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Numerical Analysis in R

  1. 1 Numerical Analysis in R James P. Howard, II Statistical Programming DC—December 8, 2015 Washington, DC
  2. 2 • Data Scientist • Math Nerd • Public Policy Wonk • Also, adjunct assistant professor at UMUC About Me
  3. 3 What is scientific computing? • Numerical analysis • Doing math with computers • Results are “good enough” • Real numbers, stuck in floating point What are we doing tonight? • Some linear algebra • Some interpolation • Some integration • Little bit of root finding Scientific Computing
  4. 4 ⌘-<TAB> to RStudio Nobody wants to see a Powerpoint presentation about math
  5. 5 Facts • Full suite of numerical tools in R • It is comparable to MATLAB in capability • It is slower than MATLAB Opinions • Certainly more inviting that MATLAB and Python • Foundation for creating new tools Summary
  6. 6 Additional Information
  7. 7 Computational Methods for Numerical Analysis with R (no picture yet, but some time in 2016) (watch for some sort of announcement) Coming Soon