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Research Presentation


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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Research Presentation

  1. 1. respiratory mask james d’arcy 0653993
  2. 2. pure clean
  3. 3. comfort
  4. 4. patients 692 625 564 434
  5. 5. health care professionals
  6. 6. current approach fixed flow devices variable flow devices Venturi Adapter Variable flow devices The venturi adapter delivers a fixed amount of oxygen to the patient. The Variable flow devices deliver an uncontrolled amount of oxygen, in other words, they are the system allows for mixing of the oxygen with air drawn into the system opposite to fixed flow devices. They are used in cases where the patient does not need a controlled through holes in the adaptor. amount of oxygen. Hudson delivery device This is the mask shown in the first image above. There is no venturi adapter connected to this therefore the mask is variable flow. The is one of the most common masks used in hospitals. The adaptors come with varying sized holes that allow different amounts Nasal cannulae of oxygen through. The Another type of variable flow device is the nasal cannula. This consists of a ribbed plastic tubing percentages are: 24, 28, 35, that allows the oxygen to be delivered through nasal prongs instead of a mask. This is used to give 40 and 65. patients a break from the mask.
  7. 7. current issues The strap can cause a lot of issues with users. After an extended period of time, the While the mask is being worn, if not fitted irritates the bridge of the ear. correctly, the strap can catch the ear and fold This can lead to skin sores and it over while in use. This is not comfortable for can be very uncomfortable for the user and adds to the discomfort of wearing the patient. the mask. The nasal cannula is used for the patient to give them a break from Another area of the mask that can cause the mask. It is also used when a Preferred device for nurses problems is the bridge that sits on the patient is eating or drinking. The to use nose. Due to the variety of people, the nasal cannula is a lot less restricting mask can also cause irritation. than the mask but as it is a variable flow device, it can not be used all of the time for the patient.
  8. 8. Oxygen is turned on and passed through a humidifier In order to change the adapter, the system has to be removed The patient requires to be lifted from to fit the cannula