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The Equator Perfect 10 - Rules for brilliant brainstorming.

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  1. Seeing things from aA more open minded different angleapproach to a subject. It can be useful for lots of different parts of the design process. Coming up with a lot of ideas quickly.Useful to tackle long Hearing other ideas andterm issues rather ways of thinking can sparkthan short term ones. Coming up with ideas you off routes of thought. can develop further.
  2. Source: Equator focus group research
  3. When people don’t When people are too Drifting awayPeople not being come prepared scared to say things from the mainenthusiastic goals Thinking of ideas on the spot can be challenging. If its flat/point When people scoring/dominated. shoot down ideasBrainstorming is not the Awkward, stilted process,place for defining details where people don’t really If its moderated badly. talk or create ideas. Source: Equator focus group research
  4. A brief that is open to Lying on a beach in a sun a creative and exciting lounger, pint on a small table on solution. my left. A scribe/butler with a white board and pen. A good variety everybody shares the of people. same goals and nobody tries to dominate Energy, well structuredand moderated. Away from a ringing phone Needs a strong and beeping emails. motivational leader. Everyone is completely up A feeling that things are for it & really contributes gonna move forward. Source: Equator focus group research
  5. Inspiration: Architecture
  6. Any background Very little briefing is A facilitator who knows information and what often the best way the brief and client well the objective of the to go into a session and can answer questions brainstorm is. on the spot A very clear idea what Whether the client is is the expected outcome open for anything or if of the brainstorm they want a specific feel/ look/direction. It’s useful to have research on the client, competitors, related |Key summary of market, campaigns etc. It’s also better when competitors, issues, what it asks for people to we are trying to achieve. come up with some ideas The briefing should be beforehand visual and verbalInspiration: World’s tallest skyscraper, Arkhangelsk, Russia Source: Equator focus group research
  7. Source: Equator focus group research
  8. We needa new logo.
  9. We needa new logo. Why?
  10. We needa new logo.
  11. We needa new logo.
  12. A moreeffective We need website a new logo. Should we advertise online?
  13. We’re losing sales.
  14. We’re losing sales.
  15. We shouldcreate a new identity.
  16. We shouldcreate a new identity.
  17. What sort of identity bestrepresents us?
  18. Inspiration: Fashion photography
  19. What’s the context? What’s the BrandWhat’s the challenge? Businesschallenge? What’s the Design challenge? How can we... ?
  20. Inspiration: Objects
  21. 1. Explain the process2. No evaluation3. No censorship4. One conversation5. Stay focussed6. No buts - Build or elaborate7. Capture everything
  22. Inspiration: Ideas
  23. 1. Fat pens2. Post-its3. Props4. Sweets5. Idea catalysts6. Location
  24. Inspiration: People
  25. 1. NOT JUST EXPERTS2. A Rigorous Recorder3. An Inspiring Facilitator4. No more than 7 people
  26. 6. Right timeInspiration: Interiors
  27. Breakout 20mins Enhance 20mins Group 20minsOpen... Explore... Close... Open... Explore... Close... Open... Explore... Close...
  28. Inspiration: Theatre and costumes
  29. 1. Practice run2. A game of opposites3. Improv.4. Pictionary
  30. 1. Practice run2. A game of opposites3. Improv.4. Pictionary
  31. Inspiration: Chindogu
  32. 1. Be idiotic2. Be impulsive3. Be provocative4. Be unfaithful5. Be a thief6. Be a bad artist
  33. 1. More ideas the better2. No critical thinking / scepticism3. Energy4. Optimism5. Divergent... widest possible spread
  34. 1. Look for patterns and analogies2. Themes3. Grouping4. Experimenting5. Building on and enhancing
  35. 1. Conclusions2. Decisions3. Actions
  36. Inspiration: TV Shows
  37. My best ideas come When I am on my own when I am jogging mulling things over Research, making connections, general experience and interests. Sometimes, like everyone else: downright Things I’ve plagiarism. seen, read, From everywhere really: I browse online, use fashion, buildings, different search terms to technology, people. find related concepts or brands.Inspiration: TV Shows
  38. •Uses •Reversal•Improvements •Elimination•What if •Adaption•Smashing •Combination•Morphing •Metaphor.•Manipulation •Wildcards
  39. Inspiration: Advertising
  40. 1. Evaluate • Ideas of immediate usefulness. • Areas for further exploration. • New approaches to the problem.2. Share & develop3. Share the results4. Share the ongoing development
  41. Inspiration: Technology
  42. Prepare & Make sure everyoneshare brief Has read the brief
  43. 1. Explain the rules... 5 minutes2. Warm-up... 20 minutes • Regroup... 5 minutes3. Group (post-its)... 10 minutes • Regroup (vote)... 10 minutes4. Breakout (10 ideas)... 10 minutes • Regroup & Refine (vote)... 10 minutes5. Enhance (build on)... 10 minutes • Conclude... 5 minutes
  44. Share actionsShare output and outcomes
  45. Inspiration: Movies