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ReportsnReports - Consumer and innovation trends in yogurt


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Consumer insight analysis covering 20 countries globally highlights the key attitudes and behaviors that drive consumers’ yogurt preferences

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ReportsnReports - Consumer and innovation trends in yogurt

  1. 1. Consumer and Innovation Trends in YogurtWhile yogurt operates in the seemingly predictable commodity space, numerous forces aredriving innovation opportunities in what is actually a highly dynamic category. This briefoutlines the most important consumer and product trends impacting the yogurt categoryglobally, using Datamonitor’s TrendSights mega-trend framework as a basis to organize thekey themes covered.Features and benefitsEach section is introduced with a concise SWOT analysis that outlines how each TrendSightsmega-trend can be applied to the yogurt categoryConsumer insight analysis covering 20 countries globally highlights the key attitudes andbehaviors that drive consumers’ yogurt preferencesDraw inspiration from numerous case studies and product examples throughout the briefthat showcase best-in-class innovations in yogurtYour key questions answeredHow do Datamonitor’s mega-trends apply specifically to yogurts? How is this likely to evolveover the next few years?Where is innovation occurring in the yogurt category and what does it look like?How are industry players using the online space to more effectively engage with consumers?To what extent are industry players investing in sustainable packaging initiatives toreinforce environmental credentials?Buy your copy of this report @ product opportunities are spurred by an increasing demand for prebiotic yogurts. Infact, nearly a third of global consumers agree that food and beverage products containingprebiotics have a high influence on their purchase decisions. Manufacturers should tap intothe market potential of prebiotic yogurts.Consumers demonstrate a desire to return to a time when life was simpler and lessdemanding. Indeed, nearly two-thirds of global consumers said that living a lesscomplicated life was important to them.
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