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How can you stop ringing in the ears


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Click to stop ringing in ears

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How can you stop ringing in the ears

  1. 1. A ringing, swishing, or other type of noise that seems to originate in the ear or head TINNITUS
  2. 2. Tinnitus Treatment  Self-Care at HomeMost cases of tinnitus should be evaluated by an ear,nose, and throat physician before home treatmentbegins to be sure that the tinnitus is not caused byanother treatable problem.
  3. 3. Medical Treatment  Treatment for tinnitus depends on the underlying cause of the problem. In the majority of cases, tinnitus is caused by damage to the hearing organ. In these cases, there is normally no need for treatment other than reassurance that the tinnitus is not being caused by another treatable illness.
  4. 4.  In the very rare instance where the tinnitus is extremely bothersome, there are a number of treatment options. Some of the most helpful include antianxiety or antidepressant medication and sometimes maskers-small devices like hearing aids that help to block out the sound of the tinnitus with "white noise." Most people with tinnitus find that their symptoms are worse when understress, so relaxation techniques can be helpful.
  5. 5.  Avoiding caffeine is advised, as it may worsen symptoms. Biofeedback may help or diminish tinnitus in some patients. Avoid aspirin or aspirin products in large quantities Hearing loss worsens the effect of tinnitus, so protection of hearing and avoiding loud noises is very important in preventing worsening of the symptoms.
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