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Consumer Electronics Social Strategy Example


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The following is a sample social media strategy that I prepared as a creative exercise. It is in no way connected or endorsed by any specific brand but all ideas were created by myself.

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Consumer Electronics Social Strategy Example

  1. 1. Example Social Media Plan This plan was put together by myself as part of a creative exercise and is in no way connected to or any other specific brand. By James Hills @JamesHills
  2. 2. Objectives  Increase Awareness within Target Segments ◦ Overall Customer Base ◦ Retail Partnerships  Increase Social Engagement  Grow Social Reach  Support Commerce Goals ◦ Direct Sales ◦ Channel Sales
  3. 3. Our Path to Success: First we make it cool! 1. Influencer Endorsement 2. Friends That Like it, Share it. 3. Social buzz and positive reviews will drive customers to find where to buy and attract attention from channel partners.
  4. 4. Program Assumptions  Budget: $1,000 / month for paid media  Time Scope: May – Dec  Software for tracking website visits (Omniture / Google Analytics etc.) is available  Software for measuring social mentions is available  Internal assets and talent are available for creation of graphical content.  Target Consumer Segments: ◦ “Geeks” and “Tech Adopters” ◦ “Busy Dads” who love technology
  5. 5. Our Consumer Target  Digital Natives  Busy  Technology Enthusiasts  Highly Mobile  Urban  Male
  6. 6. Opportunities & Challenges Opportunity Challenge Solutions People love to discuss TV / Movies / Entertainment / Current Events with friends. Legal restrictions may limit ability to fully engage using visual assets Establish “risk tolerance” and “rules of the road” to guide social engagement strategies on a go-forward basis. High potential for “acquisition” and “customer service” engagement Limited sustained engagement opportunities. Establish regular cadence of promotions and giveaways designed to harvest email addresses as well as “best in class” Customer Service (Sales Questions, Customer “how to”, and Break/Fix) Develop editorial calendar with engaging opportunities around media consumption and supporting the customer’s lifestyle vs. “the box”. Partnerships (Influencers, Retailers, Marketing Events) Small brand and limited overall marketing budget. Develop calendar of promotions as well as featuring influencer “guest content”. Develop “promotions tool kit” that can be provided to channel marketing managers for engagement with retail partners.
  7. 7. Key Social Platforms  Influencers  Facebook  Twitter  Google+  Simple.TV Community
  8. 8. Proposed Social Cadence 60-day Outlook Editorial Calendar: ◦ Facebook – 8x per month engagement posts about TV/Movies and 5x per month product feature or promotion ◦ Twitter – 16x per month engagement about TV/Movies, 10x per month outreach to influencers (non-promotional), 10x per month product feature or promotion including “tips” on how to get the most out of Simple.TV. ◦ Community – 1-2 guides per month to help customers and potential customers be empowered to do what they want to do. Weekly 15-20 min G+ Hangouts: ◦ Engage with influencers discussing their favorite TV shows / movies. ◦ Weekly or Monthly themes based around things like “Favorites from the Fall Lineup”, “March Madness Predictions”, “Best Horror Movies”. Bi-Monthly Retail/Channel Partner Event: ◦ Sweepstakes and Contests developed in partnership with channel partners to engage with their audience promoting our products. Frequency can be adjusted as needed.
  9. 9. Increase Social Engagement 1. Concise text 2. Ask a question 3. Use highly engaging visuals where possible 4. Engage with Influencers 5. Integrate product features with engaging content
  10. 10. Recommended Facebook Apps 1. Sweeps with email capture and viral sharing components including FB share pop up and ability to easily share and track Tweets. 2. G+ Hangouts Tab to display Hangout archive and live feed.
  11. 11. Growing Social Reach Organic: 1. Creating superior content designed to be shared and consumed by our target audience. 2. Events designed to be highly sharable such as sweepstakes with viral components. 3. Engagement with influencers. Paid: 1. Promoted Tweets & FB posts to target audience. 2. Paid influencer outreach including Twitter Parties. 3. Promoted videos to reach people on YouTube
  12. 12. Support Social Commerce Goals 1. Implement regular cadence of promotional posts on FB and Twitter. 2. Ensure all links have proper tracking codes 3. Promote posts to target audiences. 4. Run sweepstakes and promotions to harvest emails for remarketing. 5. Coordinate with channel partners to execute retail level sweepstakes and other activations such as sponsored blogger campaigns and Twitter parties.
  13. 13. Measuring Success  Traffic from Social Channels to Simple.TV ◦ Visits ◦ CTR from Paid Social ◦ Orders  Engagement on Owned Social Channels ◦ Likes / RTs ◦ Comments / Replies  Global Social Mentions  Social Community Growth