Mark Ling's AffiloTheme Review - Get Exclusive Information In This AffiloTheme Review


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In this AffiloTheme review learn all about Mark Ling's newest product for affiliate marketers. AffiloTheme is a premium WordPress theme that has been especially designed to help affiliates make more money. Read this AffiloTheme review to learn if AffiloTheme is right for you.

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Mark Ling's AffiloTheme Review - Get Exclusive Information In This AffiloTheme Review

  1. 1. Click here to get AffiloTheme
  2. 2. What is AffiloTheme? AffiloTheme is a premium WordPress theme from super-affiliate Mark Ling (who recently released AffiloBlueprint 3.0) It is designed to make building profitable and attractive websites easy AffiloTheme features many tools that are useful for affiliate marketers, such as a squeeze page/opt-in generator, affiliate redirects, child themes, and more Get AffiloTheme here
  3. 3. Who is Mark Ling? Mark Ling is a popular super- affiliate and founder of – he has made a full-time income from affiliate marketing for a number of years.
  4. 4. Get your copy here
  5. 5. AffiloTheme Review – SqueezePage Tool One of the best features of AffiloTheme is the powerful squeeze page/opt-in tool. This allows you to create full squeeze pages, sidebar opt in forms, and feature forms – and then easily incorporate them into your site. You can also set any squeeze page or opt-in form as a popover, thereby increasing conversion rates You can easily add Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, and custom autoresponder codes Let’s take a look at some AffiloTheme squeeze page examples
  6. 6. AffiloTheme Review – AffiliateRedirects
  7. 7. AffiloTheme Review – AffiliateRedirects
  8. 8. AffiloTheme Review – AffiliateRedirects
  9. 9.  For more examples of the AffiloTheme squeeze page editor, go here. This is definitely my favorite feature of AffiloTheme, because it makes it so much easier to built a profitable list. You don’t need any pre-existing coding knowledge or advanced editing skills to make an awesome squeeze page.
  10. 10. AffiloTheme Review – ChildThemes AffiloTheme has six “child themes” in one This means that you have a whole heap of flexibility when it comes to the layout of your site – there is a child theme style to suit every taste Each AffiloTheme child theme is also available with multiple color schemes. You can even configure the default page layout to customize sidebar placement etc. You can change child themes with a single mouse click
  11. 11. AffiloTheme Review - Widgets AffiloTheme comes loaded with some awesome widgets, such as a custom search tool to make it easy for visitors to navigate your site These widgets can be added just like you would add any old WordPress widget You can also add widgets for things like slideshows, social sharing buttons, and opt-in forms
  12. 12. AffiloTheme Review – HeaderCreator Another fantastic feature of Mark Ling’s AffiloTheme is the header creator tool This powerful tool, embedded right into AffiloTheme, makes it easy to create a beautiful site header image The benefit of a good website header image is that it strengthens your brand and makes your website more of an authority The AffiloTheme header creator tool is very flexible, and allows you to insert custom images etc
  13. 13. Other AffiloTheme Features Full layout control Post and page templates Font and font color adjustment menu Navigation settings with custom menus Pre-packaged plugins All pages and posts are automatically optimized for good SEO and high search rankings Free hosting for one site included
  14. 14. AffiloTheme Review – AffiloramaPremium AffiloTheme also includes an optional 1 month free trial of Affilorama Premium I highly recommend you opt to take this trial, as Affilorama Premium gives you free hosting for up to 20 sites (15 premium hosting accounts, and 5 AffiloTheme hosting accounts) You also get powerful webmaster and affiliate marketing tools, including the best spin tool I have ever used
  15. 15. AffiloTheme Final Thoughts AffiloTheme is probably the best Premium WordPress theme I have ever used. When you consider the amazing benefits of AffiloTheme, it becomes clear why you should be using it to build your sites! It is very easy-to-use and there is full training provided with high quality videos and excellent customer support 60 day refund policy in case you aren’t happy