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Statement of Qualifications

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Lapham Soq 2012a

  1. 1. James T. Lapham, PCPMStatement of Qualification 15/02/12
  2. 2. Introduction to James Lapham, PMPMr. Lapham has headed up multiple programs Globally for Ericsson drivingprojects to their successful conclusion with values in the Hundreds ofMillions of Dollars/Euros/SEK. These programs have been Prime Integrationtype roles, Charging Solutions and complete national build programs. Mr.Lapham has had direct experience in Operations and Government DrivenPrograms in a Multinational environment from North America/Europe/Africa/Middle-East/Asia/South America and Australia and in so developed multiplerelationships in the Telecommunication Industry. In the USA the USDA –RUS development project for Rural Broadband as an Executive withStratusWave Communications. The USDA Project expanded Rural Highspeed broadband services throughout Northern West Virginia and the WestVirginia Panhandle. In October of 2004 Mr. Lapham was promoted to VPWireless Operations.Mr. Lapham has worked as a PMP Certified Project Manager overseeing athree (3) state E911 Phase II market deployment for TruePosition/Cingularin Arkansas, Missouri and Illinois. Mr. Lapham also was directly responsiblefor all project development for the networks planning, design andimplementation in six (6) African Nations and (2) two LMDS NetworkDeployments in the United States with Newbridge Networks. Mr. Laphampersonally negotiated the interconnect Agreements with the in countryPSTN helping establish the tariff rates. Also located and established firmcontracts with in country partners as well as helped locate and coordinatefinancing for project build out utilizing private investors, Investmentbrokerage & finance companies and through Equipment Vendor financing.Mr. Lapham has been involved in GSM, AMPS and ETACS in the Africancellular radiotelephone system implementations; which included thepartnerships in Windhoek, Namibia; Kampala, Uganda; Addis Ababa,Ethiopia; Eritrea; Lusaka, Zambia and The Ivory Coast. In this capacity, hehas helped or directed in the implementation of all these wireless systems.Mr. Lapham has over 24 years in the Wireless telecommunications industryand has extensive experience in engineering, planning, construction, andoperational areas. His extensive experience in the network operations ofWireless Networks has been well-utilized domestically as well asinternationally. Mr. Lapham has been involved in the build out of severalMSAs and RSAs throughout the United States extending from Georgia toCalifornia. Work done has varied from Site Acquisition, Tower Erection toEquipment Installation and Commissioning of GSM, PCS 1900; CDMA,TDMA, AMPS, ETACS and Microwave. All systems were completed on orbefore schedule and at or below budget assuring system profitability.Mr. Lapham received his Bachelor of Science Degree in ElectricalEngineering from California Polytechnics State University where hegraduated in 1985; Mr. Lapham is also a Certified Project Manager andholds numerous Industry and Manufacturer certifications. 15/02/12
  3. 3. Lapham Project Examples Central Office Infrastructure Builds15/02/12
  4. 4. New Innovations – Personally Launched UAV – Utilized for Microwave Line of Sites Saved Millions of Dollars in reducing site visit times and requirements for Cranes on Greenfield Sites for LOS activities. Safety - reduced the necessity for tower riggers required to climb and photograph. Site Acquisition - provided Panoramic Site Photos and three-Dimensional Detail on Existing Tower Structures.Carbon Fiber TowerReduced Weight (Airfreight Donefrom US to Australia), GreenEnvironmentally Friendly, SimpleErection, fast Manufacture time.15/02/12
  5. 5. LTE - Fixed Broadband15/02/12
  6. 6. Upgrade ModificationsUMTS Coax Modification15/02/12
  7. 7. Service Capabilities & Familiarityž  Program Managementž  Project Managementž  Construction Managementž  Site Engineering Surveyž  Site Acquisitionž  General Engineeringž  Material Acquisition and Logisticsž  Support Infrastructure Integrationž  Equipment/System Integrationž  Field Technicians & Installersž  Testing15/02/12
  8. 8. Few Company s with which Mr. Lapham has aWorking History of providing Services too.15/02/12
  9. 9. James T. Lapham Full Range of Knowledge and Experience Material Acquisition and Supply Maintenance System Engineering Site System Planning Integration Site and Network Turnkey Network Optimization Alternatives Design Customer Verification Project Management Installation & Site Acquisition Commissioning Site Preparation15/02/12
  10. 10. James T. Lapham Installation & Testing Perspective n  Overall system objectives and material lists well defined and characterized n  Basis for System Rollout established n  Scope of Services clearly delineated n  Customer representation available during all phases of design and implementation n  Scheduling n  Crew Assignments n  Open Communications - Reporting15/02/12
  11. 11. Program Objectives Material Acquisition Design! System Engineering Site Definition Site Engineering Site SurveyReview! Equipment Build out! Site Acquisition Installation and Zoning & Checkout System Integration and Testing System Operation & Support Support! 15/02/12
  12. 12. Various Types of BTS Sites Rooftop Blacktop Tenant Improvement Greenfield Co-Locate Cabinetized Antennas BTS15/02/12
  13. 13. Service Packaging Design & Network Engineering Switch/Core Support Installation and Commission (I&C) Engineer, Install (E&I) Drive & Fixed Testing System Build-out and Operational Management15/02/12
  14. 14. Deployment Sphere of Influence System Operations Operations Support Customer Service Maintenance and Repair E911 Regulatory Issues Interface to Switch Training Drive Testing SMLC Installation GPS Data Systems Diagnostics Engineering RF Testing Network Backhaul Network OA&M System Integration & Deployment Installation & Commission Site Engineering Demarcation - Power, Antennas, etc. T1 install & Site Prep LMU Install15/02/12
  15. 15. Photo’s E911 GPS – Early 200015/02/12
  16. 16. Photo’s Installation of E911 –LMU (Location Management Unit)15/02/12
  17. 17. Photo’sBTS Installation/Integration15/02/12
  18. 18. Photo’s Los Angeles AT&T Build 200515/02/12
  19. 19. Photo s Microwave/Antenna Install/Inspection/Testing15/02/12
  20. 20. Photo s Shelter/Site/Tower Construction15/02/12
  21. 21. Photo s Network Rollouts Third World15/02/12
  22. 22. Photo s Civil Construction Activities15/02/12