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Ionicand Dmf

  1. 1. 2011<br />A Disciplined Approach to Media that Grows Businesses<br />Ionic Media Group LLC<br />
  2. 2. Award-Winning Experience<br />1 Grand Effie (2008)<br />and 6 Effies for media work on various clients<br />Mediaweek award for Best Media Plan of the Year<br />2005 ARFDavid Ogilvy Research Foundation Award<br />2009 OMMA Award for Integrated Online Campaign for Bausch & Lomb<br />Top 50 Ad Age Advertiser<br />2005 for iRobot Launch Campaign<br />Hot 100 #7 in 2005<br />Fastest Growing Companies in America<br />Entrepreneur Magazine<br />Inc. 500 Winner<br />2007 (642% Growth)<br />Inc. Magazine<br />
  3. 3. Ionic Media Provides a Full Range of Media Services<br /><ul><li>Strategic and market planning
  4. 4. Media planning and placement
  5. 5. Optimization management
  6. 6. Data modeling / analytics / reporting
  7. 7. Account management
  8. 8. General and Hispanic markets</li></ul>PUSH CHANNELS<br /><ul><li>DRTV: All formats
  9. 9. TV: Network, cable, satellite, local, syndication
  10. 10. Radio: Network, local
  11. 11. Display: Banners, rich media, video
  12. 12. Email Marketing
  13. 13. Out-of-home: Billboards, malls, airport, bus benches, elevators</li></ul>PULL CHANNELS<br /><ul><li>PPC: Google, Yahoo!, MSN, etc
  14. 14. SEO: Natural search optimization
  15. 15. Print: Magazine, direct mail, FSIs
  16. 16. Landing Pages: Multivariate testing
  17. 17. Social media: Blogging, mobile social networks, press releases
  18. 18. Reputation Management: Monitoring, online response, organic search removal</li></li></ul><li>Results, Speed, Accuracy, Effectiveness<br />IONIC MEDIA BRINGS YOU…<br /><ul><li>Quick improvement in your ROAS
  19. 19. Holistic analysis of your marketplace challenges and opportunities
  20. 20. Media placements that have the greatest impact
  21. 21. Proprietary optimization and modeling technologies</li></ul>MULTI-CHANNEL MARKETING,<br />MEDIA AND DIGITAL AGENCY<br /><ul><li>Focus on influencing customer behavior
  22. 22. Specialize in working with companies experiencing rapid growth or needing quick turnaround
  23. 23. Deliver results faster with metrics-disciplined planning
  24. 24. Leverage one-of-a-kind technologies to drive better ROAS</li></li></ul><li>Media Approach that Really Delivers<br />Ionic Media’s specialists craft focused, data-driven plans to reach an audience in both conventional and unexpected ways<br /><ul><li>Disciplined bottom-up process
  25. 25. Who are the customers
  26. 26. Where are they
  27. 27. What are the best ways to reach them
  28. 28. How can we motivate them
  29. 29. Portfolio approach mitigates risk
  30. 30. Media agnostic position ensures optimal outcome
  31. 31. Customer-centric account management delivers efficiency
  32. 32. Cross functional team(s)
  33. 33. Dedicated account manager
  34. 34. Hands-on Managing Director</li></li></ul><li>Media Capabilities – Pay-per-Click Search Marketing<br />PPC – GOOGLE, YAHOO, MSN, ETC.<br /><ul><li>Define objective / identify target metrics
  35. 35. Build account with best practice structure
  36. 36. 50,000-500,000+ keywords
  37. 37. Actively manage campaign
  38. 38. Optimize ruthlessly
  39. 39. Expand campaign and maintain metrics</li></li></ul><li>(MCM)<br />(MCM)<br />Media Capabilities – Direct Response Television<br />DRTV<br /><ul><li>Work with both short-form and long-form
  40. 40. Develop targeted plan along with strong backend program to complete the sale and drive ongoing revenue
  41. 41. Leverage sophisticated attribution modeling
  42. 42. Use cutting-edge tracking techniques to report results and optimize performance</li></li></ul><li>Media Capabilities – TV, Radio, Print and Outdoor<br />BRAND BUILDING<br /><ul><li>Conduct industry and client analysis
  43. 43. Develop segmentation analysis
  44. 44. Work with client to set media objectives
  45. 45. Establish KPIs
  46. 46. Identify media mix and selection criteria
  47. 47. Create a media feedback loop to allow for mid-course adjustments
  48. 48. Conduct secondary analyses to understand full value of every medium (e.g., multivariate regression modeling)</li></li></ul><li>Media Capabilities – Online Display<br />BANNERS, RICH MEDIA, VIDEO<br /><ul><li>Conduct site analysis
  49. 49. Define objectives and KPIs
  50. 50. Test into buys
  51. 51. Specify targeting on a geo, demo or behavioral basis
  52. 52. Measure cross-channel lift / assists
  53. 53. Conduct re-targeting campaigns to convince visitors who did not purchase
  54. 54. Renegotiate tests into optimized buys</li></li></ul><li>Media Capabilities – Landing Page Improvement<br />OPTIMIZATION AND TESTING<br /><ul><li>An effective landing page is a key element in successful marketing campaigns
  55. 55. Review existing site/landing pages
  56. 56. Improve usability and convertability
  57. 57. Conduct multivariate, split or flat tests
  58. 58. Full range of site improvement services available</li></li></ul><li>Media Capabilities – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)<br />ON PAGE / ON SITE / SOCIAL MEDIA<br /><ul><li>Keyword research, competitor review
  59. 59. Site-level optimization and configuration
  60. 60. Development of new content
  61. 61. Site authentication
  62. 62. Optimization of 404 error pages
  63. 63. Link building
  64. 64. Forum posting and Blog posting
  65. 65. Directory submissions
  66. 66. Social network optimization / mgmt
  67. 67. Press release distribution</li></li></ul><li>FUNCTIONALITY<br />Media Capabilities – E-mail<br />ACQUISITION AND RETENTION<br /><ul><li>Using house lists or rented lists
  68. 68. Strategic planning for e-mail campaigns
  69. 69. Refined messaging, scheduling and integrated testing
  70. 70. Measurement of overall performance, and cross-channel assists
  71. 71. Strategic refinements to maximize lifetime value of leads</li></li></ul><li>Media Capabilities – Social Networking<br />iSOCIAL<br /><ul><li>Ensure you have sufficient presence on appropriate social media
  72. 72. Leverage Influencer Marketing if bloggers and forum posters have an influence on brand opinion and purchase
  73. 73. Write a blog to drive organic ranking and draw return traffic
  74. 74. Use online PR resources to syndicate releases (both traditional and multimedia)</li></li></ul><li>Media Capabilities – Reputation Management<br />iREPUTATION<br /><ul><li>Google SearchWiki, RipOffReport, Blogs, Forums, etc
  75. 75. Need to monitor online reputation carefully
  76. 76. Quick response on blogs and forums is crucial
  77. 77. Removing negative organic search listings is much more difficult
  78. 78. Always track your progress from an established baseline</li></li></ul><li>DRTV Components For Success<br />The right network selection<br /><ul><li>Networks with high and stable indices in MRI
  79. 79. Cable networks and broadcast programming that have a successful track record for different DR product categories
  80. 80. Rule of thumb
  81. 81. National/ Local Broadcast: half-hour programs 1 spot, hour programs 2 spots
  82. 82. National/ Local Cable: frequency should be a minimum of 25 spots per week per network</li></ul>The right frequency levels<br /><ul><li>Concentrating spots in fewer/ lower cost dayparts traditionally works better than spreading spots across multiple/ higher cost dayparts.
  83. 83. Best dayparts for DR are usually Daytime, Weekends, Overnights
  84. 84. Daypart weight is determined by cost, clearance levels, response volume</li></ul>The right daypart selection<br />The right flighting strategy<br /><ul><li>Traditional DR Rollout: Increase spending gradually
  85. 85. Hybrid DR Strategy: Frontload spots to jumpstart results
  86. 86. Collect all learning and rollout campaign on proven media outlets/ dayparts</li></li></ul><li>What is Digital Mind Factory?<br />Digital Mind Factory (a division of Ionic Media Group) develops and manages performance-based media and marketing campaigns using our proprietary turnkey lead acquisition and nurturing management service that delivers results. <br />This is an ideal solution for advertisers who wish to achieve significant growth with a high ROI, and a best-in-class lead nurturing service to improve lead conversions<br />We offer two services:<br />Performance Media: <br />We acquire qualified leads or orders through multiple proprietary and third party media that include digital and traditional media channels<br />Consumer Lead Nurturing Service<br />A closed-loop process that integrates our automated systems to nurture your consumer leads’ communications and interactions to through to conversion<br />
  87. 87. Performance Components<br />The coordination between the front end media with the back end lead management provides higher conversion ratios through tighter integration between media and lead nurturing<br />
  88. 88. Consumer Lead Nurturing Process<br />Our lead management service provides a holistic approach that integrates the marketing efforts with sales conversions.<br />We manage all the essential components necessary to nurture leads from acquisition to conversion:<br />Demand Generation: From initial contact through all touch points<br />Lead Management: Validating, scoring and lead routing <br />Measurement: Define and analyze customer value success metrics<br />Contact: Coordinate the frequency, interval and content of communications<br />
  89. 89. Benefits of DMF’s Consumer Lead Nurturing Service<br />Our CLN service is a closed-loop process that manages strategies to drive both customer lead acquisition and conversions, to optimize consumer value.<br />Our approach coordinates the consumer marketing process with the client’s corporate branding and marketing strategies.<br />We employ a highly robust database management system that enables greater, quantifiable marketing results.<br />Our process is based on a flexible system that optimizes consumer acquisition, nurturing and communications strategy<br />Our service is a unified system designed to give marketers a platform to manage their strategy, analytics and measurement. <br />Benefits<br />
  90. 90. Contact<br />James Burns<br />Email Marketing & Affiliate Manager<br />818-849-3726<br /><br />A Division of Ionic Media Group, LLC <br />16501 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 500. Encino, CA 91436<br />