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Digital hearing aids


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Value Hearing, being a leading hearing centre, uses technologically-advanced aid fitting & verification equipment to ensure that you get the best out of your digital hearing aids.

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Digital hearing aids

  1. 1. Welcome To Value Hearing
  2. 2. Services  Hearing Loss  Hearing Aids  Hearing Aid Batteries  Waterproof Hearing Aids  Invisible Hearing Aids  Digital Hearing Aids
  3. 3. Hearing Loss Hearing is one of the senses human beings are blessed with. It begins with the sound waves traveling through the ear canal to the ear drum, ear bones and the inner ear, before reaching the brain for interpretation. In case of hearing loss, people not only face difficulty in understanding what others are saying but also leads to frustration, anxiety and depression. Some common causes of hearing loss include too much ear wax and cholesteatoma.
  4. 4. Hearing Aids Hearing Aid Prices offered to the self funded client in Australia are some of the highest in the developed world. The number one reason for this is the amount of markup that retailers add to their hearing aids to cover their high overheads, which often includes the costly, "bread and butter" government assisted hearing aid system for pensioners. As a self funded client, you end up paying for their inefficiencies and may even end up subsiding the pensioner system!
  5. 5. Hearing Aid Batteries We offer high quality Power One hearing aid batteries in Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney at only $5 per packet of 6 (Minimum order of 4 packets if ordered by phone. Minimum order in person is 1 packet of 6 batteries at a time). We post to anywhere in Australia and postage is included in the price. You can also purchase them in boxes of 60 hearing aid batteries for only $45. That's $4.50 a packet when bought in bulk and includes postage to anywhere in Australia.
  6. 6. Waterproof Hearing Aids The recent release of waterproof hearing aids on the Australian hearing aid market is an exciting development for hearing aid users across the country. Hearing aid wearers are no longer restricted in where they can wear their hearing aids, offering their users the ultimate in freedom to participate in any activity they choose. The love affair with our beautiful beaches and active lifestyles can continue unabated for hearing aid users and their families.
  7. 7. Invisible Hearing Aids For many years, the idea of invisible hearing aids was more of a desire than a reality. At best, having the right hairstyle may have kept hearing aids hidden from view, however this was not always possible for many clients. With the improvement in digital hearing aid feedback management, laser made shells, and very small yet powerful speakers, a new range of true invisible hearing aids is here.
  8. 8. Digital Hearing Aids To understand what digital hearing aids imply you need to understand how analogue hearing aids work. Analogue Hearing aids consists of three main parts. You have the microphone/s, which picks up the sound and converts sounds waves into electrical signals, You have an amplifier that makes these signals larger (louder) and then you have a receiver or speaker that converts electrical signals coming from the amplifier into sound which is then delivered into the ear canal.
  9. 9. Contact Us Suite 7, 16 Kearns Crescent Ardross , WA , 61531800 157 429 (08) 6102 6861