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Ppt format rn r k12


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Ppt format rn r k12

  1. 1. China’s K12 TutoringIndustry, 2011-2015 Published Date: December 2012 No. of Pages: 91 Price: Single User: US $ 2800 Corporate User: US $ 3900
  2. 2. New Market Research Report on “China’s K12 Tutoring Industry, 2011-2015 ” added to ReportsnReports.comReport HighlightsThe composition of the K12 training industry chain is divided into upstream (Children training materialssuppliers, office leasing and teacher resource) and downstream (school-age children and theirparents). For a long time, K12 training institutions rely on the products and operations to manage theindustry itself; but in the short-term, the foothold of the industry needs to rely on marketing. Primaryand secondary school tutoring market in China has increased from CNY 123.8 billion in 2007 to CNY283.4 billion in 2011; the market growth rate is significant.At present, the number of pupils across the country is 99.26 million; the number of junior schoolstudent is 50.67 million; the number of senior high school student is 46.87 million. If 30% of themonthly consumption amount of each child is educational spending, the market prospects of primaryand secondary school training market is CNY tens of billions even hundreds of billions. Driven by thehuge market demand and development space, many venture capital firms and angel funds have beenquietly involved in primary and secondary schools training market. But it is this huge educationalspending that promotes the birth and prosperity of the industry.One-to-one personalized education has been popular in China’s first-tier cities. With a generalincrease of the number of high-income families and the increase of demand for personalized coachingprogram, personalized education has become more sophisticated in China’s first-tier cities, such asBeijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. But the second-and third-tier cities are still full ofopportunities.Request a sample of this report @
  3. 3. China’s K12 Tutoring Industry, 2011-2015Table of Contents1. Overview of K12 Tutoring Market1.1 Overview1.1.1 Classification1.1.2 Development History1.2 Value Chain Analysis of K12 Tutoring Industry1.3 Background Analysis of K12 Tutoring Market1.3.1 Tutoring is Effective Supplement to Traditional Classroom Teaching Resources1.3.2 Large Market Space, Win at the Starting Point2. Development Environment Analysis of K12 Tutoring Industry in China, 2010-20112.1 Macro Economic Environment Analysis, 2010-20112.1.1 Economic Development Status2.1.2 GDP2.1.3 Fixed Assets Investment2.1.4 Import and Export Volume and Growth Rate2.1.5 China Macro-economy Development Forecast2.2 Policy Environment Analysis of K12 Tutoring Industry in China, 2010-20112.2.1 Education Policy Review, 1978-2009 Buy a copy of this report @
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