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SWTOR Classes Guide


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SWTOR Classes Guide

  1. 1. Star Wars: The Old Republic – Class GuideClick here for the full SWTOR Aeon Guide (it’s the best SWTOR game guide by far)SWTOR Classes Guide:In Star Wars: The Old Republic there are 2 factions: Imperial and Republic. Each faction has4 base class. These base classes are mirrors of their counter part on the opposite faction: • Sith Inquisitor = Jedi Consular • Sith Warrior = Jedi Knight • Bounty Hunter = Trooper • Imperial Agent = SmugglerAt level 10 you choose between 2 Advanced Classes. Once you choose you cannot switch, orchoose again.Just like the base classes each advanced class has a mirrored version of it on the oppositefaction: Sith Inquisitor & Jedi ConsularSith Sorcerer = Jedi SageThe Sorcerer/Sage is a long range Force user. They utilize spells to either damage theirenemies or heal their allies. While they carry a single bladed light sabre they never use itexcept to deflect blaster fire or as part of their casting animation.Sith Assassin = Jedi ShadowThe Assassin/Shadow is a hybrid melee and short ranged class. They can be a DPS or a Tank.Their tanking relies heavily on avoidance as opposed to withstanding lots of damage. Imperial Agent & Smuggler:Sniper = GunslingerThe Sniper/Gunslinger is a pure ranged damage class. While they have lots of utility for crowdcontrolling and debuffing targets they can only fill the DPS role.Operative = Scoundrel
  2. 2. The Operative/Scoundrel is a very sneaky class, using stealth and dirty tricks to take downtheir enemy. They can also be a healer, and their healing often requires them to also beinvolved in damaging the enemy. Bounty Hunter = Trooper:Mercenary = CommandoThe Mercenary/Commando is ranged DPS or healer. Many of their healing relieson preemptive planning as opposed to reactive healing. In other words they do better if theyknow when their allies are about to take damage.Powertech = VanguardThe Powertech/Vanguard is a short range DPS or Tank. Unlike many tanks they can actuallystay at 10 meters while tanking. They specialize in AoE tanking, or tanking many smaller mobs.They can hold their own against bigger mobs though. Sith Warrior & Jedi Knight: Juggernaut = GuardianThe Juggernaut/Guardian is a melee DPS or Tank. Using Shields and one handed Lightsabresthey resemble and act like a futuristic Knight.Marauder = SentinelThe Marauder are a duel Lightsabre wielding cannon ball. In your face, close range meleeDPS.Click here for the full SWTOR Aeon Guide (including all leveling guides etc)