Decade 1980s


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Decade 1980s

  1. 1. 1980’sFilm History Decade ProjectMelissa Blinkoff, Vanessa Griffith, Pierre Rousseau, JohnBrooks, Joe Walker, James Grant
  2. 2. Politics  Ronald Reagan – President from 1981-1989  Prior to being President and Governor, he was an actor.- Appeared in over 19 films First screen performance was in 1937
  3. 3. Technology- The original Apple computer:- Macintosh 128k- Designed to create high quality graphics.
  4. 4. Technology continued..“The Graphics Group”- Started out as 1/3rd of the Computer Division of Lucasfilm in 1979.- About 45 researchers developed the foundations of CGI.- In 1982 they began working with Industrial Light & Magic- In 1986 Steve Jobs purchased the group for 5 Million Dollars & started Pixar.
  5. 5. Prominent Event In September 1985, explorer Robert Ballard found the Titanic after 8 years of searching- The 1985 discovery of the Titanic was photographed & documented by National Geographic
  6. 6. Economy and Business Films with cinematic plots were easily marketable and understandable. films in the 80s were less experimental and original, but more formulaic, although there was a burst of films eager to capitalize on new special effects techniques. The average ticket price at the beginning of the decade was about $3, and over $4 by the end of the decade, while the average film budget was over $18 million.
  7. 7. Economy and Business continued.. Big Business Entertainment: Big business increasingly took control of the movies and the way was opened for the foreign (mostly Japanese) ownership of Hollywood properties. To save money, many more films were being made in non-US locations by mid-decade. A number of the studios were taken over by multi-national conglomerates
  8. 8. Economy and Business continued.. 20th (or Twentieth) Century Fox was taken over by oil tycoon Marvin Davis in 1981 and then entered into a 50% shared ownership with Australian publisher Robert Murdoch in 1985, becoming part of Fox, Inc. Columbia Pictures was purchased by the Coca-Cola Company in 1982 Walt Disney Productions remained as one of the few studio-era survivors, with Michael Eisner as chairman and CEO beginning in 1984 Warner Communications merged with Time, Inc
  9. 9. Art and Literature After the innovations of the 70s, films in the 80s were less experimental and original, but more formulaic, although there was a burst of films eager to capitalize on new special effects (CGI) techniques Many science fiction movies in the 80s were great success: There many creative movies made during that time Computer animation played a great role in helping science fiction movies for special effects
  10. 10. Art and Literature continued.. Spielbergs and George Lucas names have often been associated with the term "blockbuster" during the 1980s Spielbergs and George Lucas’ film: The Empire Strikes Back (1980) Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) Return of the Jedi (1983) E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (1982) Back to the Future (1985) Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983)
  11. 11. Global and International The 80’s started with the search for the next “blockbuster” film. Film trends from the 70’s extended into the 80’s. Films of the 80’s wanted to capitalize on the technical advances of the 70’s. Production costs soared while ticket prices declined, which frightened the industry
  12. 12. Global and International continued.. One of the highest rated films of all time came at the turn of the decade. Star Wars: Episode V- The Empire Strikes Back Budget: $18,000,000 (Estimated) Opening Weekend: $6,415,804 (USA) US Box Office sales to date: $290,475,067 Worldwide Box Office sales to date: $538,375,067 American films are more popular in foreign countries than foreign films are popular in the US. For example Star Wars Episode V made almost $250million worldwide This has a lot to do with the large social influence America has on many foreign countries
  13. 13. Laws and Regulations In the US, the PG-13 rating was introduced in 1984, to accommodate films that straddled the line between PG and R. FILMS ACT of 1985
An Act to repeal the Films Acts 1960 to 1980; to make further provision with respect to the financing of films; and for connected purposes. This Act pulled together by legislation to spread through a number of Acts concerning cinema licensing, including compliance with health and safety regulations.
  14. 14. Censorship Cannibal Holocaust 1980-84 Italian film banned in several countries  Singapore, Norway, Morocco, Ireland, Iceland, Greece, Sw eden, Sri Lanka, Turkey, South Africa, New Zealand, Italy  Banned because of extreme violence and animal cruelty  South Africa: Given XX rating so it couldn’t be sold in the country; it’s now rated 18 for a cut version  Uncut version is still banned
  15. 15. Censorship continued.. The Last Temptation of Christ 1988 Martin Scorsese Banned in Israel because it could offend Christian believers in the Holy Land.
  16. 16. Other films were banned mostly due toviolence, gore, and religious themes
  17. 17. Important IndividualsProducer Don Simpson  Credited with the creation of the high-concept picture of the Modern Hollywood Blockbuster  Most popular film format in the 1980s
  18. 18. Important Individuals, cont.Director John Huges  Brat Pack films  Teen-oriented films  The Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink, Sixteen Candles
  19. 19. Important Individuals, cont. A few more… Arnold Schwarzenegger Bruce Willis Eddie Murphy Mel Gibson Sylvester Stallone
  20. 20. Important CorporationsUnited Artists 1981  Bought & merged with MGM to form MGM/UA  Film literature was bought by Ted Turner in 1986 Twentieth Century Fox became part of Fox, Inc. Renamed Fox Film Corporation in 1989 and then became Fox
  21. 21. Important Corporations, contWalt Disney Productions  Set up Touchstone Pictures in 1984  Made feature films that appealed to adult audiences  Pretty Woman (1990)
  22. 22. Fashion TrendsNeon color and MC Hammer pantsShoulder pads and leg warmers
  23. 23. Pop Culture continued.. In August of 81’ the birth of MTV Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” became the largest selling record ever In 1983 the compact disc are released Run DMC became the first rap group ever to go certified gold The Nintendo gaming system is introduced in 85’ AIDS was discovered
  24. 24. • These were some of the most popular movies of the 80’s• Movies like this influenced fashion, attitude, and swag of the 80’s
  25. 25. Demographics The U.s Census Bureau determined the population had increased 11.4 percent from the previous decade.