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Evidence for a new category of diabetes care reversal


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Virta Health doesn't just prevent or manage type 2 diabetes. We reverse the disease and restore metabolic health.

Virta Health delivers the first clinically-proven treatment to safely and sustainably reverse type 2 diabetes and other chronic metabolic disease without the risks, costs, or side effects of medications or surgery. Join us for this educational session as we review the impact of the Virta Treatment on metabolic and cardiovascular health in our clinical trial and nationwide commercial populations. We’ll discuss how nutritional ketosis combined with continuous remote care—technology-enabled and proactive, near real-time care from physicians and health coaches—is helping patients normalize blood sugar, remove diabetes medications, and lose clinically-significant body weight.

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Evidence for a new category of diabetes care reversal

  1. 1. Virta is the first treatment proven to reverse type 2 diabetes without surgery 60% of patients enrolled at one year achieve normal HbA1c while eliminating all diabetes-specific medications 100% of our fees are at risk
  2. 2. $404B Total Economic Cost of T2D in US 30M Number of people with T2D in US Source:
  3. 3. 3
  4. 4. 1 Hallberg SJ et al. Diabetes Therapy. 2018;9(2):583-612. For patients completing 1 year of treatment. Virta has delivered diabetes reversal at scale $4,800 Total annual estimated cost savings, per patient per year Medical Spend 94% Patients eliminating/ reducing insulin Insulin Reduction1 60% Patients that achieve sub-diabetic A1c without diabetes-specific medications Diabetes Reversal1
  5. 5. Diabetes Reversal: Achieving blood sugar control while reducing medications Hallberg SJ et al. Diabetes Therapy. 2018;9(2):583-612. Blood Sugar Changes Over Time Average HbA1C for patients enrolled one year 60% Reversal At 12 months into Virta treatment
  6. 6. Additional Health Improvements: Significant weight loss Weight Loss Over Time Average weight change as a percentage of starting weight 86% of patients lost > 5% 61% of patients lost > 10% At 12 months into Virta treatment Hallberg SJ et al. Subanalysis of one year completers. Diabetes Therapy. 2018;9(2):583-612. Threshold for clinical significance
  7. 7. The need for diabetes-specific medications continues to drop, even at 2 years
  8. 8. The largest and longest clinical trial ever published on diabetes reversal “Low carbohydrate eating plans may result in improved glycemia... and the potential to reduce antihyperglycemic medications.” Major Publications Citations in ADA Evidence-Based Standards of Care “Carbohydrate-restricted eating pattern...does not appear to increase overall cardiovascular risk.” Sustainability of Improved Health Outcomes (T2D Reversal) 1 year outcomes Rapid Impact on Type 2 Diabetes 10 week outcomes Significant Improvement on Cardiovascular Risk Factors 1 year outcomes NAFLD Improvement / Reversal 1 year outcomes Sleep Quality 1 year outcomes Dr. Amy McKenzie (PhD, Virta): National Lipid Association Young Investigator of the year award (2018) Dr. Amy McKenzie (PhD, Virta): American Diabetes Association Young investigator of the year award (2018) Long term Effects (T2D Reversal) 2 year outcomes
  9. 9. Licensed Virta physicians and health coaches providing real-time, individualized care at scale Virta Continuous Remote Care™ Clinically-proven medical nutrition therapy based on years of research Virta Reverse™
  10. 10. Virta has created a new diabetes care category... Prevention via Weight Loss Management Using Drugs Diabetes Reversal
  11. 11. “Two years ago my A1C was 10.2 and my doctor told me I had a 40% chance of having a stroke or heart attack— I was only 40 years old. Virta literally saved my life!" ...and is a different kind of health care company
  12. 12. The partnership with Virta would add to the current type 2 diabetes care offered by VA. Veterans would receive continuous telehealth support from Virta’s care team, comprised of medical providers and health coaches, and close guidance in following an individualized nutrition plan based on carbohydrate restriction.” US Department of Veterans Affairs is taking notice “
  13. 13. I didn’t know my diabetes could be reversed… I thought it was a life sentence.” Lori R. Virta Patient “
  14. 14. Robert E. Ratner, MD Former Chief Scientific & Medical Officer, American Diabetes Association “If we can get this treatment to more and more Americans, we can have a huge impact on their lives and reduce one of the most significant drivers of healthcare cost growth.”