Visualizing (BIG) data.


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A collection of slides on visualizing data (BIG or not). I am still adding slides here and tweaking things so if you have a correction, or opinion, or addition please let me know on Twitter @jamesonthecrow

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Visualizing (BIG) data.

  1. 1. !1 Visualizing (BIG) Data Jameson Toole! PhD Candidate Human Mobility and Networks Lab (HuMNet) MIT
  2. 2. !2 Outline 1.General Principles 2.Tools 3.Geographic Data 4.Networks 5.Inspiration
  3. 3. 3 Before we start… 1.There are no rules, only suggestions. 2.Sometimes suggestions are contradictory. 3.Be opinionated. 4.Guidelines may vary depending on your intended audience.