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Oracle cloud computing strategy


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Overivew of different cloud models, and how oracle technology can enable them

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Oracle cloud computing strategy

  1. 1. <Insert Picture Here>Cloud Computing StrategyDan KoloskiDirector, Product Management & Business DevelopmentOracle
  2. 2. The following is intended to outline our generalproduct direction. It is intended for informationpurposes only, and may not be incorporated into anycontract. It is not a commitment to deliver anymaterial, code, or functionality, and should not berelied upon in making purchasing decisions.The development, release, and timing of anyfeatures or functionality described for Oracle’sproducts remain at the sole discretion of Oracle. 2
  3. 3. Cloud Computing and Virtualization Are Top CIO PrioritiesSource: Gartner. Leading in Times of Transition. The 2010 CIO Agenda 3
  4. 4. NIST Definition of Cloud ComputingCloud computing is a model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurablecomputing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage,applications, and services) that can be rapidly provisionedand released with minimal management effort or serviceprovider interaction.This cloud model promotes availability and is composed of:5 Essential Characteristics 3 Service Models 4 Deployment Models• On-demand self-service • SaaS • Public Cloud• Resource pooling • PaaS • Private Cloud• Rapid elasticity • IaaS • Community Cloud• Measured service • Hybrid Cloud• Broad network accessSource: NIST Definition of Cloud Computing v15 4
  5. 5. SaaS, PaaS and IaaS Applications delivered as a service Software as a Service to end-users over the Internet App development & deployment Platform as a Service platform delivered as a service Server, storage and networkInfrastructure as a Service hardware and associated software delivered as a service 5
  6. 6. Public Clouds and Private Clouds Public Clouds Private Cloud• Used by • Exclusively multiple SaaS SaaS I I Apps SaaS used by a tenants on a N N single shared basis T T organization PaaS PaaS E R PaaS PaaS• Hosted and R A • Controlled and managed by N N managed by IaaS IaaS E E IaaS IaaS cloud service in-house IT provider T T Trade-offs Lower upfront costs Lower total costs Outsourced management Greater control over security, compliance, QoS OpEx CapEx & OpEx Enterprises will adopt a mix of public and private clouds 6
  7. 7. Why Are Enterprises Interested in Cloud? What Are the Challenges Enterprises Face? Benefits Challenges/Issues Speed Security QoSCost FitSource: IDC eXchange, "IT Cloud Services User Survey, pt. 2: Top Benefits & Challenges," (, October 2, 2008 7
  8. 8. Do You Provide or Use Internal or Private Clouds? Yes, in production at scale 11.3% Yes, in limited use 12.8% 28.6% Yes, in pilot stage 4.5% Preliminary planning 4.9% Under consideration 10.5% No 47.4% Don’t know/unsure 8.7% 28.6% of respondents have internal or private clouds todayPreliminary findings from the IOUG ResearchWire member study on Cloud Computing, conducted in August-September 2010. 8
  9. 9. What Type of Private Platform and Infrastructure Cloud Services Is Your Company Providing? Application server platform as a service 24.7% Database platform as a service 21.4% PaaS Identity as a service 4.7% Compute as a service 10.2% Storage as a service 18.1% IaaS Software development and test as a service 14.9% Don’t know/unsure 20.5% None 37.2% Most popular: App Server as a service Database as a servicePreliminary findings from the IOUG ResearchWire member study on Cloud Computing, conducted in August-September 2010. 9
  10. 10. Evolution of Private and Public CloudsPublic Cloud Evolution Public Clouds Hybrid MSP ISP CSP/ Telcos IaaS PaaS IaaS SaaS ASP ISV PaaS SaaSPrivate Cloud Evolution Virtual Private Cloud App1 App2 App3 App1 App2 App3 App1 App2 App3 App1 App2 App3 Consolidate Private PaaS Private PaaS Private PaaS Standardize Private IaaS Private IaaS Private IaaS Silo’d Grid Private Cloud Hybrid• Physical • Virtual • Self-service • Federation with• Dedicated • Shared services • Policy-based public clouds• Static • Dynamic resource mgmt • Interoperability• Heterogeneous • Standardized • Chargeback • Cloud bursting appliances • Capacity planning 10
  11. 11. Cloud Computing: Oracle’s Perspective• Characterized by real, new capabilities, but based on many established technologies• Compelling benefits as well as some concerns to address• Enterprises will adopt a mix of public and private clouds … right now Private PaaS is the sweet spot for a lot of customer interest. 11
  12. 12. Oracle Cloud Computing Strategy Our objectives: • Ensure that cloud computing is fully enterprise grade • Support both public and private cloud computing – give customers choiceOracle On Demand Oracle Applications Public Clouds Private Cloud SaaS SaaS I I Apps SaaS N N T T PaaS PaaS E R PaaS PaaS R A N N IaaS IaaS E E IaaS IaaS T T UsersOracle Technology in public clouds Oracle Private PaaS 12
  13. 13. Oracle on Demand Cloud Services On Premise @Customer @Oracle SaaSSoftware License Customer Customer Customer Oracle Software Mgmt Customer Oracle Oracle Oracle Oracle On Demand Infra Mgmt Customer Customer Oracle Oracle Oracle is the premiere cloud service for Datacenter Customer Customer Oracle Oracle Oracle software 13
  14. 14. Oracle Fusion ApplicationsDeployed on Shared Services Private PaaS Industry Applications ISV Apps Custom Apps Shared Components Private PaaS Private IaaS May also be deployed on public cloud 14
  15. 15. Full Oracle Software Stack Certified andSupported on Oracle VM on Amazon EC2 • Amazon EC2 now supports Oracle VM • Fully certified and supported: Certified & Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion supported Middleware, Oracle Applications (EBS, PeopleSoft, Siebel), Oracle Enterprise Manager • Oracle license portability • Oracle Unbreakable Linux support and Amazon Premium Support • Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) based on Oracle VM Templates 15
  16. 16. Oracle PaaS Hosted by Savvis Savvis Management Portal • SavvisStationCustomer Applications Savvis Managed Solutions PaaS customer interface SavvisStation Portal • Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder Assembly Builder PaaS solution options Oracle Middleware • WebLogic Server Enterprise Oracle Database Edition & Standard Edition • Oracle Database Enterprise Edition & Standard Edition Oracle Linux Oracle VM IaaS solution options • Oracle Linux • Oracle VM 16
  17. 17. Oracle Private Cloud Platform Applications Cloud Management Oracle Enterprise Oracle Apps Manager 3rd Party Apps ISV Apps Application Performance Mgmt Platform as a Service Lifecycle Integration: Process Mgmt: Security: User Interaction: Management SOA Suite BPM Suite Identity Mgmt WebCenter Application Grid: WebLogic Server, Coherence, Tuxedo, JRockit Configuration Management Database Grid: Oracle Database, RAC, ASM, Partitioning, IMDB Cache, Active Data Guard, Database Security Application Quality Mgmt Infrastructure as a Service Oracle Solaris Operating Systems: Oracle Enterprise Linux Oracle Linux Ops Center Oracle VM for SPARC (LDom) Oracle VM for x86 Solaris Containers Physical & Virtual Servers Systems Mgmt Storage 19
  18. 18. Exadata and ExalogicExtreme Performance, Engineered Systems• Database and middleware machines• Unmatched performance, simplified deployment, lower total cost• Building blocks for public and private PaaS 20
  19. 19. Consolidate onto Exadata• Server rationalization - OLTP + OLTP … - Data mart + data mart… - System life-cycle • Production + test + development• Mixed workload - Operational BI - Real-time data warehousing - Embedded reports, analytics• Schema integration 21
  20. 20. Oracle Application Grid Custom Packaged SOA C/C++/ Legacy App App Service COBOLWebLogic and Application Grid Tuxedo Enterprise GlassFish Manager Coherence and Virtual JRockit and HotSpot Assembly Physical and Virtual Builder Complete, proven and integrated solution • Most complete application platform for cloud • Elastically scalable and shared application foundation • #1 in performance AND time-to-market • Best integration with Oracle stack 22
  21. 21. Server Virtualization and Clustering Deliver Resource Pooling and Elastic ScalabilityBoth server virtualization and clustering are key technologies for cloud 23
  22. 22. WebLogic Virtualization Option • Runs natively on hypervisor • Higher density • Better performance • Reduced operational cost • Simpler patching • Improved security • Same administrative infrastructure • WebLogic console + scripting • Enterprise Manager JRockit Mission Control • Custom Java appliances • Building blocks for larger assemblies • Simple deployment 24
  23. 23. Cloud Management Roadmap Applications Oracle Enterprise Manager Custom Apps Oracle Apps ISV Apps Cloud Cloud Management Management Roadmap Platform as a Service ApplicationIntegration: Process Mgmt: Security: User Interaction: Performance Mgmt Self-Service SOA Suite BPM Suite Identity Mgmt WebCenter Lifecycle Application Grid: WebLogic Server, Coherence, Tuxedo, JRockit Management Chargeback Database Grid: Oracle Database, RAC, ASM, Partitioning, IMDB Cache, Active Data Guard, Database Security Configuration Resource Management Scheduling Infrastructure as a Service Application Capacity Quality Mgmt Planning Oracle Solaris Operating Systems: Oracle Enterprise Linux Oracle Linux Oracle VM for SPARC (LDom) Oracle VM for x86 Solaris Containers Ops Center Servers Physical & Virtual Systems Mgmt Storage © 2010 Oracle Corporation 25
  24. 24. Oracle Enterprise Manager Application Performance Lifecycle Management Management Dynamic Resource Real User Monitoring Management SOA, Java, JVM Patching Diagnostics, Tuning Provisioning Functional/Load Testing Compliance DashboardsApplication Configuration Mgmt Real Application Testing Collection, Data Masking Tracking, History Configuration Application Management Quality Management © 2010 Oracle Corporation 26
  25. 25. Five Essential Requirements Private Cloud Lifecycle 3. Self-service Deployment 2. Build, Package and Test 4. Manage/Monitor Applications • Monitor via self-service Developer / • Adjust capacity based on • Assemble app IT Admin policies using shared • Manage components Developer (patch, • Deploy through backup) self-service IT/App Owner App 5. Charge1. Set Up Cloud Oracle Enterprise Manager Shared Components Self-Service Interface IT/App Owner Oracle Fusion Middleware • Meter and IT Chargeback Oracle Oracle Database • Set up PaaS Enterprise • Set up shared Manager components Oracle VM, Linux, Solaris • Set up self- service portal Sun Servers & Storage © 2010 Oracle Corporation 27
  26. 26. 1. Setup Cloud Oracle Enterprise Manager Software Image Library • Hardware provisioning Configuration Application Settings Components • Bare Metal (PXE, ISO, Kickstart, OVM Templates) Oracle VM + Patches • Linux, Solaris, Oracle VM • FirmwareAS1 Image AS2 Image AS3 Image • Sun storage • Sun network fabric • Software provisioning Configuration Application • Reference cloning SettingsDB1 Image DB2 Image DB3 Image Components • DB, WebLogic, SOA OS • Applications Physical ServerOS1 Image OS2 Image OS3 Image © 2010 Oracle Corporation 28
  27. 27. 2. Build, Package and Test Applications Oracle Virtual Assembly BuilderOracle Oracle Oracle Oracle Package multi-tier applications for SOA BPM IdentitySuite Suite WebCenter Mgt rapid, error-free deployment Oracle Application Grid Application A Application B Oracle Enterprise Manager Oracle Database Grid Introspection & Virtualized Software Assembly Appliances Assembly A Assembly B Assembly Builder Oracle VM Server Oracle VM Template Deployment Builder OVF Packaging © 2010 Oracle Corporation 29
  28. 28. Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder config1 config2 Assembly = Appliances (VM Templates + Dev/Test configurationEnvironment Metadata) + relationships & start order Metadata Production Environments • Package up complex structure from dev/test and reconstitute in production • Minimize setup time and risk of hard-to-debug configuration errors • Easily replicate in production with minor variations • Each production instance has well-contained configuration parameters for flexibility 30
  29. 29. 2. Build, Package and Test Applications Comprehensive Application Quality Management SolutionsSelf Service Lab Automatic Provisioning of Test Integrated Performance Management Hardware, Software and Data Diagnostic Faster Testing Reduced Manual Effort Quick Defect Discovery and ResolutionDefine and Run Test Test Metering and Suits Chargeback © 2010 Oracle Corporation 31
  30. 30. 3. Self-service Deployment • Self-service provisioning: - Oracle VM Templates - Complete Assemblies • Users can select: - Server size - Storage volumes - Dynamic/static IP - Network profile • Policies for quota, retirement, chargeback • Cloud APIs – submitted to DMTF © 2010 Oracle Corporation 32
  31. 31. Announcing: Cloud Resource Model APIContributing Specification to DMTF • Open management of clouds • Greater return on investments • Check out the spec on OTN • -- search: cloud api © 2010 Oracle Corporation 33
  32. 32. Policy Management Automatic response to resource bottlenecks• Simplifies Cloud Management through Exceptions and Actions• Exception thresholds can be based on Application KPIs• Support for different policy types - Workload Management (DRS, DPM policies) - High Availability Policies Policy Exceptions - Cloud placement policies - Retirement Policies and Quota Sales ERP Custom - Configuration Policies Application Application Application Actions Application Grid Server Grid Storage Grid © 2010 Oracle Corporation 34
  33. 33. 4. Manage/Monitor Oracle Enterprise Manager Application Performance and Centralized Monitoring SLA Management User Experience Management Business Transaction Management Business Service Management JVM DB Diagnostics DiagnosticsConfiguration Management Patching © 2010 Oracle Corporation 35
  34. 34. 4a. Centralized Monitoring • Centralized, exception driven monitoring using Metrics and Thresholds • Define your own metrics • Monitoring templates • Exception Notification • Email, page, SMS • Integration with third party event console • Open View, Unicenter, Remedy and more © 2010 Oracle Corporation 36
  35. 35. 4b. Centralized Configuration Management Doing more with lessKnowing What Standardizing Configuration DetectingYou Have Configurations Compliance Configuration ChangesAsset Discovery Drift Analysis Proactive Checks Real-time MonitoringAutomated Inventory Config Comparison Policy Management Real-time DetectionHW/SW Configurations •Across the stack Out-of-the-Box Policies •Who, What and When •Operating Systems •Across lifecycles User-Defined Policies Compliance Framework •Hardware •Baseline & Gold Std User-Defined Groups •SOX. PCI, CoBIT … •Database •1-to-1, 1-to-Many Compliance Dashboard Change Reconciliation •Packaged Apps Drift Reconciliation •Authorized vs UnauthorizedConfiguration SearchRelationships © 2010 Oracle Corporation 37
  36. 36. 4c. Keep Track of Cloud Assets •Tracking of hardware, software, relationships • Extensible Collection blueprints for database, operating systems, middleware, business apps • Dependency mapping between Physical and Virtual infrastructure • Prevention of cloud sprawl through discovery and reporting © 2010 Oracle Corporation 38
  37. 37. 4d.Standardizing Configurations in the Cloud • Compare against gold configuration or baselines • Import and Export baselines • Scheduled comparison • Diff reconciliation © 2010 Oracle Corporation 39
  38. 38. 4e. Configuration ComplianceControl the entropy of the Cloud • 300+ out-of-box policies • Security, Configuration and Storage policies • Can be User-Defined • Policy groups to map to CIS, SOX etc. • Enterprise wide compliance score tracking • Real time change tracking, auditing and reconciliation © 2010 Oracle Corporation 40
  39. 39. 4f. Detecting Configuration Changes“When things stop working, the first thing we do is try to figure out what has changed” • Real time change discovery and tracking • Who changed What and When • Change reconciliation • Through integration with help desk systems • Segregation of “Authorized” versus “Unauthorized” changes • Out-of-box Configuration Auditing reports for SOX, COBIT, PCI © 2010 Oracle Corporation 41
  40. 40. 4g. Software PatchingMass deploy patches across the Cloud in minutes • Linux, Solaris and Windows • Patch Advisories • My Oracle Support, Unbreakable Linux Network and Sun Connection • Online and Offline modes • Mass patching • Zero downtime patching in HA environments • Pre-flight pre-requisite check before deployment © 2010 Oracle Corporation 42
  41. 41. 4h. Application Performance Management Managing Quality of Service for the CloudOracle Enterprise Manager ■ Real and Synthetic User Monitoring User Experience ■ Oracle Application Accelerators Management ■ Business-IT correlation ■ End-to-End visibility Business Transaction ■ Business Context Management ■ Exception Management ■ Service Topology, Dependency analysis Business Service ■ Service Implementation drill-downs Management ■ Service Dependency analysis ■ Resource View ■ JVM Memory leak analysis JVM DB Diagnostics Diagnostics ■ Cross-tier tracing ■ Self-Managing DB (ADDM, ■ Automated SQL AWR, ASH) Tuning © 2010 Oracle Corporation 43
  42. 42. 5. Metering and Chargeback Oracle Enterprise Manager + Oracle Billing and Revenue Management Complete Cloud Management and Monetization Capabilities Cloud Services Cloud Management Cloud Monetization Oracle Enterprise Manager Oracle Billing and Revenue ManagementApplications Configuration Mgmt Metered Provisioning Usage Pricing/Charging FlexibilityMiddleware Lifecycle Management Customer Management Bill/Invoice Database generation Application Performance and Management delivery OS Complete Billing Operations Application Quality BalanceVirtualization Usage Management Control data Value Chain Management collection Ops Center Physical & Virtual Business Intelligence Systems Management © 2010 Oracle Corporation 44
  43. 43. Oracle Cloud Platform Key Differentiators Comprehensive PaaS Solution • Elasticity across the stack (clustering and server virtualization) • Integrated hardware and software (Exadata, Exalogic) Application-Aware Cloud • Oracle packaged, 3rd party, custom applications • Application-to-disk and Business Service Level Management Deployment Efficiency • Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder • Oracle WebLogic Server – Virtualization Option Broad Platform Support • x86 and SPARC • Physical and virtual Complete Cloud Lifecycle Management • Setup, use, monitor/manage, chargeback 45
  44. 44. Case Studies 46
  45. 45. Oracle IT: Oracle Dev/Test Self-Service Private Cloud Job Mgmt Virtualization Match Enterprise Submit Priority Manager Making Self-Service Grid Control Application Resource Mgmt Notifications Developer• 2600 physical servers, 6000 VMs, 3500 developers Metadata / Label Servers• 80% utilization 7x24• 4 IT admins Hosts Results 47
  46. 46. Oracle Private PaaS Case Study: Credit Suisse • Centralized deployment of 200+ applicationsPlatforms – a key to efficiency • 35% reduction in operating costs• JAP – Java Application Platform • Prevented 44% increase of power• CHP – Compute Hosting Platform consumption in 4 years, while• DHP – Database Hosting Platform doubling the capacity • No downtime incidents 3 years in a row Detailed Credit Suisse presentation available 48
  47. 47. Closing Thoughts 49
  48. 48. Getting Cloudy• Cloud planning – Strategy – what goes where, what to standardize, what to consolidate, what to outsource – Business justification – Roadmap – maturity model• Key considerations – Economics – funding model, capacity planning, chargeback metrics – Organization, roles & responsibilities – Governance, policies and processes – Security – Technical architecture • Reference architectures, blueprints • Best practices and case studies • Build time vs. run time• Oracle Insight workshops can help 50
  49. 49. Oracle Leadership in Cloud Computing• Oracle offers: – Cloud services via Oracle On Demand – Applications running on private or public clouds – Technology running in public clouds – Technology to build, deploy and manage private clouds• Highly differentiated products• Oracle provides most complete, open and integrated cloud solution in the industry 51
  50. 50. © 2009 Oracle – Proprietary and Confidential 52
  51. 51. Does Your Company Use Services from Public Cloud Providers? Yes 13.8% No 54.6% Under consideration 11.2% Don’t know/unsure 20.4% 13.8% of respondents use public clouds todayPreliminary findings from the IOUG ResearchWire member study on Cloud Computing, conducted in August-September 2010. 53
  52. 52. What Kinds of Applications Is Your Company Running on Private Cloud Services? Financial/accounting 19.6% Human resources/benefits 18.6% Email, collaboration, communication apps 18.2% Home-grown applications 15.9% Customer service 13.6% Virtual desktop 13.6% Procurement/purchasing 11.4% Inventory/shipping 10.0% Desktop productivity applications 10.0% Departmental or LOB applications 9.1% Marketing/sales 8.2% Other 9.0% Don’t know/unsure 43.6%Preliminary findings from the IOUG ResearchWire member study on Cloud Computing, conducted in August-September 2010. 54
  53. 53. Why Did Your Company Decide to Implement Certain Services via a Private Cloud Versus Public Cloud? Security concerns 43.4% Quality of Service concerns 25.3% Long-term cost 25.3% Services already existed internally 22.5% Regulatory compliance concerns 15.9% Difficulty to customize 14.3% Difficulty to integrate with in-house systems 8.7% Other 19.0%Preliminary findings from the IOUG ResearchWire member study on Cloud Computing, conducted in August-September 2010. 55
  54. 54. Oracle Virtual Assembly BuilderAssemblies, PropertiesAppliances Inspector CatalogDeployment Assembly Resource Editor Pools 56