Hertfordshire programme management approach to public health


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This presentation has been used with public health staff and with a learning set of public sector leaders.

We are embedding project management across our public health service as a way of getting to implementation.

It to seeks to explain how we use project management while maintaining strong science. It seeks to explain why it's important for public health to keep and use scientific, analytical, evidence, commissioning and project skills all together in the journey to improving population health.

It discusses the "four engines" model of analysis/intelligence, public health science and evidence, commissioning and project management. It illustrates why consultants, specialists, PH practitioners, analysts commissioners and project managers all need to be skilled.


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Hertfordshire programme management approach to public health

  1. 1. Hertfordshire Programme Delivery Approach to Public Health Embedding programme management in public health delivery in Hertfordshire Jim McManus Director of Public Health October 2013 www.hertsdirect.org
  2. 2. About this presentation • This presentation outlines how we are building mechanisms for programme management approaches and a culture of programme management in Herts County Council • We are building a culture of project management across our Directorate so we get implementation quicker, better and more consistent • This means culture change, skills development and a new approach to workforce www.hertsdirect.org
  3. 3. Note... • This does not mean we use or train everyone in PRINCE, it means we use a common project management approach and set of frameworks and tools which are fit for purpose for what we are doing, so a small project uses a lighter touch set and a bigger project uses more • Every public health project defines its scope, implementation and outcomes both scientifically and in project terms www.hertsdirect.org
  4. 4. So • Our obesity programme will seek to achieve a halt in rise of reduction of obesity and hit the public health outcomes framework • In programme terms it is a programme of projects which have timescales, outcomes and deliverables and people accountable for delivering them www.hertsdirect.org
  5. 5. Art and Science • Public Health is the art and science of the organized efforts of society to improve and protect the health of our residents. • The science is what we need to do. Intelligence, effectiveness, etc. Very important • The art is how we get things done – project management, commissioning, leadership, influencing. The art is no less complex, no less important and no less skilled than the science www.hertsdirect.org
  6. 6. So how do we do this? • Good strong “science” • Good strong “art” • Working together • People who specialise in “science” can understand the “art” and vice versa • People certified, qualified, trained, developing • Both types work together • A framework for doing this across the Directorate www.hertsdirect.org
  7. 7. Why • New responsibilities in County Council and new Public Health Strategy. We will not deliver this without everyone working together effectively • Good implementation is crucial to our success • New Public Health Strategy • Need to commission and deliver programmes quickly • Need robust delivery • Need a culture for and mechanisms of turning ideas into reality www.hertsdirect.org
  8. 8. Our Public Health Strategy at a glance OUR PURPOSE to work together to improve the health and wellbeing of the people of Hertfordshire, based on best practice and best evidence OUR VISION: A Healthy, Happy Hertfordshire: everyone in Hertfordshire is born healthy, and lives full, healthy and happy lives. We compare well with England and every area in Hertfordshire compares well against Hertfordshire The Public Health Outcomes Framework (the national PHOF will Help us measure Our success) WHAT WE WILL ACHIEVE WORKING FOR AND WITH OUT POPULATION (our strategic priorities: what we achieve for our County) Priority 1: Our Populatio n lives Longer, H ealthier Lives Building Strong Blocks Leadership For the Public Health Family Priority 2: Our Population Starts Life Healthy and Stays Healthy Capable, Skille d People www.hertsdirect.org Priority 3: We narrow the gap in life expectancy and health between most and least healthy Co-production with citizens Priority 4: We protect our communities from harm (chemical, biolo gical, radiologic al and environmental) Effective Partnerships HOW WE WILL WORK TOGETHER (our strategic priorities: how we do it for our County) Priority 5: We understand what’s needed and we do what works Evidence and Knowledge Driven Priority 6: We make public health everybody’s business and work together Plan and Deliver for Localism Making better use of behavioural sciences at individual, interpersonal, community and service levels Whole System Approaches
  9. 9. We are using the strategy pyramid for all our business. Project management approaches fit Why do we within this Exist ? Mission: { Values, what’s important to us ? Miss ? Whyio Vision: Where we want n to get to Where/What do we want to be? How we want to get there? Strategy: How we want to get to the vision Implementation Plans : What we need to do in each area of the business and for each topic Individual Plans: My personal objectives and must dos www.hertsdirect.org What we need to do! What I need to do!
  10. 10. Conceptual Principles – what’s important to us • Strong public health science – intelligence, needs analysis, identifying what works • Strong public health art – project management, commissioning, contracting • Delivery of public health at scale and pace to improve population health • This is embodied in our new public health delivery model www.hertsdirect.org
  11. 11. A key point about our delivery model • If it doesn’t benefit our residents, why are we doing it? • If we do this right, we will get better delivery, better value and better outcomes – we’ve already seen this in Obesity and Health checks – our first stabs at making this model work www.hertsdirect.org
  12. 12. www.hertsdirect.org
  13. 13. Some points • Understand what’s needed – science and community intelligence working together • Identify what works – science and citizen codesigning solution • Good implementation – co-production project management, commissioning www.hertsdirect.org
  14. 14. A Commissioning Cycle 2. Identify and Prioritise Candidate Interventions 4b Get Others to Commission 1.Assess Population Need 4a Commission 5. Evaluate www.hertsdirect.org 3. Whose Lead?
  15. 15. A Commissioning Cycle with Project Management Project Management Will Assess Population Need www.hertsdirect.org 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Identify timescales Identify data inputs Identify deliverables State leads Clarify Resources Make clear products Make clear what we will get
  16. 16. A Commissioning Cycle with Project Management Identify and Prioritise Candidate Interventions www.hertsdirect.org Project Management Will 1. State what is to be done during the piece of work 2. State what we will have at end of it 3. Timescales 4. Resources needed to identify interventions 5. State what we will not do
  17. 17. A Commissioning Cycle with Project Management Project Management Will 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. What is being commissioned When By whom How Products at end What is not in scope www.hertsdirect.org Commission
  18. 18. A Commissioning Cycle with Project Management Project Management Will 1. Identify what evaluation will and will not deliver 2. State timescales 3. State resources Evaluate www.hertsdirect.org
  19. 19. The Building blocks of public health delivery – the four “engines” of our public health directorate Needs Analysis and Intelligence JSNA, Needs Assessments Commissioning and Contracting Make, share or buy decision Procure, commission, manage providers www.hertsdirect.org Public Health Appraisal Common aims, Variety of skills Consultants and specialists advising on what works and on implementation Programme Management Office Four programme managers who project manage implementation
  20. 20. The different skills blocks we use Needs Analysis and Intelligence Analysts, PH scientist roles who have project management training Commissioning and Contracting Commissioners (all qualified to degree level in commissioning) who have project management training www.hertsdirect.org Public Health Appraisal Leadership and influencing Skills Consultants, Specialists, PH Practitioners (all registered) who have project management training Programme Management Office Certified project managers who also get trained in public health
  21. 21. This means • We want strong, skilled public health scientists (analysts, consultants, specialists, practitioners) who are registered in their fields and have leadership skills and project management skills • We want strong commissioners who are skilled in commissioning and contracting etc and they have a knowledge of public health and they have project management skills • We want strong project managers skilled and certified in project management and they develop public health skills and training www.hertsdirect.org
  22. 22. This means every has a primary Competencey Suite and supporting competencey suites Needs Analysis and Intelligence Primary: Analysis, Science, Leadership Supporting: Project Mgt Commissioning and Contracting Public Health Appraisal •Matrix working •Leading, Learni ng and Managing self, others and resources Primary: Commissioning, Influencing, Proje ct Mgt Supporting: PH Science www.hertsdirect.org Primary: PH Science, PH Leadership, (PH Art) Supporting: Project Mgt Programme Management Office Primary: Project Mgt, Influencing,Delivery Supporting: PH Science
  23. 23. The Building blocks of public health delivery – the four “engines” and the mechanisms for delivery Needs Analysis and Intelligence JSNA, Needs Assessments Public Health Appraisal Public Health Commissioning Board Monthly Single Board Commissioning and overseeing whole Contracting programme (Individual project Make, share or buy decision meetings e.g. Procure, commission, manage obesity as needed) providers Consultants and specialists advising on what works and on implementation Programme Management Office Four programme managers who project manage implementation Performance dashboard for whole directorate (every PH Commissioning Board) Standard document suite (Project documents and tools) www.hertsdirect.org Every directorate member trained in project management using HCC approach
  24. 24. Our success so far using this framework • Strategy – written and going through programme • Commissioning – 3 year programme scoped and commissioning underway • Obesity programme – commissioning already underway • Health checks – improvement already tangible • New Projects – marketing, behavioural science, learning and training all being project managed www.hertsdirect.org