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Don't Let Plumbing Problems Get The Best Of You - This Advice Will Help!


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Don't Let Plumbing Problems Get The Best Of You - This Advice Will Help!

  1. 1. Dont Let Plumbing Problems Get The Best Of You - ThisAdvice Will Help!If a problem arises, many want to fix it themselves, so its a good idea to learn maintenancetips. This article problem helps with both so that people may be prepared for all kinds ofplumbing emergencies.You should be aware of the location of the main valve for water cut-off on your property. Youcan locate a water meter close to it. Usually toilets, sinks and other fixtures have cut-offvalves of their own. You will want to make your family aware of the location of each valve,and add markings that give directions on how to shut each one off whenever an emergencyarises.Metal expands and if your home has copper pipes, when hot water goes through them, theywill expand a little. When this happens, the pipes will not fit into the pipe hangers, and willend up grinding against them. In the long run, this could damage those pipes. In order toprevent potential damage, wrap tape around loose pipes before putting them back in theirhangers.Use lots of cold water when you run your garbage disposal. Cold water helps the blades staysharp and keeps the disposal running smoothly. Hot water can liquify grease and cause it tocollect in the drain, and that can clog the pipes.Check your toilet regularly for leaks. Put food coloring in your toilet tank to test the toilet forleaks. If you see the coloring after a few seconds, you will know that there is a problem withyour toilet that needs immediate attention.Place a strainer on top of every drain so that you collect all debris that has the ability to clogthe drain. Your kitchen sink strainer must be cleaned whenever it catches anything. Bathtubstrainers need regular cleaning as well.Flood alarms are becoming more common among homeowners. Flood alarms are similar toregular smoke detectors. They are battery-operated devices which sound an alarm whenthey come into contact with water. Flood alarms can protect your home from potentialflooding or damage caused by water leaks.Choose a drain cleaner wisely. Some of them contain strong chemical agents that willdamage your pipes. Make certain the one you buy is a brand known for pipe safety. Somechemicals will kill the bacteria your plumbing system needs to function properly and couldeven be harmful to humans.Fix issues related to low water pressure that are a result of a buildup of sediment bycleansing the aerator. You need to remove, disassemble, and clean the aerator with vinegar
  2. 2. and a small brush. Thoroughly rinse off the aerator, put it back together and place it back onthe faucet. Removing obstructions from the aerator should allow for increased waterpressure.Infrequently used valves can stiffen with age and become inoperable. You can usepenetrating oil to maintain them and turn the valves every once in a while so that they do notstick.Take breaks if you are doing repairs outside in the sun. When you are focused on work whileoutside, it can be dangerous if you forget about the sun and heat.After reading through that, you ought to be a bit excited to start experimenting and handlingyour own plumbing. Blocked drains