Equality challenge unit london – neil baker


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Equality challenge unit london – neil baker

  1. 1. Inner Worlds Outer Worlds ConferenceUniversity of Birmingham – 10th November 2011LGBT staff and students in higher education: advancing equalityNeil Baker – Senior policy adviser
  2. 2. Background for HEIs2009 research report(The experience of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender staffand students in higher education)= 31% of LGB staff had received homophobic comments from colleagues= 23 per cent of trans staff and 4.2 per cent of LGB staff reported that they had been denied a promotion= 15% of LGB undergrads and 34.8% T undergrads fear losing financial support if they come out to their parents= 50% of LGBT staff thought that equality issues relating to sexual orientation and/or trans equality were treated less seriously than race or disability.= 49% of LGB students reported negative treatment from fellow students due to their sexual orientation
  3. 3. Background for HEIsECU 2010= Advancing LGB equality toolkit for HEIs= Trans staff and students in higher education toolkit= Info card on supporting international LGB students= Info card on accommodation services for LGB studentsExternal= Stonewall workplace index= Stonewall university guide= NUS guidance on good relations= NUS hate crime report
  4. 4. Equality Act 2010Public sector duty England, Wales and ScotlandIn the exercise of its work a HEI in England, Scotland and Wales will need to meetthe general duty by having ‘due regard’ to the need to:= Eliminate discrimination, harassment, victimisation and any other prohibited conduct.= Advance equality of opportunity between persons who share a protected characteristic and those who do not.= Foster good relations between persons who share a protected characteristic and those who do not.In order to demonstrate the general duty, institutions must consider the three aims of thegeneral duty when making decisions as employers and education and service providers; forexample, when:= developing, evaluating and reviewing policies= designing, delivering and evaluating services, including education provisions= commissioning and procuring services from others= Setting strategic direction
  5. 5. Specific DutiesSpecific duties for England, Wales and Scotland.To help meet the general duty there are specific duties for England, Scotland and Wales. Thesespecific duties differ in the three nations, but all place a responsibility on HEIs to set clearobjectives in delivering equality while reporting annually on progress and outcomes.= Objective setting at intervals no greater than four years= Publishing outcomes and progress annually= Pay, progression, and employment (Wales and *Scotland only)Further details on the specific duties can be found on the following websiteswww.legislation.gov.ukwww.ecu.ac.ukwww.scotland.gov.ukwww.equalities.gov.uk*Scotland’s specific duties are still in the public consultation stage
  6. 6. Next steps= Equality objective setting and engagement with LGBT staff and students= Monitoring of LGBT experience with clear rationale= Community development and engagement in delivering services= Internationalisation and LGBT equality= Managing the interface between sexual orientation and religion and belief on campuses= Funding arrangements and access to HEIs for LGBT students
  7. 7. ECU Focus 2011/12= Front line student support services and LGB students= Internationalisation and LGBT students= Good relations on campus= Interface between sexual orientation and religion and belief= Measuring impact and outcomes since 2009 research
  8. 8. Reflective questions= How are LGBT students and staff actively engaged in equality planning within your HEI?= If monitoring data does not presently exist within your HEI for LGBT students and staff how will the risks within this area be managed and identified by the institution?= Does your HEI actively engage with LGBT organisations and community partners in delivery of services to staff and students?= Is work being undertaken in good relations between LGBT staff and student groups and other protected characteristic groups enabling shared equality experience discussion?
  9. 9. ContactNeil BakerSenior policy adviser020 7438 1022neil.baker@ecu.ac.ukwww.ecu.ac.uk