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Vegas Casino Resort Digital Marketing Strategy


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The following is a sample digital and content marketing strategy that I prepared as a creative exercise. It is in no way connected or endorsed by any specific brand but all ideas were created by myself.

Published in: Marketing
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Vegas Casino Resort Digital Marketing Strategy

  1. 1. Example Digital Marketing Strategy Overview This plan was put together by myself as part of a creative exercise and is in no way connected to Palms Casino Resort or any other specific brand. By James Hills @JamesHills
  2. 2. Introduction: Thank you for the opportunity to present this high level marketing strategy! The following slides are designed to provide a strategic overview of how we can leverage integrated digital strategies to help the client address their revenue concern. As such, I have included both short term tactics to immediately increase awareness and support demand creation (Display, Paid Search) as well as mid (Sponsored Content, Re-Targeting) and Long (Sponsored Content). My objective here is to create a program that can be executed in a “rinse, wash, and repeat” fashion where various tactics feed into each other but ultimately lead back to the core objective of increasing bookings and foot traffic to the Palms Casino Resort. Additionally, with attention paid to mobile tactics like Geo-Fencing and Mobile Optimization during the CRO phase we will refine the Palms ability to reach people through their mobile devices and ultimately use that platform to reach a younger, more tech savvy, potentially more affluent audience. This is an audience that is also more likely to share the great experiences they have at the Palms via social media (further supporting the awareness phase).
  3. 3. Objectives  Traffic to website  Hotel room bookings  Foot traffic into the Casino  Bookings for Shows  Restaurant Reservations
  4. 4. Path to Success Increase Demand by creating more Awareness Reach Interested People During their Research Process Optimize and Refine Conversion Points By developing an integrated digital plan we can ensure that customers are aware of the new Palms website, feel that “people like them” are excited about visiting the resort and ensure that their desire to visit the resort as well as reserve experiences is optimized, allowing for the best user experience possible.
  5. 5. Program Assumptions  Software for tracking website visits (Omniture / Google Analytics etc.) is available  No incremental development for tactics like a blog is available.  Social Media manager is able and willing to partner with Content Marketing and Retargeting tactics
  6. 6. Increase Awareness and Excitement: Tactics: 1. Content Marketing – Create interesting and engaging content (Videos, Blog Posts, Photos, Influencer content) to create awareness and Excitement for Palms features and lifestyle, then promote it to a targeted audience that we are looking to attract. 2. Display Ads – Create Display Ads to help drive awareness for marketing messages designed to bring people to the core site landing pages.
  7. 7. Content Marketing: YouTube Palms Video YouTube is the #2 search engine and there are 19,000+ results for “Palms Resort Vegas”. Not one of the top results is from the Palms Casino Resort! By creating custom video content and marketing it here we can capture prospective guests. Similar tactics can be employed for other search terms as well. Video content can also rise in organic search.
  8. 8. Content Marketing: Blogs & Influencers Leverage blogs, media partnerships, and influencers to create unique content for their audiences while they have fun and explore experiences that only the Palms can deliver. -Sponsored Instagram Photos and Social Posts -Sponsored Blog Posts -Sponsored YouTube videos Content created by influencers can then be repurposed and promoted via tactics such as Taboola, Outbrain, and Stumblupon as well as used in native advertising campaigns through other channels to create added awareness.
  9. 9. Reach People During Research:Tactics: 1. Paid Search – Target customers as they search for direct (book Vegas hotel) as well as research keywords (best Vegas shows) and drive them to landing pages on the site. 2. Re-targeting – People who visit should be re- targeted to on Social Channels, Paid Search, and Display Networks to keep Palms at top of mind. 3. Mobile Geo-Fencing – People in a specific proximity to the Palms or in Vegas generally can be targeted with mobile display ads and Paid Search tactics. Potentially also target people at competitive resorts with offers to get them to visit Palms. 4. Content Marketing – Develop unique content and content partnerships that helps the target customer accomplish their goal of learning more about how to have an amazing Vegas experience. Content developed during “Increase
  10. 10. Retargeting: Social; Search; Display Visitors hit your site through organic search, direct, or sparked by awareness campaign, display ads, and content marketing. We can then target these people who have some level of brand familiarity and serve targeted ads to encourage specific conversion activity through custom ads based on what parts of the site they visited i.e. the N9NE
  11. 11. Optimize Conversion Points: Tactics: 1. Mobile Specific Landing Pages for Paid Media 2. Review of Mobile experience for optimization points. 3. Design multiple landing pages to test conversion rates from Paid Search and Digital Media campaigns. Front page booking process was mobile friendly – nav bar item was not,