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Howison traces


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Trace ethnography, representations of split archives and event pacing for interpretation.

Published in: Science
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Howison traces

  1. 1. James Howison Traces as confirmation: dealing with split archives and pacing of life CC Credit: Trace Ethno Workshop iConference 2015 Original work supported by 03-41475, 04–14468, 05-27457 and 07–08437
  2. 2. Traces as confirmatory • Participant observation findings in comparison to studies at the time: – Studies often focused on a single venue (mailing list, tracker, or source code), but work wound it’s way across multiple venues – The pacing of traces was vital to shaping interpretation but reading archives disguised this
  3. 3. To the Archives! The evidence is here, somewhere. CC Credit: photos/hamadryades/
  4. 4. Release Notes Dev Email Bug Tracker RFE TrackerUser Forum TaskOutcome Task Relevant Documents TaskOutcome Task Relevant Documents TaskOutcome Task Relevant Documents CVS Search and assign Relevant Documents
  5. 5. Illustrative Co-work
  6. 6. Illustrative Individual Work 30 (of 106) tasks consisted of a single Action: Core Production
  7. 7. How to represent pacing? Time stamps
  8. 8. Representing pacing • Calculate gaps?
  9. 9. Reading gaps doesn’t help, easy to ignore, make them harder to ignore?
  10. 10. Visualize events