final Development Pre-Feasibility Report & Construction Operations Feasibility Report STAGE 4 Quarterly Reports Management Report Management Report Debt Financing Gate #1 Gate #2 Gate #3 Gate #4 Go / No Go Go / Hold / No Go Go / No Go Commissioning “Prospect” “Project” Assumed Success Rate 30 of 100 7 of 30 5 of 8 4 of 5 4 of 4 Resources per 30 hrs 150 Hours 1800 hrs 15,000 hrs 500 hrs/yr Prospect
  20. 20. Evergreen has sourced numerous projects throughout the United States and Europe. There is one project in Alaska and pending deals on five other projects. Evergreen‟s consultants are currently performing diligence on numerous projects. Evergreen‟s business development team continues to source projects.
  21. 21. » Storage and power generation capabilities. » Soule consists of a 917 acre storage reservoir, a 3.7 km long penstock and power house. » Total rated capacity estimated at 75 MW and energy of 270 GWh. » Estimated capital cost (Dec 2008) of US$200M. » Proposed interconnection point is at Stewart substation, approx. 20 km from the Soule powerhouse.
  22. 22. » Located in southeast Alaska, near the Portland Canal. » Seasonal water storage. » Partners with Alaska Power & Telephone » President of Alaska Power & Telephone has joined the board of directors of Evergreen
  23. 23. Green sustainable recycling of valuable resources: •
  24. 24. Green sustainable recycling of valuable resources: •
  25. 25. Kopidlno Power and Heating Plant: • existing coal-fired power plant in Czech Republic • modify existing pulverized coal firing to biomass • existing 7.0 MWe backpressure turbine is interconnected into a 32 kv distribution grid, capable of handling 15 Mwe ( add an additional 8 MWe in future) • present waste fired plant sells power for $150/MWh and straw fired plant sells for $210 per MWh. •Plan to run plant on mixture of straw/ wood waste (3:1 ratio) Other Coal Plant Refurbishment • financial crisis in Europe has presented a window of opportunity • several other coal refurbishment projects are also possible in Czech Republic
  26. 26. APPLEGATE DAM: • Existing US Bureau of Reclamation Dam on Applegate River near Medford, OR • No existing generation; proposal is to install two 5MW turbines • Existing permitting work underway by Symbiotics LLC of Utah • Eligible for recent government financial incentives for green energy • Project is at the start of Phase 2, Due Diligence OTHER SMALL HYDRO PROSPECTS: • Several dozen small hydro prospects throughout the Pacific Northwest • Small hydro energy generation more predictable than wind • Decreasing flexibility for operation of large dams (Columbia River) • Recent changes to FERC Permitting process will shorten development time • Currently doing Pre-Feasibility reviews of over 40 sites, excess of 200MW
  27. 27. Newcore: • Signed NDA and began diligence • Potential of 800 MW of Capacity • Various Geothermal Sites in Nevada and California • Two Operating Assets • Negotiating LOI OTHER: • Tuscarora, Nevada – 200 MW • Milford, Utah – 600 degree water • Calpine – two 50 MW plants potential of 1000 MW • Calenergy – JV • Barrick – Strategic JV on Assets
  28. 28. Novagen: • Signed NDA and began diligence • 30 projects in the US Thrust: • Signed NDA and began diligence • Projects in the Czech Republic Other: • Numerous Solar Farms in California to JV
  29. 29. » RIGHT Industry » High demand for alternative energy resources and strong financial backing from the U.S. and EU Governments. » RIGHT Management » Highly-respected industry professionals with proven track records in the green energy sector. » RIGHT Time » U.S. Government support with Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS), Tax credits and Cap & Trade. » EU legislative, regulatory and incentive framework. » RIGHT Opportunity » Soule River asset in Alaska. » Klean Industries opportunity. » Kopidlno bio-mass conversion project » Numerous projects currently under negotiation and a significant amount of projects in the pipeline.
  30. 30. » Evergreen is currently raising capital to secure renewable energy projects in the United States. » Evergreen is currently negotiating on 4 projects and has numerous projects in the pipeline. » There are approx. 10,500,0000 shares outstanding. » Strategic Founder Shares – 8,000,000 shares » First Round - 2,000,000 shares at $0.25 USD – OVER-SUBSCRIBED. » Second Round - 2,000,000 shares at $0.50 USD – Current Raise. » Evergreen is also currently considering a roll-up with Syntaris Power Corp. to participate in a joint IPO with Raymond James Canada. » Evergreen is also considering a soft raise of $5m USD to secure projects in the United States with M Partners of Toronto.
  31. 31.  “The nation that leads the world in creating new energy sources will be the nation that leads the 21st century global economy. America can be that nation. America must be that nation” – President Obama 
  32. 32. Corporate Head Office Nevada Office 11978 Artery Drive 1675 E. Prater Way, Suite 102 Fairfax, VA Sparks, NV 22038 89434 Canada Office Contacts Suite 600 – 999 West Hastings Tel: +1 778 329 9621 Vancouver, B.C. Fax: +1 778 688 9620 V6C 2W2 Toll Free: 1-888-929-9621
  33. 33. » Fossil fuels and non-renewable energy are a thing of the past! » “Green Energy” alternatives are the solution: - Solar - Wind - Biomass - Geothermal - Hydro
  34. 34. » Solar Power » The cleanest, most abundant, renewable energy source available today » Net solar generation increased by almost 71% since 2000 » Represented 0.22% of all renewable energy generation in 2008 » Total installed capacity in 2008 is 9,183 MW which is enough to power close to 2 million households » Solar power is included in all State RPS‟s. 14 states and DC have an RPS with specific solar/DG provisions. » US has 8.7% of the world total. » JP Morgan projects that by 2011 US solar capacity will surpass Germany, who currently holds 41% of all solar capacity.
  35. 35. » Wind Power » Energy from naturally occurring wind collected by a turbine and converted into electricity. » US wind power installed capacity now exceeds 25,176 MW which is enough to serve 7.0 million households. » Generated 52 GWh of electricity in 2008, which is a 830% increase since 2000. » Represents 15% of all renewable energy generation in 2008. » US doubled wind capacity over the 2008 year » In 2008 US overtook Germany as the leader in wind capacity. » Texas holds 28% of all US wind capacity
  36. 36. » Biomass Power » Organic material including animal waste, agriculture, wood and plant material burned to heat water and produce electricity. » Biomass accounts for 3% of the primary energy production in the US. » Biomass energy consumption grew by 28% since 2004. » EIA states that the U.S. electric net summer biomass capacity was 10,976 in 2008, which is a 13% increase since 2004.
  37. 37. » Geothermal Power » The heat continuously flowing from the Earth‟s interiors is estimated to be equivalent to 42,000,000 megawatts (MW) of power. » Made up 4% of all renewable energy generation in 2008. » Represents a 5.5% increase since 2000. » California has 85.7% of all US geothermal capacity » Nevada had the most developing geothermal projects in 2008.
  38. 38. » Hydro Power » Movement of water, including the natural flow of rivers through a turbine to create electricity. » Hydropower is the most important and widely-used renewable source of energy. » Hydropower represents 19% of total electricity production worldwide & 75% of renewable energy production » Canada is the largest producer of hydropower, followed by the United States. » Approximately two-thirds of the economically feasible potential remains to be developed.
  39. 39. » Low-Impact Hydro Power » Water is diverted from a river into a penstock (pipe), which feeds the water downhill to a generating station. » Natural force of gravity creates energy required to spin the turbine that generates electricity. » Water leaves the station and returns to the river without altering the existing flow. » Often most commercially viable and least subsidy dependent. » Often most economically attractive renewable assets. » Proven, efficient and reliable energy production. » Most low impact hydro assets meet State level RPS standards and will qualify under the proposed Federal RPS standards
  40. 40. STRUCTURED PROCESS FOR EVALUATING ENERGY PROJECTS: • Most projects are complex - unique technical, financial, and permitting issues • Structured process allows for • Efficient compilation of project information • Transparent technical, financial, and regulatory review • Effective teamwork among different specialists • Explicit decisions from senior management at key points in process PROCESS CURRENTLY IN USE AT SYNTARIS POWER CORP: • Allows for estimate of resources/costs for project development • Allows for effective management of resources across project portfolio • Corporate budget based on expected costs to reach each stage of evaluation •
  41. 41. Pre-Feasibility STAGE 1 Feasibility / Due Diligence STAGE 2 Project Development STAGE 3 Final Development Pre-Feasibility Report & Construction Operations Feasibility Report STAGE 4 Quarterly Reports Management Report Management Report Debt Financing Gate #1 Gate #2 Gate #3 Gate #4 Go / No Go Go / Hold / No Go Go / No Go Commissioning “Prospect” “Project” Assumed Success Rate 30 of 100 7 of 30 5 of 8 4 of 5 4 of 4 Resources per 30 hrs 150 Hours 1800 hrs 15,000 hrs 500 hrs/yr Prospect
  42. 42. PROSPECT is a potential project – may be a concept (project at very early stages) or a project that is well advanced by others PROJECT is both feasible and with an Evergreen business interest STAGE 1 (Pre-Feasibility): • Prospects are evaluated based on expected economics, strategic „fit‟ • Prospects with an IRR greater than 20% are moved to the next stage • some exceptions for projects that have potential upside • Outcome is decision to spend resources to move to Stage 2 STAGE 2 (Feasibility / Due Diligence): • Prospects are evaluated based on • technical feasibility, financial viability, permitting process • significant issues are investigated, critical issues flagged • Outcome is the basis for a Go/No Go decision to become an Evergreen Project
  43. 43. PROJECT DEVELOPMENT is a long process that requires considerable resources to secure business interest, permits, engineering, construction STAGE 3 (Project Development): • Projects are broken out into separate entities with project-specific teams • Projects are developed according to FERC and other regulatory processes • Key is to integrate technical and financial planning / decisions into permitting • Fundamental step is to secure Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) • Outcome of Stage 3 is securing debt financing for project STAGE 4 (Final Development and Construction): • Debt financing is used to complete engineering, remaining permitting • Project completed based on PPA, supplier and construction contracts, permits • Project is commissioned and operation starts to generate revenue • On-going operations are covered in a project-specific company
  44. 44. » Robert Fraser, President - Founder, Director, President and CEO of Syntaris Power Corp. - Built a portfolio representing an estimated total of over 600 Megawatts of potential energy in British Columbia. - Submitted three core projects for an Energy Purchase Agreement in the BC Hydro Clean Call for Power. - Previous President of several telecom companies.
  45. 45. » Norman Gross, CEO - President & Chairman of Global Capital Corp. , which provides corporate finance and strategic advisory services to private and public firms. - Founder & Chairman of Sunshine Restaurant Corp. - Previous President of NJG Management consulting firm. - Previous Founder & President of two construction companies.
  46. 46. » Robert Abenante, CFO - Chartered Accountant under the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants - Senior Advisor at Deloitte & Touche LLP - Senior Auditor at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. - Senior Advisor to First Nations‟ Commercial Group - Senior Advisor Canadian Crown Corporation - Bachelor of Business from Simon Fraser University and Masters from University of Saskatchewan.
  47. 47. » Michael Weiss » Brent Waldie - Mr. Weiss develops financial models - Education for all of Evergreen Power’s projects. - B. Sc. (Civil Engineering), Queens - He has a Bachelor of Commerce University, Ontario, specializing in Utilities and 1973 Transportation and a Master of - Experience - More than 35 years of construction Business Administration in Finance management and supervisory and Accounting from the University of experience with transportation, British Columbia. energy and resource-based civil construction projects - Mr. Weiss has been providing financial - As president of Cameron consulting services to the energy Engineering Inc., he completed industry for more than 15 years. several international projects and was commissioned as the owner‟s representative for the Rapid Transit 2000 Project (a collective contract value over $40 million).
  48. 48. » Mike Wise » Dave Caldwell - Education - Education - M.B.A. (Executive - Double Bachelor of Science degrees Management), Simon in Geology and Geophysics Fraser University, - Master of Science degree in Geology 2006 and Geochemistry - M.A.Sc. Civil (Geotechnical) - Experience Engineering, University of British - Over 20 years experience as a Columbia, 1997 geologist and geophysicist - Experience specializing in the discovery, - Design, permitting, senior review, delineation and economic and/or management work on evaluation of hydrothermal systems several Independent Power and mineral deposits Projects, including East - Chief Geologist for Nevada Pacific Toba/Montrose Hydro (Plutonic); Gold in Elko, Nevada Cascade Heritage Hydro (Sea - Managed exploration through Breeze); Rutherford Creek and bankable feasibility phases of McNair Creek (Peter Keiwit Sons). project development for Santa Fe Pacific Gold Corporation and Gold Fields Mining Company
  49. 49. » George Khale » Alexander Keiss - Experience - Experience - A mechanical engineer with more - More than 35 years experience with than 30 years experience in BC Hydro as project supervisor in engineering, project management both provincial and international and project development for facilities. power generation and industrial - Supervised construction of power facilities projects worldwide. projects from Chile to Churchill - Previously he has served as Falls. Technical Director and Senior - Consulted on large and small scale Design Engineer for corporations hydro, gas, co-generation, oil, developing and constructing power diesel and wood waste plants. generation projects in Canada, US - Active in BC hydro developments for and Europe. over 10 years. - Presently he is Director of Engineering for Syntaris Power.
  50. 50. » Brendon Joe » Scott Martin - Education - Education - B.E. (Hons) - Electrical & Computer - B.Sc. Chemistry, Kings College, Engineering, University of Edmonton, 1994 Canterbury, New Zealand, 2004 - Experience - B.Com. - Finance & Operations - Worked with Southern California Research / Management, University Edison (SCE) to design and build a of Canterbury, New Zealand, 2004 software application to mass - Experience balance the Big Creek / South Fork - Several years experience with a San Joaquin watersheds, including major New Zealand electric utility storage volumes. This software tool with hydro, gas cogeneration, was then used to run various geothermal biomass, and wind scenarios, and graphically explain interests to local, state and federal - Experience in the areas of power stakeholders the results of various trading, engineering, and water management regimes in an operations Alternative Relicensing Process (ALP).
  51. 51. » Ric Wilson - A specialist in distributing, developing and marketing financial products and services for large US and Canadian based financial services companies, as senior management for over 15 years. - Presently consults in developing investment strategy and framework for investor and sales agent networks, advising on structure offerings and planned creation of tax favored Green Energy partnerships in US and Canada.
  52. 52. » Norman Gross – Chairman – CEO of Evergreen Power Corp » Robert Fraser – President of Evergreen Power Corp » Robert Grimm – President / CEO of Alaska Power & Telephone » Rob Abenante – CFO of Evergreen Power Corp Each member of the board was strategically chosen for their experience and skill-set to add tremendous value to the Evergreen Team. As Evergreen continues to grow we will continuously strategically add to our talented board to guide the Company in becoming a preeminent supplier of Green Energy. The most recent addition to the board was Mr. Robert Grimm who is the President and CEO of the regulated utility in Alaska (AP&T).
  53. 53. Syntaris Power Corp. • Syntaris sources and develops small hydro assets in British Columbia • Syntaris has a very strong technical team which assists Evergreen in performing due diligence on projects in the United States and Globally • Syntaris provides financial consultation and administrative support to the Evergreen team • The President and CEO of Syntaris Power Corp., Robert Fraser, has joined the Board of Directors of Evergreen and has played a significant role in developing the business
  54. 54. Alaska Power and Telephone • AP&T is the regulated utility of Alaska • AP&T has developed numerous projects in Alaska and has an experience engineering team which assists Evergreen in developing the Soule River Project in Alaska • The President and CEO of Alaska Power and Telephone, Robert Grimm, has joined the Board of Directors of Evergreen and has played a significant role in developing the Soule River Project
  55. 55. Valard Construction Ltd. • Valard is one of Canada‟s largest power line contractors • Valard has a team of innovative and respected contractors which assists Evergreen in performing due diligence on interconnection and building transmission lines in the United States and Globally • Valard provides technical consultation to the Evergreen team • The Founder, President and CEO of Valard Construction Ltd., Victor Budzinski, Is looking to join the Board of Directors of Evergreen