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Verrex onsite staffing 02 12 a4

  1. 1. Verrex Onsite Staffing Our Employees Dedicated to Your AV Support Needs Unlike a traditional staffing solution, Verrex Onsite Staffing does not simply place personnel – we recruit, train, manage and mentor our own employees to work at client locations around the globe, with all the responsibilities shouldered by Verrex and all the benefits realized by clients. NOT JUST A TECHNICIAN, BUT THE knowledge, Verrex can identify, retain and mentor ENTIRE VERREX KNOWLEDGE BASE best-in-class technicians with appropriate skill sets, Our onsite staff doesn’t arrive alone. An extension offering a reliable cost-effective workforce solution. of the entire Verrex team, our onsite staff is backed More importantly, Verrex continuously recruits and by a global knowledge base, corporate training evaluates new staffing employees, ensuring the program and the skill sets of multiple teams. Our best & broadest pool of talent to draw on. onsite staff can readily tap into any Verrex key competency, from engineering through to quality Verrex offers global AV onsite staffing as part of its assurance, to ensure clients receive superior Global Managed Services (GMS™). Verrex-trained, support. As an organization, we stand behind our our onsite technicians, managers, technical leads onsite staff, so they can stand behind you. and coordinators work directly at a client facility providing meeting & event support, preventive maintenance, service and technology support. Our WHY ONSITE STAFFING FROM VERREX workforces are managed directly by Verrex; we own A high degree of adoption and ease-of-use of AV all aspects of recruitment, screening & hiring, technologies can be attributed to the accessibility Human Resources, management, replacement and of support resources. This includes onsite staff requisites for training & certification. proficient in the technology. However, for many companies the realities of finding, training and managing AV personnel can be a labor-intensive SCALABLE, CUSTOM SOLUTIONS function, which can distract from hiring and Whether a single technician or a team of many, management tasks that contribute to their own Verrex Onsite Staffing solutions are customizable. core competencies. With our depth of industry Typical types of staff include: Coordinator, Associate Technician, Senior Technician, Onsite Supervisor and Onsite Manager. We can also tailor a role to fit your specific needs. To learn how Verrex Onsite Staffing can provide support for your systems and employees, and take the responsibility of AV workforce hiring and management out of your hands, visit or phone your Verrex representative today. we make innovation work™ Americas Headquarters EMEA Headquarters Asia Pacific Headquarters Verrex Corporation Verrex Limited Verrex Asia Limited Mountainside, NJ USA Herts, United Kingdom Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong +1 908 232 7000 +44 (0) 1992 667 000 +852 3713 4200 Global Conferencing & Communication Solutions New York | Boston | Tampa | Houston | Toronto | London | Mumbai | Singapore | Hong Kong | Shanghai | Sydney© 2012 Verrex and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Verrex, the Verrex Logo and GMS are registeredtrademarks of Verrex Corporation and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and other countries. Please visit for a complete list of Verrex global addresses, phone numbers and registrations.