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A sample digital marketing strategy doc for a small business bowling alley. Developing a distinct e-marketing or digital marketing plan, that is separate from a conventional marketing plan, is important for a company if they wish to effectively achieve success from their digital marketing activities (Chaffey et al. 2009).

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Digital Marketing Strategy for Small Consumer Business

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Strategy Lecturer Dr. Theo Lynn Module Next Generation Management 2012 StudentsPatrick Greene
  2. 2. Shannon RusheJames DellingerStephanie Mc GreehanExecutive is a children’s soft play and ten pin bowling venue in Mullingar, Co.Westmeath. The aim off this paper is to highlight the benefits off digital marketing for thiscompany. According to Smith (2009), results online are dominated by user content andopinion, it is a user driven technology. Keeping this in mind the importance of Rock ‘n’Bowl’s presence online is crucial for them in attracting potential customers. Our goal was togenerate greater awareness of and/or create new business by increasingbookings for each off the activities offered. The following will draft the main features of thereport and how we suggest Rock ‘n’ Bowl progress for the future.Firstly, the target audience which were set; adults with young children looking for activitiesfor entertainment, be it parents, teacher. Adults themselves looking for an entertainmentvenue, to host corporate events or simply enjoy good food and bar services. The last targetgroup are teenagers who require a venue to meet with their friends, this target audience wouldbe the most likely to be using social media and likely to come back as they would be livingwithin the vicinity.Various analyses were conducted such as a listening audit, market and competitor analysis.This allowed us a look at the industry, what is out their already and peoples perception offRocknBowl at this point. The listening audit was carried out from April 28th to May 5Th 2012it gave us insight into what people were saying about RocknBowl on such sites like Facebookand Twitter. The market analysis resulted in us discovering that Rock ‘n’ Bowl are within aseasonal market, their peak season is in the winter were their facilities are availed off for
  3. 3. corporate events around Christmas for example. With the current economic climate also theyhave been affected, this would suggest offering off deals or discounts. The competitors alsohold a threat for Rock ‘n’ Bowl. Local cinemas and another venue similar to this inTullamore create competition for Rock ‘n’ Bowl. Currently Jumpin Jack’s is higher rankedthan Rock ‘n’Bowl within search engines on some generic searches but as Jumpin Jack’sdon’t have any other presence online, there is opporutnity Rock ‘n’ Bowl to maximise onthat.To outline our objectives we have used Chaffey and Smith’s (2008, cited in Chaffey et al.2009) Model of e-communication (see Appendix 2.0). They are as follows; CustomerAcquisition, Growth, Improvement of organic growth and conversion. These objectives willfollow this model and will further improve Rock ‘n’ Bowl’s growth prospects in the short andlong term.Now to mention our operational plan, this suggests six tactics, which could be implementedto again improve RocknBowl’s online presence. 1. Search Marketing – this involves SEO and improving the sites visibility within search engines. 2. Online PR – online services are usually cheaper than traditional operators. 3. Online Partnership – for example link building which finds relationships between other WebPages and in what ways. 4. Interactive Ads – this is just advertising via display or banner ads, Microsoft provide this for example in their hotmail account service. 5. Opt in emails – this would allow you to continue to market to previous customers and possibly generate repeat business. 6. Social Media Marketing – this is engaging online through sites like Facebook or YouTube. This is a cheap and easy option for RocknBowl to communicate with their audience.Whilst Rock ‘n’ Bowl’s main challenge is attracting new and repeat customers we suggeststrongly that they take into consideration the content included within this report. Fromconducting the AdWords campaign it was evident that once you put the effort into your
  4. 4. online content then traffic will begin to visit your site and through that creating impressions.“50% of small business owners reported gaining new customers through social media – mostnotably through Facebook and LinkedIn” (Mershon, 2011).The above figure further highlights the potential of Rock ‘n’ Bowl’s presence online. AcknowledgementsWe would like to thank all who contributed to the Digital Marketing Learning, especially ourlecturer Dr. Theo Lynn and his team for his diligent structuring of our Techspectationseminars, workshops and conferences. Every conference & workshop was very beneficialand she created an enjoyable platform for enhancing out innovation, entrepreneurial andcreative skills.We would like to thank our point of contact for this project Laura Farrell. We appreciated thetime Laura took out of her busy schedule to give us her information on Rock’n’Bowl.Thirdly we would like to thank all the guest speakers in particular Nicola Byrne, CarolineCasey and Andrew Jenkinson for using inspiring presentations to grab our attention withinsightful stories of digital marketing success storiesIt was clear to us that a lot of time and effort was put in and we hope that both of you aresomewhat pleased on the conclusion of the course for class of 2012.Thank you all very much,Patrick, Shannon, Stephanie and James
  5. 5. Table of ContentsSituation Introduction.....................................................................................................................................6Situation Analysis: Customer Insights…………………………………………………………………………………………7 Listening Audit......................……………………………………………...........................................8 Analysis of existing Digital presence.........................………………………………………..12Market Analysis: Irish Market………………………………………………………………………………………………15 Competitor Audit................................……………………………………………………………...16 PESTEL……………………………………………………………………………………………….......16 Marketing Mix…………………………………………………………………………………….........17 SWOT Analysis…………………………………………………………………………………………...19Objectives Digital Marketing Objectives.................................................................................................21StrategyMarket Strategy: Marketing Mix…………………………………………………………………………………… Targeting and Segmentation……………………………………………………………… Positioning………………………………………………………………………………………….Operational Plan: Tactics, Actions, Controls Tactics………………………………………………………………………………… Action................................................................................................................. Controls..............................................................................................................
  6. 6. Situation Introduction Developing a distinct e-marketing or digital marketing plan, that is separate from a conventional marketing plan, is important for a company if they wish to effectively achieve success from their digital marketing activities (Chaffey et al. 2009). We have employed Chaffey and Smith’s (2008, cited in Chaffey et al. (29009, pp. 211)) Sostac model in our digital marketing plan, to cover analysis for the client of the current Situation, from where we will outline Objectives, Strategy, Tactics, Action and Control. Chaffey (2011) mentions that most organizations focus on analysis, but do not give enough effort to strategy, so this plan focuses on robust recommendations and how they will be implemented. Rock ‘n’ Bowl activity centre was established in 2009. Situated 10 minutes outside Mullingar town centre, it incorporates a bowling alley, Jungle Joe’s kids soft play area, kids go karts, kids party rooms, laser tag game, pool tables, bar, and cafe. Rock ‘n’ Bowl employs two managers and 15-20 part time staff; JP O’Brien is the General Manager and there is also another Deputy Full-Time Manager. The venue’s website was created by Halo Studio but local web designer Ray Carolan now manages the content. JP created and adds content to the Rock ‘n’ Bowl Facebook page, and he also is active on personal Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. As part of our recent GOMCHA project a Google+ profile was also established for Rock ‘n’ Bowl just two weeks ago. The unique selling points of Rock ‘n’ Bowl are ‘clean, new and modern’, ‘wide variety of activities available’ and ‘ability to cater for kids and adult entertainment’ .But we have noted that these USPs are not thoroughly communicated in Rock‘n’Bowl’s online presence. At the moment the website is updated regularly (3-4 weeks) and the Facebook page updated consistently (everyday). We feel that the website updates are adequate considering the website usage is more an information source for customers. However the social media accounts need to be updated consistently everyday at the same time range (if possible). At the moment ‘Jungle Joe’s’ and kids parties generate the most profit. The owners are concerned that the bowling facilities are not being used enough and have introduced numerous package deals to make it more popular (This mainly what is updated on website). Business is seasonal, with peaks in winter and spring and a severe drop off in the summer. Digital Marketing Strategy 2012 Page 7 | 2012
  7. 7. Situation The client did not want to provide us with turnover or projections. Customer Insights Primary Target: Adults interested in finding entertainment for young children: Parents, Guardians, Teachers, and Summer Camp Coordinators.This audience is typically aged 18-50. They want the facilities and staff of Rock ‘n’ Bowl to entertain children successfully in a safe and clean environment. They are also interested in café/bar facilities and lounge/seating area so that they can be within close range and observe the children in their care, potentially interact with them and relax themselves in the knowledge that the children are happy and safe. Group bookings will be seeking value and safety. Parents and Guardians will also be seeking value in order and incentives to encourage repeat visits, the facilities and level of entertainment will also be important to them or else they and potentially the children, will not be interested in coming again. Deals and the quality of the venue need to be communicated clearly; quick responses to queries and displaying activity online will communicate a venue and management that is responsive and responsible. Secondary Target: Adults interested in entertainment for themselves: Adults of any age, HR Managers or Events Coordinators for Corporate Groups. This audience will mostly be ad hoc as adults do not habitually visit leisure entertainment venues such as Rock ‘n’ Bowl. This target wants to know that the facilities are adequate for their entertainment and will be interested in how modern the facilities are, perhaps what the ambience of the venue is like and certainly what bar/food services are available. This is where a short video showing off facilities would be informative to potential customers. They are interested in having a good night out, and will most likely only visit at night time. There is potential for Rock ‘n’ Bowl to establish or encourage existing bowling clubs to compete at Rock ‘n’ Bowl on a regular basis. This target has money to spend and will need to access relevant information quickly and will need rapid responses to any queries. Digital Marketing Strategy 2012 Page 7 | 2012
  8. 8. Situation Tertiary Target: Teenagers interested in entertainment for themselves.Teenagers are looking for a comfortable place to send time with friends to use the entertainment facilities and the café. As most teenagers visiting the venue will be from the surrounding locality, they will be aware of the venue already and may have visited Rock ‘n’ Bowl as a child. However, they are also interested in the appeal of the venue as they may feel as though they are growing out of it, so ensuring that events and new developments and deals are communicated online and maintaining engagement via social media is important for this target. Teenagers are also interested in value, so special deals, and midweek deals in particular, will need to be communicated effectively to boost midweek visits from this localised target. Since teenagers would be very active on social networks, updating our status’s with funny, relevant content (trending stories, Memes, latest of viral videos) would appeal to the teenagers and give Rock’n’Bowl the image of being “cool”. LISTENING AUDIT We conducted a seven-day listening audit for Rock ‘n’ Bowl, beginning April 28th to May 5th 2012 to establish what customers and other stakeholders were saying about Rock ‘n’ Bowl. There was some activity on social media (Facebook and Twitter) examined below. Social media provides the greatest opportunity for customer engagement. However, there was a lot more as well as via Rock ‘n’ Bowl’s own social media profiles, there are many other channels through which Rock ‘n’ Bowl can engage with customers and stakeholder: online media, review sites, forums, and specifically parenting forums. Rock ‘n’ Bowl supports a number of local initiatives such as the Mullingar Town Band and the recent Midland Triathlon (featured this week on Facebook and Twitter). These initiatives would benefit from Rock ‘n’ Bowl’s support online and in return would highlight Rock ‘n’ Bowl’s community engagement. Digital Marketing Strategy 2012 Page 7 | 2012
  9. 9. Situation 7-day Listening Audit Rock ‘n’ Bowl Mullingar faces a competition via Twitter as another profile using the name @rock_n_bowl has a significant Twitter presence already: However, we did pick up on this tweet mentioning Rock ‘n’ Bowl Mullingar. With no Twitter profile or monitoring of Twitter, these positive acknowledgements cannot be highlighted. This shows there is a need for a Twitter account. There was six ‘likes on the photo album of birthday cakes, and a number of ‘likes’ from Laura Farrell and Denise Bardon on specific photos. The post below from Fighting-Cancer Triathlon was the only external post to the Facebook page during the week. Given that Rock ‘n’ Bowl supported this event, there was an opportunity to highlight that support and respond to the triathlon’s proactive communication. Digital Marketing Strategy 2012 Page 7 | 2012
  10. 10. Situation Analysis of existing Digital presence Online Media A ‘Westmeath Examiner’ article mentioning Rock ‘n’ Bowl in a local initiate appeared in last week’s edition of the local newspaper: galore-in-mullingar/ Previous articles from other sources also appear online, such as some content garnered when the venue opened. Rock ‘n’ Bowl should be highlighting this free publicity via their social media channels. It would be recommended that Rock’n’Bowl feature some of these articles on their websites this would increase external link, which would benefit for SEO. Online reviews Tripadvisor: Rock ‘n’ Bowl has just six reviews to date on Tripadvisor. Their rank at #4 of 7 attractions in Mullingar could be improved upon. Perhaps, some successful parties/customers Digital Marketing Strategy 2012 Page 7 | 2012
  11. 11. Situation could be encouraged to add reviews. Venues that deal with the general public will always get negative reviews, so it is important to ensure that positive reviews are added regularly. Digital Marketing Strategy 2012 Page 7 | 2012
  12. 12. Situation There is just one review on from last year. Parenting Forums This post below is from, and garnered positive responses. There are a number of parenting forums online and groups within Facebook (such as Mummy Pages) and Twitter (such as @mummymaps) that Rock ‘n’ Bowl could be monitoring and responding to. We have noted that competitors Jumpin Jacks are using Parenting Forums regulary. General Forums Digital Marketing Strategy 2012 Page 7 | 2012
  13. 13. Situation This query appeared on and received a couple of responses. This is one other discussion re: between adults who were interested in the bar facilities but didn’t have enough information on prices ... etc. This provided an opportunity for Rock ‘n’ Bowl to encourage adults to use the venue at nighttimes. The Market Digital Marketing Strategy 2012 Page 7 | 2012
  14. 14. Situation Business is seasonal, with peaks in winter and spring and a severe drop off in the summer. Rock ‘n’ Bowl’s customers are mostly from the local area, within a 20-minute drive. Ireland’s midlands now have a diverse population consisting of different nationalities and demographics (town, countryside). Typical customers are school tours, birthday parties, corporate events, Easter and summer camps, and local population. There are 26 primary schools in Mullingar, so there is great potential for engagement with these facilities. As a leisure venue, business is focused on the weekends and Saturday and Sunday are the busiest days. Rock ‘n’ Bowl can cater for four parties at a time and up to 22 parties in a day, but 15 parties is average for a very busy day (one staff member per party). The industry is not saturated but leisure and activity venues such as this struggle to bring in customers during the week. Leisure venues such as these are a novelty and many people visit once off, so Rock ‘n’ Bowl’s key challenge is to encourage repeat business and midweek visits. Competitors Rock ‘n’ Bowl’s main competition in Mullingar comes from entertainment venues such as cinemas, paintballing and other local attractions. The nearest similar venue is Jumpin Jacks in Tullamore and is Rock ‘n’ Bowl’s main competition in the region. Many of the cinemas are part of a franchise and therefore their websites are impressive, e.g. IMC Mullingar has comedy Podcast from Nob Nation and they also offer a mobile app. Rock ‘n’ Bowl has a number of partnenerships with local attractions to encourage people to visit more than one site, such as Rock ‘n’ Bowl’s main rival is Jumpin Jacks- located in Tullamore, roughly 35km away. The site does not have an online booking facility and design is limited. Jumpin Jacks does have Facebook page but it is not active and there is no link to this on the core site. In organic search, Jumpin Jacks listed 2nd on Page 1 results for ‘Bowling Ireland Midlands’, which Rock ‘n’ Bowl needs to challenge. It also has many incoming links from online directories and tourism sites. Jumpin Jack has a fun and friendly website that has a webpage with information about fundraising, aswell as that they advertise exclusive products on Digital Marketing Strategy 2012 Page 7 | 2012
  15. 15. Situation sale.have their own website but advertise on platforms such as and,, Industry Analysis - PESTEL Political – Rock ‘n’ Bowl could initiate more involvement with Westmeath County Council (WCC); maybe try to be more prominently featured on the WCC site or get involved with local county initiatives that could be promoted online. Economic – There are significant economic constraints on all target segments for the venue at the moment. The value that the venue can provide should be communicated; perhaps special deals purchased only online could be made available. Sociological – It is important that Rock ‘n’ Bowl makes every effort to try to appeal to their targets at every stage, and the transitions in between: children to teenagers and teenagers to adults. Technological – The venue must remain current in terms of the video games that it provides and the technology used for laser tag and the bowling facility. Environmental – Rock ‘n’ Bowl does rely on electricity to power its services. Westmeath County Council has a number of environmental initiatives. Perhaps Rock ‘n’ Bowl could consider some schools competitions or involvement with WCC to increase community engagement. Legal – There are legal considerations to keep in mind regarding use of images and video as children are the main users of the facilities. Rock ‘n’ Bowl currently ensures that all images used are permissible. Marketing Mix Product Online channels are used to promote the offline facilities. No products/services are sold online, and a number of the facilities, such as the bar, are not promoted online Price Special deals advertised on the site – should be communicated via other channels Digital Marketing Strategy 2012 Page 7 | 2012
  16. 16. Situation Place Website, Facebook and Google+ profiles – Need to also consider strategy for monitoring forums, other social media platforms, online news content, review websites and any other channels Promotion No online advertising, recent Google Ad words campaign was successful in raising awareness People General Manager JP adds content but Rock ‘n’ Bowl could leverage its staff and customers to a greater degree Process Site managed offsite and content added by a third party. JP edits social media content, social media and forum discussions are not always responded to Key Partnerships Current partnerships are in place with Belvedere House and Farm Safari Park (although no link of Farm safari park site to Rock ‘n’ Bowl). These promotions need to be promoted elsewhere (just limited presence e.g. There is also an existing relationship with the local paintball venue. Again, opportunities to have more cohesive communications around these special offers, which would make it easier for target audiences to get information about the venues and deals. Incoming Links: Rock ‘n’ Bowl has incoming links from,,, and (local area guide) among others. Rock ‘n’ Bowl is featured on the Belvedere House site, but not on Farm Safari Park’s. The Local Chamber of Commerce Digital Marketing Strategy 2012 Page 7 | 2012
  17. 17. Situation promotes the venue on their site, and Rock ‘n’ Bowl receives a great deal of support from local organisations and businesses, such as for example. SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses • The website is very colourful with • The website does not show images of plenty of images reflecting the ‘fun’ the actual venue; the images could be and ‘child-friendly’ image of the generic. service offering. • There is no facility to make a • Large variety of activities to advertise reservation online online – bowling, events & parties • The page rank value of Rock ‘n’ and soft play area, laser tag, go- Bowl’s homepage is 3/10 carting • There is currently no online • Rock ‘n’ Bowl has incoming links advertising invested in by the venue from,,, and (local area guide) among others • Good support from local and tourist websites Opportunities Threats • Geo-targeting: We will attempt to • It is worth noting that Rock ‘n’ target a market of people within Bowl’s main rival Jumpin Jacks listed roughly 65 kilometres or one-hour 2nd on Page 1 results for ‘Bowling drive from Rock ‘n’ Bowl in Ireland Midlands’ Mullingar. • Perhaps video would showcase the facilities more vividly, particularly games like laser tag. • A blog of recent activity would be helpful as Rock ‘n’ Bowl have a good level of activity on their Facebook page • Be more active in the community Digital Marketing Strategy 2012 Page 7 | 2012
  18. 18. Objectives Objectives Our objectives are split up into short, medium and long term but these objectives mainly could be implemented in the short to medium term. We have also divided them into key digital strategy areas: customer acquisition, growth, conversion and customer development. We have made it easy to monitor progress by including important key performance indicators to help note progress or lack of. The return will be of course be more awareness and people visiting Rock’n’Bowl to use the facilities. It is imperative that this strategy is aligned with organisational goals. This will help colleagues believe more in the strategy. The long term vision should be to become synomonous with Mullingar and Westmeath. This can be achieved by being very active in all county events and showing support for local’s success. Digital Marketing Report | 2012 Page 19
  19. 19. Objectives Customer Acquisition: This can be achieved by increasing our current relationship with online fans. We will update the status daily with humorous images or funny video content along with incentives to like, share our status and give peer recommendations by offering prizes, discounts, offers. GOAL 1: Customer Acquisition Objectives Action Lead(who) Timeline Resources Comments 1. Establish strong customer relations with new Use YouTube, Internet/websites This objective & existing customers Facebook, Twitter & Manager Short will provide G+. Forums, parenting Market research results across forums in particular all of our key Discussion with peers targets 1. Increase in website hits & online fans social networks. 2. Increased awareness of the service to the Key Performance Indicators: Midlands 3. Speed of responses to queries Growth: When people think of Mullingar, we want them to think Rock ’n’ Bowl. Effective marketing would be to get endorsement with local Digital Marketing Report | 2012 Page 19
  20. 20. Objectives well known people in the area, take a completely different approach to their competitors and look at making a viral video. In this video we could feature local celebrity influencers such Got to Dance sensation little Hustlers, Brezzie, Westmeath Gaa team. Other potential opportunities lie with Westmeath County Council and the environemental prigrammes that are currently in place, or Rock ‘n’ Bowl could consider some initiatives with local schools. GOAL 2: Growth Objectives Action Lead(who Timeline(by Resources Comments ) when) 1. Become synomonous with Effective & Advertising to online users This objective will Mullingar via online proactive Manager Long Term from nearby towns. target adult segments. advertising. marketing Manager Short term Wordpress website, blogs, Get a site that videos 2. Improve on Organic creates content Links: external & internal Search results 1. Hits on website from outside Mullingar area 2. Improved interaction with online customers 3. Improvement in organic search on search engine 4. This campaign leads to new bookings of Key Performance Indicator: lanes, kid’s soft play, and events at Rock ‘n’ Bowl. 5. Start Blog 6. Launch advertising video Digital Marketing Report | 2012 Page 19
  21. 21. Objectives . Conversion: Organic search can be improved by getting a website ( that can be easily updated by JP. Other ways to improve this is to use blogs and get links externally and internally, this will greatly improve search engine results GOAL 3: Conversion Objectives Action Lead Timeline( Resources Comments Internet/websites Phone Our goal was to be present and Mainly Facebook ads. To target online advertising show in many locations as Occasionally Google Ad Manager Short This objective will as main major marketing much. words term target adult segments. resource Social advertising as primary and Google ad words. 1. Launch Facebook Ads and Google Ads 2. High CTR and more interaction with customers Key Performance Indicator: 3. Review of sales and effectiveness of marketing on a monthly basis. . Digital Marketing Report | 2012 Page 19
  22. 22. Objectives Customer Development: At the moment current advertising exists via billboards on the M50 motorway and in the local area. We could use Facebook ads to reach the same audience for half the price GOAL 4 Customer Development Objectives Action Lead Timeline Resources Comments Post to customers online via social media, review sites and forums. Internet/websites This objective will To examine all avenues of Give special offers if they Short/Medium/ cater to all improving customer engagement Manager like, share etc. Long term Social media segments with RocknBowl online Incentives to give peer Phone recommendations • More people talking online about Rock’n’Bowl Key Performance Indicator: • Frequent interaction with customers • 10 comments from customers every s days Digital Marketing Report | 2012 Page 19
  23. 23. Objectives Digital Marketing Report | 2012 Page 19
  24. 24. Strategy 8Ps of Marketing Mix Product – New online deals, promote all services of the venue, particularly bar and café to target adults and corporate groups. Price – All deals should be promoted across all channels. Specific online deals should be introduced to encourage customers to engage online. Incentives to “Like” and “Share” should be given. Place – Create Twitter profile, increase engagement via Facebook and Google+. Promotion – Continue Google Adwords campaign to establish whether it is beneficial long-term and how it could be utilised throughout the year or sporadically. Online advertising via social media, Groupon/Livingsocial deals. People – Leverage staff and customers by encouraging testimonials and increasing engagement on social media channels Process – Change the architecture of site so that JP can add content when needed; add a blog. Routinely check review sites, news sites, social media and forums to respond to comments/queries. Engage current fan base via existing social media by promoting activities. Partnerships – The "StrollnBowl" Tour has just been updated with a nice downloadable PDF. Improve partnerships with other facilities, local paintball venue perhaps. Rock ‘n’ Bowl should be included in some other local sites, such as Westmeath County Council. Digital Marketing report | 2012 Page 25
  25. 25. Strategy “I definitely recommend RocknBowl for large groups of children, Brian Toolan there is so much activities to cater for all the children needs” Summer Camp C0-ordinator “Rock’n’Bowl is ideal for any class trips, lots of room, great activities Catherine McCloat and a lovely place to have let the kids play while you can relax with a Teacher nicecoffee!” Targeting and Segmentation Rock ‘n’ Bowl’s online audience has many similarities to its offline audience. As the venue is well-known in the local vicinity, the current key purpose of the site is to provide information (specials and contact information) to its existing audience who want to find the latest information on the venue quickly and hopefully, attract new customers in the wider region, particularly schools and adult groups (sports organizations and corporate groups). Positioning As Rock ‘n’ Bowl’s services provide an experience, these need to be communicated online. The fun and kids-friendly environment are communicated through use of colour on the site. However, the comfort of the café, the venue’s appeal as a place for adults to enjoy (particularly the bar), are not communicated enough on the website and social networks. Some pictures and testimonials on the site, or perhaps more content on the social media profiles would communicate this. Digital Marketing report | 2012 Page 25
  26. 26. Operational Plan: Tactics, Actions, Controls TACTICS, ACTIONS, AND CONTROLS Using the Chaffey and Smith (2008, cited in Chaffey et al. 2009, pp. 29)) Digital Marketing Channels Model we will develop a Digital plan for Rock ‘n’ Bowl (see Appendix 2.0). Before we do so we will briefly discuss the requirements to get to a digital marketing campaign functioning effectively. The Chaffey Smith Model assumes a few things that are important to discuss before we begin. The first assumption is that staff and staff-time or financial resources to hire help the dedicated to active digital marketing activities which require a fair amount of staff time to implement. The HR element to a successful digital marketing strategy cannot be stressed enough; many campaigns fail to achieve the stated goals and objectives for not realistically taking into account the staff time and financial resources that could be involved. Therefore, we will attempt to discuss these optimal vs. budget options for each channel we will mention. The second important assumption that must be discussed is that the organisation beginning a digital marketing plan has a website that is flexible and sustainable and easy to update moving forward. Not having a standardized content management system (CMS) and having an expensive custom build site with little ability to update and evolve the web design of the site or the infrastructure that supports it is a serious and common problem many SME and even larger organisations face. This happens for a variety of reason among the most common is the desire of site designers and developers to have clients needing easy to them services, but generally overpriced monthly service contracts. No SME should have to pay to change basic content on a website in an era of free self-publishing began by blogger but perfected by Wordpress and other vendors. Our client Rock ‘n’ Bowl currently has a proprietary site with no build in CMS for less technical staff to make basic content changes and updates. This is unacceptable moving forward as we discuss the use of various digital marketing channels for Rock ‘n’ Bowl. The first thing that needs to be done is for the current website to be pages to be extracted and redeveloped on a new CMS platform, we recommend free Wordpress or tumbler to start and if need be a hosted Wordpress solution. The best part about moving to a commonly used platform is that if issues ever arise with a technology vendor (web design or development) many more are available a reasonable price and that the service is free to start. Digital Marketing Report | 2012 Page 27
  27. 27. Operational Plan: Tactics, Actions, Controls As we move forward we should remember to utilize the Six Principles of Viral Marketing according to (Wilson, 2000) regardless of tactic. 1. Gives away valuable products or services 2. Provides effortless transfer to others 3. Scales easily from small to very large 4. Exploits common motivations and behaviours 5. Utilises existing communications networks 6. Takes advantage of others’ resources Using the six principles of viral marketing we suggest that Rock’n’Bowl take a completly different approach to their competitors and look making a viral video. In this video we could feature local celebrity influencers such Got to Dance sensation little Hustlers, Brezzie, Westmeath, Gaa team. Email Marketing Email marketing is something that should be looked into, this Micro- targeting based on the type of customer recorded in the fields of the customer profile e.g age, sex and geography. As a once off, based on its its large audience groupon and grabone as a form of marketing should be explored. Bases on research regarding Groupon: close to 80% of deal users were new customers, significantly fewer users spent beyond the deal’s value or returned to purchase at full price.( Dholakia 2011) abstract_id=1863466&rec=1&srcabs=1696327 Social Media Another approach to take would be to utilises existing communications networks to give its online followers an incentive to comment, like or share their website by using special gives away offers over their social network. By giving incentives such as this we would aim to go form small to very large audiences in the midlands. Peer recommendations are also the most effective form of viral marketing Digital Marketing Report | 2012 Page 27
  28. 28. Operational Plan: Tactics, Actions, Controls Section 1: Search Marketing Search engine optimization (SEO) and improving a sites ability to create and deliver organic search traffic is an important consideration once a solid updatable and evolvable CMS is in place and staff are comfortable and trained to add regular content. Regular unique content is the element of SEO that does not get mentioned enough, where as many SEO gurus like to baffle clients with keywords and tag tricks that worked magic 8-10 years ago that are now more marginal of a useful improvement tool do to the changes made in the evolution of search engines and their spiders’ that gather information about you web pages. The most important thing to remember when it comes to proper SEO is first regularly created fresh unique readable content. In the era of Internet self-publish having a ‘flat site,’ 4-6 un- updated pages no longer grants a SME a useful search engine return slot like it may have in 1998. These days even fresh content must compete with each other for the top organic search engine return spots. This requires addition acknowledgement of best practices. This includes dates and key subject words the article is about being in both a descriptive title and resource URL. Many newer CMS builds do this automatically or have easy to change setting to do this fairly easily, however many custom CMS builds do not. SEO Where is we now at a product of SEO consultants and tool builders SEOMoz gives site in its current form fairly low marks. Digital Marketing Report | 2012 Page 27
  29. 29. Operational Plan: Tactics, Actions, Controls The page rank value of Rock ‘n’ Bowl’s homepage is 5/5 ( Below are some keyword search results: Keyword Search (4th April, 2012) Google PageRank Result List ‘Bowling Ireland’ Page 4 5th ‘Bowling Ireland Midlands’ Page 11 11th ‘Rock ‘n’ Bowl’ Page 1 4th It is worth noting that Rock ‘n’ Bowl’s main rival Jumpin’ Jacks listed 2nd on Page 1 results for ‘Bowling Ireland Midlands’. Rock ‘n’ Bowl has a few incoming links from,,, and (local area guide) among others. Rock ‘n’ Bowl is featured on the Belvedere House site, but not on Farm Safari Park’s. The Local Chamber of Commerce promotes the venue on their site, and Rock ‘n’ Bowl receives a great deal of support from local organisations and businesses. Rock ‘n’ Bowl a few months back took part in the local St Patrick’s Day parade but offline activity has been limited. There is currently no online advertising invested in by the venue and the manager does not currently include the URL in his signature. The URL is included in flyers that are available onsite, but these are not distributed locally. With Alexa we examined and it offered some insight into this lightly trafficked site ( ‘n’ Terms such as ‘jungle joeys’, ‘RocknBowl’ and other misspelled terms were in the top10 search queries. The term ‘rock n bowl’ showed a one-month decline of 31% at the time of our evaluation. RECOMMENDED ACTION A new more content blog centric website that is more naturally search engine friendly along with a few modest changes to the date and title settings. The current design and layout features are more than adequate and of a professional quality. We suggest maybe a talking about subjects of interest to the bowling alley and Jungle Joe’s regular patrons. An increase in content going from a flat site with no new pages to a dynamic site with regular new webpages Digital Marketing Report | 2012 Page 27
  30. 30. Operational Plan: Tactics, Actions, Controls will reduces most of the elements holding back from a larger audience via organic search traffic and will improve showing on all relevant search engine return pages and likely many more currently not considered relevant or active at all. Cost should not be prohibitive and this action should be of a short to long-term goal overall. CONTROL The primary control here is first managerial, who will transmit the website from its current proprietary site to a function CMS that less technical staff can update. Current contracted developers and designers should be able to do this for a price. The second control concern is editorial. Who can produce the content for this new blog who will edit it and be sure the content is suitable for the audience and complies with local law. Pay Per Click (PPC) Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Test Campaign For AdWords Challenge PPC campaigns are common and a huge part of the Internet advertising industry for many factors two of which are cost and ease of getting started for those of modest budgets. Recently we were lucky enough to run a modest three-week €190 Google AdWords campaign for the below is some of our thoughts on what it informed us in development of a more comprehensive digital marketing strategy for Rock N’ Bowl A Proposed success metrics for a campaign Does this campaign lead to new bookings of lanes, kid’s soft play, and events at Rock ‘n’ Bowl? If not, then has the campaign, raised awareness of the bowling alley and its online profile within an hour’s drive of the location and add traffic to the These are the softer goals. The metric goal within the campaign will be 750 click-throughs and 145k ad impressions driving awareness. Some Operational Details of Campaign- Impressions, Clicks, CPC and CTR Clicks 268 Impressions 90,251 CTR 0.30% Avg. CPC €0.70 Avg. CPM (Imp) €0.002 Total Cost €187.19 Digital Marketing Report | 2012 Page 27
  31. 31. Operational Plan: Tactics, Actions, Controls Our Googel Adwords campaign ran between April 11th and May 2nd of 20012 it came well in our range of metrics of success. However, tactical improvising was needed as we had assumed operations in USD 250 and not EUROs 190.39, given exchange rates we were still in range. Despite the local nature of our Campaign (65 km) from its location keyword prices were more expensive than we had assumed before the campaign. We also used 5 ads with 4 separate AdGroups in order to target different customers that may be interested in our client. We initially budgeted to be even over the 21 day Campaign beginning at €9.70 a day budget. One of our team members was assigned to monitor the campaign and make small tactical adjustments and major changes were made at weekly meetings conducted in person. We chose to set the CPC bid price ourselves starting low and testing at what level was required to maintain our ads at the 1-3 position in the bidding and placement process. Part of the reason our Avg. CPC was higher than anticipated was our desire to keep the top three positions’ that required daily methodical increases to our bid per click. Our CTR rate was lower than originally anticipated because we forgot to account for our use of display ads, which generally produce clicks at a lower CTR than search ads. Our data showed this, however; clicks via the display network were cheaper than search keywords and aided our attempt to have a high number of impressions in the geographic region around the Rock N’ Bowl facility. We began our campaign with less than 50 keywords and we ended it utilizing 401 keywords, on which 74 were clicked upon run ads on 250 of which at least one impression made on those 401 keywords. 54 of the keywords strongly averaged over a 2% CTR during the campaign. We chose not to use negative keywords and were pleasantly surprised to see the high CTR of some keywords we had not expected. We chose to evenly serve our ads with some weight toward performance. Below is a table showing the key stats over the three week campaign The most heavily served was our: “Jungle Joes’ soft play with 34.97%; second was “Midland Party Fun” at 26.25%; followed by late addition “Things to Do in Westmeath” at 21.71%; and lastly our “Premier Midlands Bowling” ads, combined for 17.07% served. Digital Marketing Report | 2012 Page 27
  32. 32. Operational Plan: Tactics, Actions, Controls The bowling ad group was the cheapest to run and average the best ad position. The party venues ad had the highest CTR at .45% but was the most expensive per click at €0.80. The last two lines of the above show our campaigns unique breakdown in the positives and negatives of running an SEM campaign on search keywords vs. the display and third party network depending on goals. However, for our goals of both click throughs and impression use of both was useful in attempting to brand our client online to the community 65km around their physical location as we assumed most people would not drive more than an hour and 20 minutes (at speed limit) for these services. We chose to run an AdWords campaign for our client, because of their websites low visibility online even within their targeted local region. They remain currently without an easy to update CMS and their site does not change regularly enough to warrant high return results in Google Search, even among keywords they should perform well upon. Given that Rock ‘n’ Bowl’s site is not optimized for search nor easy to adjust we wanted to see if a SEM campaign might increase the site and brands visibility among a local audience who is not familiar with the site. Our goals were not conversion as there is currently no way Digital Marketing Report | 2012 Page 27
  33. 33. Operational Plan: Tactics, Actions, Controls to ‘convert,’ no purchases, calls to action, or etc. are on the website just observe, read, and place a phone call if bowl lanes, soft play, or a party venue was desired. However, increased traffic and visibility in the local community online was our desired outcomes and based upon the Google Analytics looking at website traffic over the three week AdWords campaigns duration vs. the prior three weeks of traffic data, we would argue the campaign has been effective to reach local people who were not aware of the services can provide offline. Arguably, the numbers above make our point as these new SEM driven visitors stayed on the site less time and viewed fewer pages than the previous three weeks before the campaign ran. However, the point of the campaign was to find new visitors and additional site visitors and expose them to the services Rock ‘n’ Bowl provides its community. Given the changes in site traffic and strong 90k ad impressions in the small not heavily populated subsection of Ireland we consider this campaign to have been a success. However, we have learned from the campaign that we wished we had all four Ad Groups running from day one, and had thought calculated the bid and budget escalators to maintain our strong ad positions at 1 or 2 in the pre-campaign phase. Digital Marketing Report | 2012 Page 27
  34. 34. Operational Plan: Tactics, Actions, Controls Site traffic quickly declined over the last three days after the AdWords campaign was suspended The good news remains that if the client wished to run a strong local AdWords campaign to drive knowledge of their venue and services online they are ready to go as soon as they decide on a budget and timeframe. PPC ADS FOR FACEBOOK AND GOOGLE + We did not get the opportunity to run PPC add on Facebook during the above test campaign however we have had success with them in the past via: Arguably, social advertising PPC is the more modern innovation, like search engine and keyword and display adverting 5 to 10 years ago. The ability to target individuals and groups with self identified interests, like ‘bowling’ or ‘parenting’ and the strong ability to geo target based on identified city and not IP address is an incredibly powerful tool at a price similar to other PPC systems like Google AdWords. In the near future we may see Google Digital Marketing Report | 2012 Page 27
  35. 35. Operational Plan: Tactics, Actions, Controls Plus ads function in a similar fashion to Facebook ads and they be integrated into AdWords as Google has done with display advertising after the purchase of Double-click and other smaller but growing segments like mobile ads. RECOMMENDED ACTION A dedicated SEM budget and campaign via Facebook Ads and Google AdWords between €8.00 and €15.00 a day using the four ad groups ready to go or new evolved ones, in order to effectively be in front of possible customers when they are looking for a local party venue, soft play area, or bowling alley in search or in front of individuals who have aligned self- identification of interests on Facebook. Be aware also of a near term launch of Bing in the EMEA market and specifically Ireland, given the minimal use ads may be particularly cheap. Cost should not be prohibitive at the above budget and this action is effective in aiding short- term goals and is a cost effect way to reach new customers overall. CONTROL The primary control here is first managerial, who will build and manage these marketing operations, or train less technical staff can update. The second control concern is editorial. Who can produce and approve the advertising copy and maintain that the ongoing campaign is achieving stated goals effectively. Section 2: Online PR Many organisations and SMEs take a public relations firm under contract to aid their messaging strategy and focus and many that operate primarily through online channels are cheaper than their traditional brethren. However, in the case of Rock ‘n’ Bowl the traditional services like Publisher outreach, community engagement, Media Alerting, and Brand/reputation protection are not needed. Unless Rock ‘n’ Bowl decided to do something big like a large national bowling tournament or some other large event. In a situation like that an online PR could be very helpful. However, with regard to review sites, forums and social media, Rock ‘n’Bowl need to monitor negative feedback and potentially respond. RECOMMENDED ACTION Digital Marketing Report | 2012 Page 27
  36. 36. Operational Plan: Tactics, Actions, Controls At this point none, unless Rock n’ Bowl decides to create an event of major event. At that point a firm that provides these may be quite helpful. is a popular online PR press release forum/agency; however, at Rock n’ Bowl current size and needs it is too costly and will not add value to the goals and operations. Monitor negative comments, negate potential negative reviews and feedback by maximising opportunities and increasing positive reviews. CONTROL Who would manage an integrated PR firm that would aid Rock ‘n’ Bowl should it be needed? Systematic plan to trawl forums and review sites as well as montirong social media profiles and groups. Section 3: Online partnerships The pursuit of online partnerships has been popular in recent years. At this point in Rock ‘n’ Bowl’s digital evolution, attempting affiliate marketing, product or service co-branding would likely not be worth the time or effort. Link building on the other hand may be helpful, however, the risk of doing it incorrectly and getting negative marks from the search engines could be a problem. Widget marketing is not recommended, as this is better suited for content industries and online games. Be careful and remember you must reciprocate if a friend or vendor gives you a link to your site because you requested one. Be warned some may make unreasonable demands to do so, they are not worth the hassle. RECOMMENDED ACTION Organic link building could be helpful, which is in opposition to ‘paid link building.’ If approached to do paid link building our advice is to decline to offer. A few quality links from friends, vendors, and partners goes much further in helping the organisation than the paid services, which generally are link farms that carry negative marks from the search engines that will penalise your site if you use them. CONTROL Digital Marketing Report | 2012 Page 27
  37. 37. Operational Plan: Tactics, Actions, Controls Decide who would manage the asking and encouraging of vendors, partners and friends to add links on their site to your homepage and where you may reciprocate on the site as link building is about exchange not just take or give. Section 4: Interactive ads Site-specific media buys are still a very useful way to get noticed by possible future patrons and customers. Excellent examples would be advertising with Microsoft Advertising and therefore of as well as which is in entrance point to advertise in the email accounts of many individuals. These operated similarly to the way that Google places ads inside Gmail except they are generally costlier display and banner ads. Often these ads are built in flash and have some form of video, quick game or other catchy movements going on. Generally buyers of these ads have the resources to hire ad operations developers to built out the technical and create aspects to the ad or if the organisation is large they work in house. The most common sizes are below and in order of most to least common spaces to purchase online. 300 x 250 - (Medium Rectangle) this size is the most common often appearing in a right sidebar advertisement online. 728 x 90 - (Leader board) this is also a very common ad type and size appearing at the top of most homepages and it sometimes will extend down. 180 x 150 - (Rectangle) 160 x 600 - (Wide Skyscraper) The side skyscraper is common in ads found in hotmail and other logged in interfaces where the 300 x 250 does not fit. Ad sizes on reputable sites are generally required to conform to local iAB standards. ( Here are few more examples of less standard ads sizes. (http://webdesign.cybernet- Ad networks that support behavioural targeting features like Microsoft and Yahoo and even AOL’s content network a can be useful to getting the word out and driving interaction on a site with a rich media ad buy; however, at the current operational turnover of Rock n’ Bowl these may be considered too expensive and for the return on value. Other smaller Digital Marketing Report | 2012 Page 27
  38. 38. Operational Plan: Tactics, Actions, Controls organisation like newspapers also often have resources available to SME’s, if they wish to purchase online advertising, but these are often packaged with mandatory print and email newsletter purchases. These various networks and options seem to have been very effective for larger brand marketing efforts in recent and not smaller SMEs with limited products or services and shallow ad spend budgets. If Rock n’ Bowl wants to get into display ads and richer media advertising consider using Google’s display network and display ads features inside AdWords as the costs/value/time to create is more realist for an SME media buy and advertising campaign. Sponsorships, co-sponsorship, or the contra deal (non-cash exchanged barter) deals with other sites or events is popular with many SMEs attempting to buy a bit of scale without having to spend too much like many rich media networks may require many have minimum buy sizes. Event driven sponsorships and co-sponsorships may be a viable cheaper alternative to find audience scale by sponsoring the site of a big event for example in the towns or county Rock n’ Bowl is near. RECOMMENDED ACTION We recommend attempting a sponsorship, co-sponsorship or contra deal for an event in the county where local targeted customers would be online or offline and notice the sponsorship. It may be worth the effort to price the costs for a local digital purchase on a newspaper or geographically targeted segment of major Irish newspapers read locally if a rich media campaign is desired. The only hesitation is cost, as it is much more expensive and time consuming to gain online awareness this way for an SME. CONTROL The control issue would be editorial, who would create the rich media advertisement and who would approve the ad and the total size of the ad buy. Section 5: Opt-in emails Email is the grandfather of all online social media interactions. Having and regularly use an Digital Marketing Report | 2012 Page 27
  39. 39. Operational Plan: Tactics, Actions, Controls in-house e-mail list is very common and effect for SMEs worldwide to interact with their most loyal and regularly interested customers and patrons. Many start with basic small lists out of a Gmail, Yahoo, or other free or internal webmail. The problem here is the white list / black list ISPs maintain in order to minimize spam and size of emails you can send out (per send, per day) of a personal free webmail account. If you have an email list of say, twenty people you will be fine, but if its five-hundred people and growing it is time to purchase and send emails through an inexpensive and easy to use email marketing client like Constant Contact, MailChimp, Vertical Response, or iContact. Here is a useful table to compare what each service offers. ( table) These days we recommend MailChimp as its pricing is fair and its interface is easier to use than Constant Contact, you get a nice WYSIWYG editor and do not have to compose emails in raw HTML. The other thing MailChimp offers is interesting support for third party add- ons that allow SMEs and smaller senders some of the fancier features found in much more expensive enterprise level email systems that Tesco or very large companies would use. One add-on MiraPost is excellent to help micro targeting via providing a level of A/B testing not Digital Marketing Report | 2012 Page 27
  40. 40. Operational Plan: Tactics, Actions, Controls provided by any of the entry level email marketing systems above. If you want to get fancy with your segment targeting this is the most affordable way for SMEs to do so. Micro targeting based on the type of customer recorded in the fields of the customer profile e.g. age, sex and geography. As a once off, based on its large audience Groupon and Grabone, as a form of marketing should be explored. Bases on research regarding Groupon: close to 80% of deal users were new customers, significantly fewer users spent beyond the deal’s value or returned to purchase at full price (Dholakia, 2011). Since renting email lists not legal in EU an alternative may be to piggyback and offer a Groupon or deal once your sites email marketing system and website are available for interested individuals to sign up. Consider these deal carefully before proceeding, but if you have no emails and you want to drive awareness of your services and you location this is a good option to do so, just make sure you refuse any ‘deals’ that end up being an unmanageable and unworkable loss leader that may end up causing crowds that annoy your regular usual customers. Co-branded emails and even running ads in some third parties e-newsletter also is an option. These would be considered more traditional local marketing options and definitely should be considered as they may be completed at an affordable price with minimal dedicated staff time. RECOMMENDED ACTION First begin using the account to sent weekly updates to regulars and build a small list. This will require asking patrons if they wish to sign up for the email list to get deals. This will also require changes to the current website so that people could sign up for these emails if they so chose. Once a list is of adequate size review and purchase an integrated entry-level email-marketing client. Integrate a way to sign up for emails online and send emails on a sustainable regular basis. We suggest once a week to email blasts to continue. We also suggest them to be sent on the same day every week and offer these special people special incentives, once they allow you in their inbox. We recommend one researching the parameters of a ‘daily deal’ promotion to see whether they would be worth the efforts even if just a one of use of them promoting Rock n Bowl to their massive email lists. CONTROL Digital Marketing Report | 2012 Page 27
  41. 41. Operational Plan: Tactics, Actions, Controls Editorial control is again very important what does the email say, what kind of deal are you or a third party you contracted with offering? Is it sustainable or a one-off, deal? As for the regular weekly email blast, who will design it and who with write and approve the language in the weekly note? Caution: These can take a bit to get right in the first couple of weeks doing it and it may take a few months to get traction, but for a coupon from a spot a customer regularly goes to people are willing to share their email and sometimes even more market research data at a later time. Section 5: social media marketing Engagement and creating customer participation and continued interactions with your business is the purpose of using social networking sites like: Facebook; Google+; LinkedIn; Foursquare; Pintrest; YouTube; and Instagram. We will explain some of the possible business goal positives available from using and participating in the mentioned networks. One approach would be to utilise these existing communications networks to give its online followers an incentive to comment, like or share your content by using special gives away offers over the various social network. By giving incentives such as this we would aim to go form small to very large audiences in the midlands. This approach is important across all target segments, from adults with kids, teenagers and adults or corporate groups. Peer recommendations are also the most effective form of viral social marketing, indeed. However, other than the above-mentioned social sites, review sites like,,, and even the old standby, get read and reviewed by customers or potential customers scoping out your facility, before they even decide to get in the car. This would be management of customer feedback issue, even if in these cases you have no control over what the customers are saying and its positive/negative or true/false nature in regards to your facility or services. The good news is the only review on yelp is positive. Digital Marketing Report | 2012 Page 27
  42. 42. Operational Plan: Tactics, Actions, Controls The reviews on are mostly positive; however, note the one, ‘Terrible’ review. Let’s look at it further. Digital Marketing Report | 2012 Page 27
  43. 43. Operational Plan: Tactics, Actions, Controls This is the negative review. A reminder, it cannot be removed by you, either. These reviews can also be shared with others via the author’s social media connections. So what does a public retail services merchant do? Get proactive. Dialog with your customers and potential customers and manage a great social presence. Customer relations and feedback is too important to be left entirely to whim and third party websites. The problem is that most people are interested in doing a venue review if they have a bad time or experience and not if they have an acceptable or enjoyable one. That have to be reminded to do so and why it’s important to the future of your business. Fortunately, with an active social media presence even small SME can monitor feedback and troubleshoot ongoing problems live as if they were a much larger organization. Customer relations and feedback are not just about and, they are, however, extremely important to SMEs in dealing with potential customers who know nothing of your business and this is why we mention it first. It does not stop here in our 3G mobile always connected work tweets about a dirty bathroom or foursquare notes about what to do and not to do on your grounds are important to note and respond to. Twitter and foursquare are increasing becoming more important and useful to merchants for customer relations and feedback and not just self-promotion or dialogued interactions, however, they do remain useful for self-promotion. Both should be used for customer services and self-promotions. Foursquare contests or ‘check-in’ specials are becoming very popular way businesses to get customers to promote their business via their networks for something as simple as €0.50 off a cup of tea or fancier deals. Google Places is also helpful in that it allows your business to be more deeply integrated with Google Maps and its mobile versions so that your address and name shows up quickly if an individual is looking for your Digital Marketing Report | 2012 Page 27
  44. 44. Operational Plan: Tactics, Actions, Controls place of business on Google Maps. Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest pages are the next most important subject channels to discuss in regards to continuing a dialogued relationship with your regular customers. I mention all three for different reason as to how they could help an SME like Rock n Bowl. Facebook is the ubiquitous utility of social interaction whether online or a mobile phone. Rock n’ Bowl’s Facebook page is quite active and decent for a SME with 566 likes. However, one thing to note is a lack of interaction with the commenter’s and users of the page other than to post new pictures or content on the page. This page should be used to create a back and forth interaction so that people know a real live person is on the other side of the page that they are having interactions with. If this is done the level of interaction on the page and use of the page will grow quietly at first and quicker as the level of conversation and interaction increases. The use of photos are encouraging, we would also suggest the use of contests to promote interactions. As a ubiquitous social medium we feel that this page is heavily used by staff as the primary business website is not currently setup for non-technical staff to have similar forms of interactions on it. Google+ is another growingly popular way to interact and dialog with future and potential customers. One common question these days is, “If I have a Facebook page and a Twitter account, do I really need a G+ account?” It depends. This new network is growing in popularity between SME and businesses for a number of reasons. ( The most important for a smaller SME is the added search engine value G+ will give your Digital Marketing Report | 2012 Page 27
  45. 45. Operational Plan: Tactics, Actions, Controls business. G+ is a newer, weaker, but strategically important member of the Googolplex’s products offered to the public, would you want to bet that their all powerful search engine has some bias toward this products pages over say a competitors, (even if they could never say so publicly.) So if you are an SME in need of better search engine return placement a good G+ page is very helpful. Besides it is improving and has some very good features like ‘Hangouts,’ which is like a free group video chat, which can be useful to have real interactions with actual humans. We have already set one up associated with the email account. Another site, Pinterest is very popular with younger women who are ‘nesting.’ A page all about Jungle Joe’s “kid’s soft play” and the joys of a child meeting a first friend; the mental development value of care free play; and creative mind wandering time for young children, would be very helpful in drawing the attention of young mothers interested in energetic activities for their little one. This is also one of the fastest growing new networks. This would be the best place online to use the Jungle Joes angle to find potential new customers for the kid’s soft play and parties. Finally, last but definitely not least YouTube. This video site is still a monster social media site a viral YouTube video is still as much of a ‘big deal’ as it was three or four years ago. Digital Marketing Report | 2012 Page 27
  46. 46. Operational Plan: Tactics, Actions, Controls However, the site has matured a bit from its launch days. Sure there is still a ton of zany, silly, worthless, or pirated content on it. The other side of the argument is that it is now also a wonderful place for “How to videos.” We recommend doing a “how to,” about something a business knows well. The only warning we like to give is that the video needs to be of a higher quality, not a camera phone, and use a real microphone. The only bad YouTube viral video is the one that sounds and looks low budget, if you are a business. The video should also be cut into roughly seven-minute sections. Any longer than that and the audience just disappears and the videos are harder to load under poor Internet connections. A ‘how to bowl,’ video or a ‘how to score bowling’ video could be useful. RECOMMENDED ACTION Monitor and respond to customer feedback on third party review websites. Ask your customers when they have a great experience to please add positive feedback to, or and remember to tell them, why they should. Continue using Twitter and further implement it as a customer service communication option. Don’t forget self-promotions via twitter and foursquare. However, foursquare contests are an easy and cheap way to get your customers to promote your business. Offer them a little something and add a few different “check-in” locations at your facility. "The lanes," "the Jungle Joe’s," "the Pub at Rock ‘n Bowl" for example. Continue using Facebook fan pages, but add much more depth in the level of interaction with the fans on the page. Continue to interact on G+ page after the conclusion of our six-week campaign and continue to have monthly hangouts. Implement a new Pinterest page dedicated to Jungle Joes and it role in healthy childhood development. Finally, commission at least two “how to,” around the subject matter of bowling, likely subjects could be, “How to bowl” and “How to score bowling.” These videos would be wonderful evergreen content and can be reused and re-shared via your other social media channels in the future. CONTROL This is a ton of digital work. Who will manage this wonderful new digital garden, where Rock ‘n’ Bowl is hip and everyone’s friend and parental helper? Who will write this new content and who will approve the content? How will we judge success and whether the time and effort bears positive fruit? These questions must be answer clearly before a campaign can be begun. Digital Marketing Report | 2012 Page 27
  47. 47. Operational Plan: Tactics, Actions, Controls TACTICAL CONCLUSION In judging success or creating a conception of what ‘success will be,’ remember a good bit of play and experimentation is often required to figure out the correct balance and blend of use of the six digital marketing channels. No two enterprises are SME will come up with the same blend or mix of who is responsible for what parts of the digital strategy. Remember, that in our rushed connected mobile world most business have some limited resources, money, time, and staff time. Often these resources and limitations are the normal constraints on any digital strategy. The other constraint is an inability to link and loop the offline activities and online activities together. If an SME cannot thread the needle in person offline then the online strategy will never succeed. What does this take? Asking customers for emails, and to review their good time online, and to give us a tweet, check-in, to follow on Facebook, or Hang out with on G+. Many organisations cannot accomplish all of the above without hiring addition staff, some can. Often digital strategy starts with picking low hanging fruit instead of assessing where the most value and ‘bang for the buck,’ in capital, time, and staff time is present. Best Value Quick Assessment Ranking: 1. New Wordpress (most long term value but may cost money up front, but little staff time, SEO will follow a content centric website platform.) 2. Search engine and Social Marketing (will cost money, but return new visitors to your website and Facebook fans, but should not take much staff time to maintain) 3. Email Marketing (free to setup, will be a monthly charge after a certain mass is reached, and this will require some regular staff) 4. Social Media Marketing (free to start doing better, can be very strenuous on staff time if done correctly, however many are vital or low hanging fruit up front but require maintenance time going forward) 5. Interactive Ads (expensive up front, but requires little addition staff efforts) 6. Online Partnerships (can be free up front very time consuming to do correctly) Digital Marketing Report | 2012 Page 27
  48. 48. Appendix Appendix 1.0 The SOSTAC planning framework applied to digital Internet marketing strategy development (Chaffey and Smith, 2008 (cited in Chaffey et al. 2009, pp.211)) Digital Marketing Report | 2012 Page 49
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