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How to deliver simplicity in the digital workplace

  1. How to deliver simplicity in the digital workplace James Robertson, Step Two (@james_steptwo)
  2. Organisations are undergoing a digital transformation
  3. We’re now able to deliver great enterprise functionality
  4. But staff are still unhappy with what they’ve got
  5. We have to do more than this…
  6. CreatedbyOnPointSolutions:
  8. The answer is
  9. Hi, I’m James Robertson! I’m the founder of Step Two (, a consulting firm headquartered in Australia. We’re one of the world’s intranet and digital workplace experts (we don’t sell or build solutions), and we’ve worked with firms around the globe. I’ve been in this space for 20 years.
  11. 12 years of Awards 119 WINNERS
  13. Global recognition that teams deserve…
  14. Open for entries now! Closes May 25
  15. Simplicity we all know what
 this is, right?
  16. Not simple
  17. Not simple
  18. Not simple?
  19. Simple ?
  20. Simple ?
  21. Simplicity so, you know it
 when you see it?
  22. Simplicity let’s dig into this a bit more
  23. Simplicity
 of _____________
  24. A digital workplace consists of the set of tools, platforms and environments for work. @james_steptwo #dwcnz
  25. A great digital workplace consists of a holistic set of tools, platforms and environments for work, delivered in a coherent, usable and productive way. @james_steptwo #dwcnz
  26. Digital employee experience (#DEX) is the sum total of the digital interactions between a staff member and their organisation. @james_steptwo #dwcnz
  27. How does #DEX help deliver simplicity?
  28. So, let’s return to the idea of simplicity
  29. Simplicity = usability productivity clarity flexibility autonomy @james_steptwo #dwcnz
  30. So how do we create simplicity in practice?
  31. 1: Deeply understand workforce needs
  32. • one-on-one staff interviews • workplace observation • contextual inquiry • stakeholder discussions • (surveys) • (focus groups) Modern field research techniques
  33. • Surveys • Focus groups • Requirements gathering Research techniques RETRO TECHNIQUES MODERN TECHNIQUES • one-on-one staff interviews • workplace observation • contextual inquiry • stakeholder discussions
  34. MayoClinic At a glance Age 33 Gender Female Years at Mayo Clinic 7 Patient facing 0% Years in current role 5 Hard to keep up with information Moderately Interest in institutional information Medium Job overview Amanda works in a laboratory and uses specialized instruments to test specimens from patients. Each week, Amanda is assigned to one of 10 stations set up to run a specific test. She runs the tests for her assigned work area and puts the results into a reporting system (Soft/Lab3). Some of the tests Amanda might run include analyzing red and white blood counts or testing for specific enzymes. The specimens she analyzes come from both Mayo Clinic patients as well as non-Mayo patients via Mayo Medical Laboratories. Amanda is also responsible for the calibration, preventative maintenance and troubleshooting of the complex instruments she uses, and she will occasionally perform blood draws on patients. Although Amanda's job is repetitive, she is motivated because she understands that the test results will impact decisions regarding patient care. Additional duties Amanda also helps with quality control in her lab, troubleshoots instruments she is most familiar with and orders supplies. She occasionally trains new employees and is involved with department projects, such as helping implement a new lab system or validating new tubes. Amanda's main goals Views this job as a stepping stone Wants to continue to grow educationally and professionally "I provide the test results that drive the diagnoses." Typical job titles Lab technician Lab technologist Em ployee Personas Amanda - Lab technician Mayo Clinic Employee Personas - CONFIDENTIAL
  35. 2: Ensure usability and findability
  36. MacquarieGroup
  37. Cardsorting
  38. Treetesting
  39. Treejack
  40. Treejack
  41. Philips
  42. Philips
  43. Philips
  44. Philips
  45. Usabilitytesting At this point, I’d just ring someone!
  46. 3: Deliver productivity benefits
  47. PrestigeFinancial
  48. PrestigeFinancial
  49. PrestigeFinancial
  50. PrestigeFinancial
  51. AnthonyVeder
  52. 4: Understand scenarios of use
  53. CreatedbyRichardHarbridge:
  54. ANZ
  55. 5: Target ‘moments that matter’
  56. NNEPharmaplan
  57. NNEPharmaplan
  58. NNEPharmaplan
  59. NNEPharmaplan
  60. Telstra
  61. COWI
  62. COWI
  63. COWI
  64. 6: Deliver an ‘enterprise front door’
  65. Swisscom
  66. Swisscom
  67. Swisscom
  68. 7: Paint a compelling picture of the future
  69. “Sarah’s first day at work” A story about the future of intranets (in 2015) MARCH
  73. 8: Get moving!
  74. Projects Strategy Vision 6 months 12 months 18 months
  75. Swisscom
  76. 9: Take every (small) opportunity to create simplicity
  77. Simplicity = usability productivity clarity flexibility autonomy @james_steptwo #dwcnz
  78. Open for entries now! Closes May 25
  79. Real change is happening in your digital workplace
  80. Dream big, but deliver often!
  81. Thank you! James Robertson, Step Two
 Twitter: @james_steptwo