DataCore Corporate Introduction


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Introduction and corporate overview of DataCore Software Corporation.

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  • [Note to speaker: This briefcorporate overviewmay be interleaved with the solution-oriented presentations to introduce a prospect to DataCore.]Please allow me to quickly acquaint you with DataCore.[CLICK]
  • DataCore is unique in many ways. Not the least is the makeup of their engineering team who’ve earned their stripes designing Mainframe-class Storage Controllers for Amdahl and Sun. In prior years, they worked on Military and Commercial Systems including high-fidelity simulators and task trainers along with ultra-high bandwidth systems for the Intelligence and Seismic communities.Their forte in Real-time operating systems has been applied to Life-critical, High-availabilityNuclear power plantsYou’ll find them cited as inventors for Massively parallel Unix servers targeted at Research & Development as well as public sector Information Technology.During the past several years, their skills have been honed in the development and exploitation of deterministic, lightweight, multi-threaded I/O stacks for the Windows kernel. More recently, they’ve been joined by verybright software engineers dedicated to ensuring that even the most junior system administrators will enjoy an intuitive, graphical user experience. Maybe I should just say that they are a bunch of smart and accomplished people.
  • DataCore’s stated mission is to “make it practical for organizations large and small to remove physical, geographical and device-specific restrictions of data storage equipment that slow down, interrupt or endanger IT operations.” By practical, they mean straightforward and economically viable. If you are wondering who they compete with, it’s pretty much anyone who tries to convince your to spend more than you can afford on expensive storage alternatives that quickly become obsolete. [CLICK]
  • If I had to name the 4 top benefits that DataCore brings, I’d express them as follows.1. Avoid Risks. Keep storage from becoming a major source of disruptions or a single point of failure. 2. Boost Productivity. Speed up disk performance while eliminating storage-related downtime. 3. Contain Costs. Take advantage of existing drives and lower cost devices in a SAN to significantly reduce capital expenditures. Also, defer spending on capacity expansion through SAN-wide thin provisioning and low-impact snapshots. 4. Protect Investments.Maintain the same SAN-wide functions across multiple generations of hardware and manufacturers. Move the software to faster platforms when desired to increase performance, scalability and overall value.
  • These are just a few of the familiar institutions who get the most from their IT infrastructure using DataCore storage virtualization solutions. In conjunction with the numerous small and midsize business who rely on their SANs, you can see they are well suited to the wide ranging requirements of diverse industries and organizational sizes. Surely DataCore’s software can play an important role for you.
  • DataCore Corporate Introduction

    1. 1. Corporate Overview<br />
    2. 2. at a Glance<br />Line of Business<br />Products<br />Ownership<br />Customers<br />Distribution<br />Support<br />MajorLocations<br />Independent Software Vendor (ISV) specializing in Storage Virtualization Software for Storage Area Networks (SANs)<br />SANmelody™ software for small and midsize SANs<br />SANsymphony™ software for large scale SANs<br />Privately held since 1998<br />Small to midsize firms and Global 2000 enterprises across all major industries<br />DataCore-certified VARs, System Integrators & OEMs<br />24x7x365 , using TSAnet for cross-vendor resolution<br />Ft. Lauderdale, FL, U.S. (Headquarters)<br />Munich, Germany (EMEA operations)<br />Tokyo, Japan (Asia Pacific operations )<br />
    3. 3. Engineering Core Competencies<br />Mainframe-class storage controllers<br />High-performance, military & commercial computer systems<br />Real-time, proprietary operating systems<br />Life-critical, high-availability <br />Massively parallel Unix servers<br />Multi-threaded Windowskernel development<br />
    4. 4. Corporate Mission<br />“Make it practical for organizationslarge and small to remove physical, geographical and device-specific restrictions of data storage equipment that slow down, interrupt or endanger their IT operations.” <br />George Teixeira, CEO and President,<br />
    5. 5. Major Benefits<br />Avoid Storage-related Risks<br />Boost Productivity<br />Contain Costs<br />Protect Investments<br />
    6. 6. Proven in Organizations Large & Small <br />