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Email marketing plan in india


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Email Marketing the best and most economically way of marketing also know as direct marketing. Email marketing is most effective way of marketing with higher ROI.
mVizz offers multiple fixed and flexible email marketing plans to meet your business needs.

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Email marketing plan in india

  1. 1. Email marketing plan India
  2. 2. Introduction • Email services are used by 3 billion people of the world. Email is an easiest medium for effective communication with your audience. Businesses are turning their investment into huge profits via email marketing. An investment of $1 can turn into $10 profit from it. • To initiate email marketing campaigns you will need to start with an email marketing software. It enhance your mettle to reach unlimited recipients in a single click. The email marketing software offers multiple features including campaign tracking. They offer beautiful templates, header, footer, RSS feed options etc.
  3. 3. Focus on few factors before planning an email marketing campaign: -
  4. 4. Know your purpose • Every business is different. The aim of business behind investing in email marketing is also different. It all depends on the niche and the type of service you are providing. • A shopping website will invest to boost sales. A blogging website will use it to gain traffic and page views.
  5. 5. Decide your audience • Email marketing without targeting a right audience is worthless. Every service is not for everyone. Decide your audience on the basis of their interest, age group, geographic location etc to boost engagement and sales. • Suppose, a online shopping store that sells kids clothing. The target of this store will be moms, because they will purchase clothes for their kids. Similarly, understand your audience.
  6. 6. Grow email list ● Email marketing needs email address. Collect email address of your targeted audience. For this purpose, you can use pop-up form, sign up form and landing pages. • Offer discounts, free eBooks, or free trail services for a week or 15 days. It will help you to grow your email list.
  7. 7. Schedule your emails • Don’t flood the email box of the readers with frequent mails. They can unsubscribe you. Now, you need to set the frequency of email. You can send daily, weekly or monthly emails to your readers and subscribers. • A weekly or monthly email to the readers or subscriber will work best for you. The less conversation receives more engagement because you are communicating with them after long interval. They will invest time on your website.
  8. 8. Write attractive emails • Always use catchy subject line to gain the attention of the recipient. People don’t like to talk to a robot. So, use catchy subject line. Catchy line should increase scarcity and urgency in the readers. • Focus on the content inside the body. Catchy subject line will grab the attention and increase open rate. But, body will encourage them to open your website.
  9. 9. How to choose the best email marketing plan? • A plan is said to be best, if it meets your requirements. Email marketing software companies offer multiple plans along with a free starter plan. • Analyze the list of subscriber and the offerings of the email software company. Don’t judge plans on the basis of the price. Analyze it on the basis of services offered by it.
  10. 10. Mvizz-the best email marketing software • Mvizz offers multiple fixed and flexible email marketing plans to meet your business needs. • Get 200 free email credits as a startup plan. Gain access to all features within the startup plan. • Check plans and pricing here: -