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How can hiding ip address protect you


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How can hiding ip address protect you

  1. 1. Hide My IP Page 1How Can Hiding IP Address Protect You
  2. 2. Hide My IP Page 2The internet may be fun and profitable but it can also be a dangerous place if youare not careful with the networks you use. Information is easy to find and most ofthese information are uninteresting to hackers but it you have sensitive informationin your system, you can become a victim of a cyber crime. You can also be avictim if you download executable files from unknown sources. If hackers succeed,the least they could do is use your financial information online.You can protect yourself from hackersif you hide ip address of yourcomputer. Some of the informationthat can be learned by an attacker if heor she knows about your ip addressare the operating system you use andthe location of your computer. Bylearning these things the cybercriminal can find ways to penetrateyour network and install a device or steal important personal information. Hackerswill have a harder time finding out the basic information about your system if youhide your IP address. Here are the possible security benefits that you can have ifyou keep your IP address safe from hackers:Your computer will not become a victim of bot networksBot networks are very prevalent but they are not easily detected so they can happento you without you knowing about it. If a computer is a part of a bot network, itcan be controlled remotely to do tasks that are instructed by the person controlling
  3. 3. Hide My IP Page 3the network. Victims are usually oblivious that they have a bot network softwareinstalled in their system. Most of them only learn about this when they find out thattheir computer was used to do a cyber crime.You will be safe from tracking frombehavioral softwareYou will also prevent being tracked bybehavioral analysis software if you hide yourIP address. Tracking software can be usedagainst consumers because the information found in them can be used to predictbehavior and this can be an advantage for hackers.The information in your system will be safeHacking will be made difficult if you hide your IP address and this can be useful inprotecting information found in your computer or in a server in your network.There are some IT professionals who are good in these kinds of stuff that can helpme if I want to hide IP address.