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Cabinets market to 2016


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US demand for cabinets is forecast to rise more than eight percent per year through 2016.

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Cabinets market to 2016

  1. 1. Cabinets to 2016US demand for cabinets is forecast to rise more than eight percent per year through 2016.Demand will be driven by the rebound in housing completions from their depressed 2011base. Although housing completions will remain below the level reached at their cyclicalpeak in 2006, the expected recovery will fuel gains in the residential market through 2016.The residential market accounts for the largest share of cabinet demand, and theturnaround in residential building construction spending will drive gains. The new housingsegment will register the most rapid advances going forward. Strong growth will also besupported by the large improvement and repair market. The US has a large stock of olderhomes that will require cabinet replacement. Kitchen and bathroom renovations are popularhome improvement projects, and the replacement of cabinetry often is a major part ofthese projects. Moreover, many homeowners who were unable to engage in renovationduring the 2007- 2009 recession because of tighter credit requirements and declining housevalues will undertake these projects going forward as home values rebound and economicconditions improve.The expected recovery of residential building construction will support demand for allcabinet types through 2016. Kitchen cabinets, which accounted for more than four-fifths of2011 cabinet demand, will see the most rapid growth. In addition to the rise in residentialbuilding construction spending, and will be boosted by design trends that call for homeswith more and larger cabinets such as for storing food products and cookware. Homeownersdesire cabinets with value-added amenities, such as pullout shelves and drawers, wineracks, and other features that improve kitchen convenience.Demand for bathroom cabinets is forecast to grow in excess of six percent annually through2016. Designs that specify multiple bathrooms will boost gains, as these rooms frequentlyinclude medicine cabinets and vanities. Demand for other abinets, such as those found inhome theaters, laundry rooms, home offices, garages, and other areas, is also expected torise through 2016 at a healthy pace. Homeowners will opt for cabinetry in these rooms tooffer more secure and more aesthetically pleasing storage options compared to openshelving and free-standing furnishings.Buy your copy of this report @
  2. 2. Office & commercial sector to lead gains in nonresidential marketThrough 2016, demand for cabinets in the nonresidential market is expected to rise, drivenby the rebound in nonresidential building construction spending from a low 2011 base. Theoffice and commercial market will lead gains, as increasing construction of retail sites willdrive demand for store display cabinets. Increased spending on lodging, health care, andeducational construction will also support demand for cabinets, as these structuresincorporate cabinetry to provide secure storage space. In the nonconstruction market,cabinet demand will be boosted by rebounding shipments ofMajor points covered in Table of Contents of this report include:INTRODUCTIONI. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1II. MARKET ENVIRONMENTIII. MATERIALSIV. PRODUCTSV. MARKETSVI. REGIONSVII. INDUSTRY STRUCTUREList of TablesList of ChartsBrowse reports related to Manufacturing & Construction @ Details:Published: June 2012No. of Pages: 374Price: US$5100
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