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Jke Brochure

  2. 2. CompanyOverview James Knight Executive is a privately owned leading recruitment company servicing the real estate and finance markets. We have a demonstrable track record of recruiting key professionals across a range of disciplines throughout the UK and internationally. Our work is focused on acting as an advisory, connecting our clients with the highest calibre of candidates and our candidates with the most forward thinking of clients. We work in partnership with Banks, Investors, Fund Managers, Surveying Practices, Developers, Landscape and Environmental Consultancies, Architectural Design Practices, Property Agents, Planning Consultancies, Accountancy Firms and Engineering Consultants. We hold high regard to the fact that our business is run with integrity, loyalty, confidentiality, accountability, and above all best practice at all times. Our Permanent and Interim recruitment services include: • Executive Search & Selection • Database Search • Advertised campaigns+44(0)1444 255 125www.jamesknightexec.co.uk
  3. 3. ExecutiveSearch DEDICATION TO DELIVERY Many of our clients choose James Knight Executive on an exclusive Search and Selection basis when considering the hire of senior level staff or those with rare skill sets due to our successful track record in identifying professionals from untapped pools. Executive Search and Selection is a focused and managed recruitment process targeting a particular section of the market that will identify key professionals within it. It guarantees choice not chance by using current information and an understanding and analysis of potential new talent. Each assignment is a unique & consultative process. We listen, understand, act and provide the solution to your objectives. The process will commence with a meeting to gauge a thorough understanding of the strategic plan. From this we identify target companies in the market and the relevant teams and individuals working within them. This forms the basis of the initial long-list. The next step is to “take to market” the detail on the position and pro-actively approach key individuals, whereby we pre-screen them against the brief through interview and conclude with the presentation of a shortlist of suitable candidates. With the majority of professionals who live and breathe the market and work around the clock, very few find the time to trawl through press ad’s or register with online job boards of recruitment agents. They work with us directly in securing their next opportunity on a more personal and professional level. Our approach and experience is geared to recognise skills, not salary. Skills being the measurable components of ‘talent’. We advise a client that search is the best option not according to the salary but the strategic definition of the role. Search identifies and targets capability, performance and potential and is deemed to be the most pro-active and tailored approach when recruiting and the best way in finding top talent.+44(0)1444 255 125www.jamesknightexec.co.uk
  4. 4. DatabaseSearch James Knight Executive offers a database recruitment resourcing solution to meet the requirements of our clients across the real estate and financial services markets. We have built up a global database of passive and non-passive candidates whom have been generated through a number of years of recruiting within the industry. This includes all our headhunted candidates generated from retained Executive Search campaigns, networking events we have attended, advertising search & selection and general word of mouth. Working with Human Resourcing departments and as a part of our clients PSL (preferred suppliers list) we are positioned to carry out finely tuned and detailed search of our database which is constantly maintained and monitored so that we are able to react quickly to an instruction by sourcing a selection of appropriate candidates to suit clients specifications by accessing our market-leading database of professionals. This helps our success rate in recruiting high calibre talent in a competitive environment.+44(0)1444 255 125www.jamesknightexec.co.uk
  5. 5. AdvertisedSearch TALENT PIPELINE James Knight Executive provides an advertised search & selection service utilising advertising campaigns in national papers, trade press and the Internet. Advertising remains an important means of sourcing candidates and expanding a network of contacts. Adverts are often used when the boundaries for the recruitment assignment are too broad to rely on simply an Executive Search. For example, there may be no geographic boundaries; the client is open to a wide variety of backgrounds to suit the role and with no preference on the sector that the candidate may have derived from. Advertised Search and Selection can also be a useful means of enhancing company profile and branding within the market. A major factor for using this service is to save our clients precious time as national advertising will attract a high volume of applicants. It is our responsibility to qualify and screen all applicants, interview the relevant people and submit our recommendations as to who is genuinely suitable. We provide the complete service from the design and placement of the advert through to the provision of the suitable shortlist. We have an in house Marketing Consultant who has carried out a number of advertising campaigns on behalf of a broad range of clients with great success. Having worked within the world of marketing for more than a decade he is best placed at creating the perfect advert to attract talent. Advertised search and selection is designed to attract the widest possible audience response and is utilised in conjunction with both Database Search and Executive Search.+44(0)1444 255 125www.jamesknightexec.co.uk
  6. 6. Interim MgmtRecruitment SOLUTIONS TO PROBLEMS James Knight Executive is a leading interim management provider in the provision of executive interim management staff for clients with an immediate problem who require a short to medium term solution with long lasting results. We have many years experience of successfully placing interim executives and manage an extensive pre-vetted register of interims covering most sectors and most disciplines across the real estate and financial services markets. There are a number of different business situations that could result in the need for an Interim Manager. Typically these could be situations such as crisis management, sudden departure, illness, change management, managing change or transition, sabbaticals, MBOs and IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, and project management. Additionally, there may be nobody internally who is suitable for, or available to take up the position in question and interim measures offers a solution until a permanent fixture can be made. Our extensive interim database homes professional career minded interims that operate through their own limited company, are suitably qualified and have previously carried out interim management assignments. During recent years the real estate and financial services markets have realised that using interim management as a solution to difficult areas of recruitment offers a cost effective and flexible form of resource. Interim Managers are hired to cover skill gaps whereby a permanent hire may not be desired or viable to recruit in the time scale required. Interim professionals will have worked at senior levels covering various disciplines and are engaged traditionally on short term contracts ranging between 3 months to a year. We have built a strong interim management capability and are able to identify an appropriate interim hire in-line with your budget within a short space of time.+44(0)1444 255 125www.jamesknightexec.co.uk 06 0
  7. 7. TalentAssessment “Our business relies on continuously maximising, identifying & assessing only the best talent within the industry” The appointment of a candidate whose background reveals significant shortcomings can seriously damage the reputation of a business. It is therefore paramount that on each assignment we undertake thorough reference checks that include: • Talking formally to named referees • Talking informally to unnamed referees • Confirm academic and professional qualifications • Competency Analysis   Our referencing is summarised and provided upon request. Full referencing will provide a substantial insight into the candidate’s professional style, personal behavior, strengths and weaknesses and areas of motivation.   As part of our assessment of candidates we use competency based  analysis. With your assistance we produce a number of relevant  competency questions that require candidate to provide real life  examples as the basis to their answers.  This will construct a picture of relevant performance using examples of  past experiences. Competency methods are phrased in such a way to   encourage accurate behavioral tendencies. Helping decision making  as to whether they may fit into your organisation.+44(0)1444 255 125www.jamesknightexec.co.uk
  8. 8. Assignment KEY TO History COMPLETION PROBLEMSestablished lasting foundations with a host of clients in both As a team we have the UK and overseas. Working closely with our clients has provided us with the ability to fully understand their requirements in greater detail and to appreciate the person and cultural fit required for each assignment. We have experience of recruiting graduate entries up to board level equity Partner and CEO. Our track record to date is that of completing assignments covering the areas below however we continue to evolve and expanding our success. • Fund Management • Asset Management • Development • Landlord & Tenant • Acquisitions and Investment • Rating • Valuation • Land Management • Operations Management • Corporate Finance • Leasing • Facilities Management • Project Management • Bid Management • Town Planning • Building Surveying
 • Property Management • Block Management • Research and Analysis • Estate Management • Master Planning and Urban Design • Sustainability • Landscape Architecture • EIA • Heritage • Derivatives • REIT • Underwriter • CAD Technician • Rural Surveying+44(0)1444 255 125www.jamesknightexec.co.uk
  9. 9. Global Reach BESPOKE INTERNATIONAL SEARCH We have a proven track record of managing successful international recruitment assignments on both a permanent and interim basis across the real estate and financial services sectors. Once we are fully conversant with the search assignment or interim opportunity we agree and design a bespoke recruitment strategy to determine the most appropriate way forward, covering essential areas such as cultural fit prerequisites and skill demands. Our global network of contacts has been built up over many years allowing us to make contact with relevant prospective hires in a short space of time. Continental Europe the Americas Asia Pacific & Middle East United Kingdom USA Abu Dhabi Switzerland Canada Bahrain Belgium Caribbean Dubai Czech Republic Hong Kong France Australia Germany Ireland The Netherlands Poland Russia Italy+44(0)1444 255 125www.jamesknightexec.co.uk
  10. 10. James Knight Executive LimitedThe Priory, Syresham Gardens,Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH16 3LBTelephone +44(0) 01444 255 125Search@JamesKnightExec.co.ukwww.jamesknightexec.co.ukRegistered No.07324791 © Copyright 2010