The global market for medical devices 3rd edition


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The report discusses the regulatory process and proposed changes in major markets, as well as the trends in the medical devices industry that are apparent in 2011

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The global market for medical devices 3rd edition

  1. 1. The Global Market for Medical Devices, 3rd. EditionThe medical device market is vast -- everything from a large imaging system to adisposable item can be classified as a type of medical device -- but also providesopportunity for new entrants. While in dollar terms the pharmaceutical market is greater,the device market has more participants and is responsible for more orders andtransactions. Throughout the past decade, Kalorama Information has covered many devicemarkets in detail. Certain areas such as infusion pumps, patient monitoring and cathetershave shown promising growth. Others have solid market leaders earning stable revenue.What are the fastest-growing markets for medical devices? Who are the main participantsand what competitive moves did they make in 2011? How have device companies fared in aweaker-than-expected recovery? What impact will US healthcare reform and its new taxeshave on the industry in the largest medical device market? How much of the business hasshifted out of the US?This Kalorama Information report answers these questions and examines the global medicaldevice industry and the key competitors participating in it. Combining the expert knowledgeof Kalorama Informations reporting on device markets and analysis of 2010 results, thereport provides insights into current trends that will be of interest to anyone watching themedical device market. As part of its coverage, the report includes: Current Medical Device Market Size Estimate Forecast to 2016 Discussion of Healthcare Reform and Tax Impact Group Purchasing Trends 2011 Acquisitions and Mergers Regional Breakout of Device Market (US, Europe, Asia, Rest of World) Discussion of Hospital Spending, Population and other Trends Revenues of Top Device Companies, 2011 Medical Device Market in Significant Countries (US, China, Germany, Italy, France, Brazil,Japan) A Look at Key Device Category Segments (GI Equipment, MRI, Ultrasound, PatientMonitoring, Catheters, Imaging Equipment, Stents, Respiratory Equipment, Pacemakers andOther Areas) Profiles of Top Medical Device Companies Analysts Conclusions Concerning the Current Device MarketBuy your copy of this report @
  2. 2. Major points covered in Table of Contents of this report include:CHAPTER ONE: EXECUTIVE SUMMARYCHAPTER TWO: INTRODUCTIONCHAPTER THREE: SPECIFIC DEVICE MARKETSCHAPTER FOUR: BELLWETHER COMPANIESCHAPTER FIVE: MARKET ANALYSISCHAPTER SIX: COMPANY PROFILESLIST OF EXHIBITSBrowse reports related to Medical Devices @ Details:Published: May 2012No. of Pages: 135Price: Single User License – US$2500 Corporate User License – US$5000Contact:Priyank TiwariTX, Dallas North - Dominion Plaza,17304, Preston Road,Suite 800, Dallas 75252Tel: +1-888-391-5441sales@reportsandreports.comConnect With Us: