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The future of intranets


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Modern intranets are delivering more capabilities than ever before, on the road towards great digital workplaces and digital employee experiences. (Keynote presented by James Robertson at Intranet Italia Day in Milan, October 2018)

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The future of intranets

  1. 1. 2020: the future for the intranet James Robertson, Step Two (@james_steptwo)
  2. 2. Organisations are undergoing a digital transformation
  3. 3. We’re now able to deliver great enterprise functionality
  4. 4. But there are still many problems to fix!
  5. 5. Hi, I’m James Robertson! I’m the founder of Step Two (, a specialist intranet and digital workplace firm headquartered in Australia. We help organisations establish and sustain modern digital workplaces, and to deliver a great digital employee experiences. I’ve been in this space for 20 years.
  6. 6.
  7. 7. FROM NOW UNTIL 2020 …
  8. 8. STAGE 1: 
  9. 9. I’m not afraid of using the
 “i word” @james_steptwo intranet
  10. 10. Modern intranets are now more important than ever, to deliver key tools, and to provide an enterprise front door @james_steptwo
  11. 11. 04 Collaboration & social Connecting staff with each other, and helping them to work together better. 05 Activity The intranet as a place for doing things, not just reading things. 02 Comms A rich internal communication channel that reaches all staff. 03 Culture Celebrating the current culture of the organisation, and supporting culture change. 01 Content A repository for information, at both corporate and business-unit levels. Five purposes of modern intranets
  12. 12. Collaboration & social ActivityComms CultureContent
  13. 13. Collaboration & social ActivityComms CultureContent
  14. 14. Collaboration & social ActivityComms CultureContent
  15. 15. Collaboration & social ActivityComms CultureContent
  16. 16. 3M
  17. 17. 3M
  18. 18. 3M
  19. 19. STAGE 2: 
  20. 20. A digital workplace consists of the set of tools, platforms and environments for work. @james_steptwo
  21. 21. A great digital workplace consists of a holistic set of tools, platforms and environments for work, delivered in a coherent, usable and productive way. @james_steptwo
  22. 22. Swisscom
  23. 23. Swisscom
  24. 24. Swisscom
  25. 25. STAGE 3: 
  26. 26. Digital employee experience (#DEX) is the sum total of the digital interactions between a staff member and their organisation. @james_steptwo
  27. 27. LibertyMutual Important messages outside of email (targeted on location, role and businessGenerated by systems, team members and managerAggregates approvals from across enterprise systems, don’t have to go to source systemSet of personal micro apps, such as my profile, my time off/payslip, time plannerExperimental chatbot eg what is the next office holiday? who is employee XYZ? All 2018 Award winners:
  28. 28. LibertyMutual All 2018 Award winners:
  29. 29. LibertyMutualAll 2018 Award winners:
  30. 30. LibertyMutual All 2018 Award winners:
  31. 31. FROM NOW UNTIL 2020 …
  32. 32. You are at the forefront of creating digital employee experiences
  33. 33. Dream big, but deliver often!
  34. 34. Thank you! James Robertson
 Step Two
 Twitter: @james_steptwo