The Digital Future Presenation


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  • These are not our phones. We may use them to make phone calls, but that is one of the smallest parts of the technology available. These are digital media appliances. As is your laptop and anything portable.
  • This presentation is about how we utilize our appliances to enhance our reality. We utilize our devices to act as an extension of our eye and our physical actions into the digital world. Much like Wade Watts in Ready Player One, we gladly play along because it’s better than the real world we are in and it feels like an adventure.
  • The world of the magazine was now better… on the other side of the screen. By holding the magazine to the lens, the magazine came to life on the other side. It was augmenting the reality of the reader. The experience became interactive.
  • Soon after, artists began creating virtual art that can be viewed in physical space, but only through the lens of the digital eye.
  • But to really do it right, you need a corporation.
  • Gaming, the next logical step, takes us to the Xbox Kinect. A 3D camera designed to allow the user to use gestures to control gameplay on screen. Thereby making us the game controller.
  • As game users demand more connectivity to the screen based avatar, better control is necessary. That’s where haptic gear becomes necessary. The company behind the research: Disney.
  • And now, how we integrate…
  • Google glass, is by definition, a product of an augmented reality. In order to experience a “better reality,” we have to enhance it through wearable technology. This is simply getting us prepared for immersion.
  • If you don’t believe me, you’ll see here a commercial from this Sunday. Everyone wants their reality enhanced and to join the adventure.
  • The Digital Future Presenation

    1. 1. The Digital Future Where are we going? Integrating the digital…
    2. 2. Some of our digital media appliances
    3. 3. The extension of ourselves into our digital eye.
    4. 4. MOMA Augmented Reality Exhibit 2010
    5. 5. Disney’s Augmented Reality in Times Square, NYC
    6. 6. Gaming: Xbox Kinect
    7. 7. Haptic Gaming
    8. 8. Wearable enhancement gear: Google Glass
    9. 9. Google Glass
    10. 10. Verizon Product Line advertisement – Halloween 2013
    11. 11. IMAGINE THE MEMORIES Disney’s Slogan