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Presentation I gave about my apps, Foundbite and AppCampus at the Windows Phone developer day in Bournemouth.

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  • About my previous apps and Windows Phone developmentAppCampusBuilding Foundbite
  • DescriptionBegan developing back in 2011Demoed Travelnapp in June at WPUGAmbitousMore by luck than judgementOn the marketplace got 5000 downloadsTook a look at the code the other day947 lines of code on the journey page (show)Took off market to rework but the Foundbite it got shelved
  • University enterprise zoneProfessional front for my app developmentDidn’t see it as a startup
  • Theme of puns running through appsChristmas 2011Live tile advent calendarCharity 20%Christmas cards25mb download !!
  • Won competition in February 2012FoundbiteDidn’t have skills needed at the time.
  • DescriptionDifferent styleAzureTables for celebsWeb service to service requests to apiTough lesson in working with third party api’s.Won’t make a quick buck on Windows Phone with gimmicky app.
  • Description3 yearsPredominantly 20,000MarketingSupportOpportunity to go to Finland, touch on later.Go to site – apps published
  • Description Where is Foundbite on the scalePrevious wayProblems along the way
  • Most promising teams invited to FinlandDescriptionMonthMentors 3310Meet venture capitalistsSauna in the top of NokiaMeet other developers from all over the globeCountriesVaried appsRun through eachLots of pitchingPilotSome was more catered towards beginners but there was opportunities to learn and speak to people at Nokia
  • Slush description
  • Angry Birds productsAs an aside…..
  • DescriptionCurrently in betaJust submitted to store
  • Example took on holiday in Croatia
  • Based on Foundbite how to make an applicationCan send application if needed
  • Very first version from over 3 months ago when beta began
  • Lots of good feedbackNot sure sound statistical way
  • Walkthrough of the app and talk about controls and components usedFeedUser profileFeaturedMap viewclusteringCapture a foundbiteDifferent capture modesLoginUploadStreamline pageUpload processError infinite uploadOwn profile deleteLive tilesWhat’s coming nextAbility to like/followSurface best foundbites
  • Show site
  • Most problematic pagesCapturing image at the same time as soundStill getting lots of invalidoperationexceptions
  • Running on a budget.ExifReaderOverkill but all very useful
  • Integral to development of Foundbite800 providing really useful feedback.Update to 10,000 testersPush updates in 2 hoursNightly builds find and fix bugs quickly.3 month limitGet some journalists interested
  • Put download link in every email you send out, reminder to download app/easily trigger update.Send regular updatesNot everyone who signed up registers
  • Interested in applying to appcampus I can help
  • Windows Phone Dev Day Bournemouth Presentation

    1. 1. AppCampus and Foundbite James Mundy @MendzappJames
    2. 2. travelnap p
    3. 3. mendzapp
    4. 4. yuletile
    5. 5. Alphalabs
    6. 6. vizage
    7. 7. appcampus • £15 million program run by Nokia, Aalto University and Microsoft. • Awards of €20,000, €50,000 and €70,000. • Bringing innovative app ideas to Windows Phone.
    8. 8. how it works
    9. 9. recent changes • More focus on proven track record of company or individual. • Interested in seeing download numbers, reviews and ratings. • Under some circumstances the app doesn’t necessarily have to be Windows Phone first.
    10. 10. AppCademy • Opportunity to travel to Finland. • Mentoring. • Training. • Meet other developers. • Pitching.
    11. 11. foundbite
    12. 12. appcampus application • Include as much information as possible. • Demo of the app. • Background information on you/your team. • Know your revenue models • Competitors • Video pitch introducing team and idea • Presentation The more information the better….
    13. 13. first beta release
    14. 14. beta feedback First Impressions of the concept: 84/100 First Impressions of the app: 65/100 But, when I used it for the first time, I'm quite confused with how we take picture. For example, there are only 2 buttons on the application bar. I love it. I use it and just think of sharing them with my friends! It doesn't try to do too much, but what it does it does very well, and I'm glad of the direction it is taking. There's sharing a picture, and now there's sharing a picture... with sound!
    15. 15. foundbite now
    16. 16. camera page • Dispose and load camera at every opportunity • Not every phone has a flash • Possible to change focus illumination mode. • 1020 doesn’t have lowest resolution. • Still lots of bugs to fix! More info:
    17. 17. test on the 520 • Cheapest • Most used • Lowest performance • Dullest screen • No flash
    18. 18. Why not is Foundbite not on Windows Phone 7?
    19. 19. Windows Phone ASP.NET web API ASP.NET MVC Cloudant No-SQL Databasearchitectur e
    20. 20. components and services used Tools • ExifReader (free) • Facebook C# SDK (free) • TweetSharp (free) • Telerik RadControls ($99) • Silverlight WP Toolkit (free) • Fody Property Changed (free) Services • Windows Azure (BizSpark/free) • StartSSL ($59.90) • MailChimp (free) • Team Foundation Service (free) • Flurry (free) • Crittercism (free) • Uservoice (free) • New Relic (free)
    21. 21. running a beta • 10,000 testers • Updates available 2 hours later – no certification • 3 month limit
    22. 22. signup s • Free for 12,000 email a month • Easily segment list • Quick sign up
    23. 23. What’s next?
    24. 24. Thanks!