Printing and advertising Services in Calgary,Toronto


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An Advertising agency Ottawa can take care of other activities of an organization as well i.e. marketing, brand building and sales promotion.

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Printing and advertising Services in Calgary,Toronto

  1. 1. Advertising agency Toronto, Ottawa: reaching on their zenith Advertising agency is a firm which creates promotional ideas, develops marketing plans and other promotional tools for its client to persuade and manipulate the target customers. Having an effective advertising activity requires a lot of time and effort from an organization. Hence most of the organizations outsource its advertising activities to other companies. An Advertising agency Ottawa can take care of other activities of an organization as well i.e. marketing, brand building and sales promotion. Besides, major services of an advertisement agency include doing market analysis, developing media & advertisement plans and executing them. There are following categories of ad agencies:- Full service agency: It facilitates media planning, copywriting, websites design etc. Modular agency: In this, an advertiser outsources its works and tasks to different agencies according to their compatibility. In house agency: Some companies want to have a close vigil on their advertising and customize their advertisement as per requirement. Hence, they set up their own agency. Here, one can distinguish between an advertising department and in-house agency. In in-house agency, an advertiser can undertake works from some other clients, if it desires. Specialist advertising agency: Some agencies can undertake assignments in some specified area since they are expert in it. Creative boutique: some agencies do not undertake work in all the area of advertising. Rather they choose some creative and innovative areas like artwork, copywriting etc. Interactive agencies: They promote advertisements through online, mobile phones etc. Social media agencies: They adapt the method of promoting the brand through social media websites, blogs, microblogs, discussion forum etc. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firms are also recognized as ad agencies in recent times due to creation of ads and media purchases. Besides, these agencies have some functions such as account planning, marketing research, selling advertisement space, creative writing etc. Toronto is the largest city whereas Ottawa is the capital city of Canada. The cities are one of the primary business hubs in the country and provide enormous opportunities for ad agencies.
  2. 2. Advertising plays a vital role for Canadian government to inform about its policies, welfare scheme, programs, safety measure and environment. In the year 2010, operating revenues in Canada was $7 billion for advertising and other services related to it, with a rise of 2.2% from the previous year. A total of 58.7% of the revenue generated was contributed by Ontario province in which the cities of Toronto and Ottawa are situated. Recently, some of the major advertising industry trade associations in the country declared a framework for industrial self regulation in respect to Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA). Besides, several other measures are adopted by government from time to time to keep up the momentum of the industry. Hence advertising agencies in Ottawa and Toronto is consistently growing through adaptation of innovation and latest technology. Printing Services in Calgary and Toronto: A Perfect Advertising Way Printing is a process of producing texts and images using ink and paper through printing press and other technology. Printing services are used from personal to industrial need. The development of printing has made it possible for us to gather more information and ideas. The printing services includes manufacturing of various products namely Brochures, Sales Sheets, Flyers, Catalogues, Annual Reports, Postcards, Posters, Mini-Book Cards, Business Cards, Stationary, Letterhead, Envelopes, Calendars, Booklets, CD/DVD Booklets, Labels, Business Forms, Wide Format, Colour Copies, B&W Copies, Large Format, Signs, Vinyl Banners, Corrugate Displays, Tent Cards, Danglers, Presentation Folders, newspapers etc. Most of us go through these printing materials on daily basis whether it is in form of a newspaper, magazine, diaries, debit cards or poster of a film. Thus Printing Services Calgary has a vital role in our life. Canada is one of the most recognized and advance country in print industry. The industry accounts for almost 8% of all manufacturing industry. Over 60,000 of people are employed in more than 6000 of print establishments in the country. Calgary and Toronto are the first and fifth largest metropolitan city in the country and part of Alberta and Ontario province respectively. The print services in the region are widely innovative and competitive. Alberta contributed 1.32% of the total print industry output whereas Ontario contribution stands high at 57% of the total print industry output of the nation. The government also has a policy to promote print in customers and prospective customers.
  3. 3. Canada has 6 major types of printing which includes Lithographic, Flexographic, Gravure, Letterpress, Screen and Digital. Despite placing an ink or coating onto a surface, each of them are unique in their respective technology. Lithographic printing technique is based on not mixing of water and oil to control ink application. It is used for high quality jobs such as magazines, catalogues and art reproduction. Flexographic printing uses a flexible printing plate with a raised image to place ink onto a substrate. It is often used to making levels, wrappers, plastic bags, cardboard packing etc. Gravure printing: It is used mainly in mettle printing such as cylinders, steel rollers etc. Letterpress is mainly used in printing of books, business cards and broachers. Screen printing is used to produce a diverse set of products such as clothing, billboards and art books. Digital printing is a process which allows printing directly from a digital file to a toner or ink- based printer. It is cost effective and high in quality. Thus, printing is very important because it caused knowledge to be spread among various section of society instead of keeping it confined to the few. And no doubt print services in Calgary, Toronto is matching with the global benchmark and still moving forward. For more information visit @