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Influencing in the new health system workshop for community groups


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A workshop presentation for community groups on engaging effectively with the new health system. Includes links to films and videos/html models

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Influencing in the new health system workshop for community groups

  1. 1. www.hertsdirect.orgGetting involved in the new health and caresystemThe nuts and bolts for communityagenciesJim McManusDirector of Public Health
  2. 2. www.hertsdirect.orgThe top tips1. Understand why you want to get involved inthe new system1. Do you want to provide services and get funding?2. Do you want to achieve a policy position or change?2. Understand the system and get a mentor orbuddy or guide3. Build and work through relationships4. Identify what value/benefit/capability you bringto the table5. Do your research on who you work with
  3. 3. www.hertsdirect.orgTalking you through the new system• Interactive html version here•
  4. 4. www.hertsdirect.orgImportance of HealthwatchHealthwatch - What we do• We make sure that the overall views andexperiences of people who use health andsocial care services are heard and takenseriously at a local and national level.
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  6. 6. www.hertsdirect.orgThe new system – who should you go to?Health and Wellbeing Board1. Clinical CommissioningGroups2. NHS England3. Director of Public Health4. Adult Social Care5. Childrens Services6. HealthwatchAll of them on Health andWellbeing BoardBrings all partners togetherwith local strategy1. Commission most healthservices2. Commission primary careand specialist services3. Commissions services, leadson JSNA,4. Commissions adult socialcare5. Commissioning child care6. Advocacy, Monitoring, Voice
  7. 7. www.hertsdirect.orgThe JSNA and getting it to work for you
  8. 8. www.hertsdirect.orgHealth and Wellbeing Boards• Requirements ofHWBB – JSNA,Prioritisation,Strategy, Delivery,Integration• Evidence,Interventions, Culturaland BehaviouralCompetences,Attitude to Delivery
  9. 9. www.hertsdirect.orgThe Herts Health and Wellbeing BoardFunctions of Health and Wellbeing BoardsThe aim of the board is to make health and social care planning anddecision making everyone’s business. Its aims include:• Development, interpretation and use of the Joint Strategic NeedsAssessment (JSNA) to shape commissioning and spending plans• Development and agreement of a health and wellbeing strategy• Consideration of commissioning plans for health and social care• Agreement of joint commissioning plans and oversight ofperformance against outcomes
  10. 10. www.hertsdirect.orgThe Herts HWB Strategy Herts Healthwatch• Herts Health andWellbeing StrategyVideo•• Herts HealthwatchLaunch Video•
  11. 11. www.hertsdirect.orgWhat is the JSNA• Statement of health and social care needs• “What are our problems, what are we not doing?What do we not know enough about?”• Suggestion of priorities• Part of the roadmap from need to services• Supports prioritisation of investment• New guidance•
  12. 12. www.hertsdirect.orgTwo resources for community agencies on usingand influencing the JSNA• Royal Society of Public Health guide•• The Voluntary Organisations Disability Group quick guide•• A case study – the JSNA and the Irish communities in Britain
  13. 13. www.hertsdirect.orgThe Golden ThreadMarmotJSNACCG PlansPrioritiesStrategyCommissioningOutcomes(NewOutcomesFrameworks)Need, Outcomes Priorities, Interventions
  14. 14. www.hertsdirect.orgKey Documents• Local Govt and Public Involvement in Health Act• JSNA Guidance 2008• Health and Social Care Act 2012 and associatedpapers• Draft guidance 2012 – copy on memory stick• JSNA Toolkit 2011 – copy on memory stick• JSNA Data Inventory 2011 – copy on memorystick
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  18. 18. www.hertsdirect.orgCommissioning RoadmapIdentifyPrioritiesWhat Worksin deliveryCommissionMonitor andEvaluateAssessNeedJSNAHealth &Wellbeing StrategyCommissioningPlans
  19. 19. www.hertsdirect.orgData Inventory (LGID)• Domain one: Population• Domain two: Social and place wellbeing• Domain three: Lifestyles and healthimprovement• Domain four: Health and wellbeing status• Domain five: Service utilisation• Domain six: Priorities for action
  20. 20. www.hertsdirect.orgCase Study – Bristol and RNIB• the Royal National Institute of the Blind (RNIB) presented newevidence to suggest significant increases in Bristol’s blind andpartially sighted population.• Local Authority held details of registered• suspected that those with sight loss are significantly undercountedbecause of stigma the lack of a single trigger or referral system to theregister.• Other data supported the growth cited in the national research,including local outpatient /admission rates.• RNIB gave epidemiological evidence on prevalence and the mostcost effective interventions for reducing blindness. RNIB believe theimproved section supported case for the new patient support servicein Bristol eye hospital.• For further information contact –
  21. 21. www.hertsdirect.orgThe Challenge for Third Sector and CommunitySectors• Seen as a junior partner• They’re not sure what you have to offer• Are you sure what you have to offer?• Health inequalities?• Access?• Engagement?• Enforcement?• Ignored within the wider politics• Caught up in the maelstrom of change
  22. 22. www.hertsdirect.orgThe Tacticsyou are not on a level playing field• Analyse the Stakeholders and their Fora• Understand their priorities• Be clear on your Capabilities• Identify your Contributions• Link it to their frameworks• Be solution focused• Exploit the trade off – you need to understand the evidence etcworld. Public health and CCGs need to understand communitysectors and voices
  23. 23. www.hertsdirect.orgDistributed leadership =• Managing service?• Corporate roles?• Art and Science• Technical Domainsof Skill• Personal Resilience• Influencing, Negotiation,Persuasion, Orchestration,• Style• Emotional Intelligence• Strategic Vision andPrioritising• JSNA into reality• Challenges nestedacross systemShaping andSense-MakingRelational andInterpersonalTransactional(lot of noise onthis so far)IntegrationalandSystematisation
  24. 24. www.hertsdirect.orgAdult Social Care Outcomes Framework1. Enhancing quality of life for people with careand support needs2. Delaying and reducing the need for care andsupport3. Ensuring that people have a positiveexperience of care and support4. Safeguarding adults whose circumstances
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  27. 27. www.hertsdirect.orgClinical Commissioning Groups• Helping them understand and link with localauthorities• Help them understand their population –CCG Profiles, Local Plans, JSNA,• Helping them achieve authorisation• NHS Outcomes framework