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Fuel Your Marketing Strategies with Effective SEM


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SEM is a vital advertising channel that many businesses have failed to embrace. Here I have compiled 5 easy steps you can kick start your SEM campaign today.

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Fuel Your Marketing Strategies with Effective SEM

  1. 1. Fuel Your Marketing Strategies with Effective SEM A guide by James Pong
  2. 2. What’s Cooking Today 1. Intro 2. What Is SEM 3. Why SEM 4. How to Use SEM (Effectively) 5. SEM Resources
  3. 3. A Lil’ Intro I’m an Internet Marketer.
  4. 4. A Lil’ Intro I’m an Internet Marketer. I built my first website when I was 16. I learnt internet marketing mostly through on-the-job experience. I’m a movie fanatic and I love Star Wars and superhero films. I enjoy a good cup of coffee and great food.
  5. 5. What is SEM?
  6. 6. What is SEM or Search Engine Marketing?
  7. 7. Once upon a time, SEM comprises of SEO and Paid Search
  8. 8. Now, SEM is most commonly refer to: Paid advertising (sold on CPC/CPM basis) Paid Search PPC (pay-per- click)
  9. 9. Today, I’m covering mainly: Paid Search PPC (pay-per- click)
  10. 10. Definition of SEM ● Search engine marketing (SEM) is a form of Internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) primarily through paid advertising. Source: Google
  11. 11. AdWords in 5 Minutes
  12. 12. How AdWords Auction Works Source: Wordstream
  13. 13. Why SEM or Search Engine Marketing?
  15. 15. 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider SEM / PPC The most cost effective advertising 1 The most popular medium for information seekers 2 Ability to target your consumers with the right ads 3 Eliminate guesswork out of your marketing 4 Get instant results5
  16. 16. How to Use SEM Effectively
  17. 17. 5 Simple Steps to Start a SEM / PPC Campaigns Set marketing objectives1 Select keywords & targeting2 Create text ads3 Review campaign results, Test & Optimize 4 Repeat5
  18. 18. #1 Set Marketing Goals Tip Link your Google AdWords account to Google Analytics, it’ll not only enable auto- tagging for all your AdWords campaigns but provide valuable data you can later use for your campaigns. 1 Brand awareness Getting new product or business to reach broad consumer base 2 Influence consideration Educate your customer about your product and differentiate from your competitors 3 Drive action Find customers who are closer to making a purchase decision or ready to act
  19. 19. #2 Select Keywords & Targeting 1 Keyword research Find and build a list of keywords your customers would use to search for your business 2 Target your audience Define your target audience to reach them better Tip If you have a large sites like a listing site, using Dynamic search ad is a quick win, it helps you to discover keywords that people might be searching for just based on your website.
  20. 20. Keyword Research - Where to Start? Your business website categories1 Google Analytics Organic keywords2 Google Analytics Paid keywords / Google AdWords keywords 3 Google Analytics / Search Console Queries 4 Google AdWords Search terms5 Dynamic Search Ads6
  21. 21. Keyword Research Tools ● Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool: com/KeywordPlanner ● Google Trends: ● Moz Keyword Explorer: ● Bing Ads Intelligence tool: us/resources/training/bing-ads-intelligence-tool
  22. 22. Targeting Google Search Google Display Location ✔ ✔ Language ✔ ✔ Time of the day ✔ ✔ Devices (Computers, Mobile, Tablet) ✔ Contextual / Keyword targeting ✔ ✔ Placement targeting ✔ Topic targeting ✔ Interest targeting ✔ Remarketing ✔ (RLSA) ✔
  23. 23. Targeting (Detailed Breakdown) Location Advanced Mobile & Tablet options ● Country ● City ● State ● Postal code ● Radius targeting ● Location groups ○ Places of interests ■ Airports ■ Universities ● Operating systems (OS) ● Device models ● Carriers and Wi-Fi
  24. 24. #3 Create Ads Tip Overwhelmed? Google AdWords Display Network has a marketing objectives guide which help you to save time and create better targeted campaigns. 1 Create compelling text ads Right ad improves relevance and get better qualified clicks 2 Improve quality score Improving your ad quality is the first step to improve your quality score and hence your ad rank 3 Enhance with ad extensions Improve your ad CTR with the right ad extensions
  25. 25. Create compelling text ads Standard Text Ad Headline 1: 25 characters Description 1: 35 characters Description 2: 35 characters Destination URL Expanded Text Ad Headline 1: 30 characters Headline 2: 30 characters Description 1: 80 characters Destination URL and Two Optional “Path” fields Launched globally on Jul 26 No longer can be created in 3 months time on Oct 26
  26. 26. 6 Factors Which Affect the Quality Score Search Query Relevance1 Historical CTR2 Historical CTR of display URLs3 Landing Page Quality4 Ad Group Relevance5 Account CTR6
  27. 27. Enhance with Ad Extensions Sitelink extensions1 Call extensions2 Callout extensions3 Location extensions4 Review extensions5 App extensions6
  28. 28. #4 Test & Optimize 1 Review search terms 2 Review ad extensions 3 A/B test your ads
  29. 29. Resources ● Google AdWords Basics com/adwords/answer/6080949 ● Google AdWords Best Practices com/adwords/answer/6154846 ● Google AdWords Expanded Text Ad Guide com/adwords/answer/7048854 ● Google Search Console Mobile Friendly Test com/search-console/mobile-friendly
  30. 30. Let’s Connect LinkedIn Twitter