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  1. 1. Question 2 How effective is the combination of your main product with ancillary texts
  2. 2. Panel 1 Panel one of my print production is a very powerful shot from my music video depicting the two characters standing apart as if torn from each other. The shot shows them gazing into the distance onto Cromer beach from the pier. I set this scene to highlight the distance between themselves in their relationship. The negative space and location they are looking out onto is reflective of the bleakness of their future together and the negativity within their relationship. The strength of emotion is further enhanced as the two characters are seen to be standing apart from each other, not talking and staring into the distance. This can also be seen within my video where Megan visually fades out of Olivia's life. I decided to use this powerful image in both my print production and my music video to highlight the separation between the couple. The image of Megan's character appears to be disappearing, as if blown away into the wind further portraying her disappearance from the shot and therefore, Olivia's life. This imagery is much like her characters fade out of shot, as mentioned before. This links lyrically to the track 'Gather and Run' where Natasha North sings 'Break this whirlwind that my body has become....and breath your smoke into my lungs.'
  3. 3. Panel 1 Pt.2 Thematically, my Panel One design and music video are identical. I decided this was the best approach because I did not want to contradict the convention and notion of a coherent promotional package as to create a connection between my music video and my print production. This further enhances the strength of the advertising aim. The recurring themes of a homosexual relationship between two British youth and the natural world. This can be seen in my music video in the beach location, this can be seen in the shot to the right. The beach is resembling the stage in the relationship where it is bleak and empty. This location is used throughout my productions to create an emotional link between their relationship and the environment they inhabit. I have visually achieved my goal of coherence by using an image from my video in panel 1. See screenshots on the right. This is a very powerful image within my music video portraying the negative space within it is resembling the separation and the relationship ending. Generically, I use the same conventions within all productions. One example of this would be the colours. I use the same colour scheme throughout my package, muted blues, reds and browns. This is a convention of the indie-folk genre and would therefore fits perfectly throughout the whole package. I chose the colour scheme of muted blues, reds and browns to highlight the natural and autumnal atmosphere that I have created that is also a generic convention.
  4. 4. Panel 2 & 3 Panel Two and Three of my print production is a joint panoramic image portraying Olivia's character alone in a forest, covered in rays from the sun through the trees. Once again I have chosen to increase the negative space in this image by using this panoramic layout across the two panels. I have contradicted the notion of a coherent promotional package to highlight the loneliness and emptiness of the character, Olivia. Visually, I have achieved this by increasing the negative space and using a low angle empowering shot. The composition positions her in the first third of the frame which leaves a lot of empty space indicating the emptiness of her life without her partner. The low angle shot. See screen shot. empowers her character and contradicts the themes of the music video, as here we can see her standing alone, as if to say that she is a strong independent woman who no longer relies on her partner. However, in the video production she is dependent upon her partner and when without Megan only dreams of her. This is the first time the consumer has been introduced to the other side of her character. Panel Two and Three thematically challenge the norm that has been created within my productions, and therefore juxtaposed the recurring motifs as seen in the rest of the production. In this imagery we see more loneliness than before. I used the structure of the four panel format to create the image of loneliness by separating the characters. In panel two and three, I used the rule of thirds to exaggerate the negative space and the loneliness of the scene. A major generic convention of the indie folk genre is to use the forest as a symbol of nature, life and health and well being. See screen shot. However, in the imagery of my panel 2 and 3 I contradict this with a dark and lonely twist to the forest convention. In popular media texts within the genre such as EXAMPLES the location of the forest is used to emphasise the togetherness of humanity and nature. I decided to use this convention within the music video. Even though I have contradicted the themes and visuals of my production, I have kept an important connection between the lyrics and the product. For example, in the fourth verse, Natasha North sings 'Then we will turn the burning sun.....To the forest we will gather and run.’
  5. 5. CD Print The image on the CD shows the couple together hand in hand bleached in the warmth of the sunlight. The happy scene is surrounded by sun rays beaming down onto the couple, surrounding them in a warm glow of love and contentment. This ties the images on panel 1 and the music video together, creating the message of love. This appeals to our target audience as they can relate this image and the themes within the productions to their own relationships. In creating this image, I used composition to frame the couple holding hands as one. They are facing the audience, but you are unable to see their faces. This links to the lyrics 'my hands are pull me to the other side so grab my heart and tie my tongue.' Visually, the image is deliberately set to contrast light and dark, much like being in a relationship and being lonely. This is highlighting the binary opposition within the themes of my productions. This is a convention of the genre which can be seen on many album covers such as Ellie Goulding. This image is shot in the same location as a scene in the music video to continue the story line. This was important as it further enhanced the messages behind their unfolding relationship.
  6. 6. Panel 4 I have specifically decided upon not contradicting the convention of a coherent promotional package to juxtapose the imagery in panel 2 & 3. This further highlights the emotion and bleakness of these images in comparison to panel 4. My panel Four design consists of Olivia, standing alone in the same location as Panel One. With the track list presented to her left and the barcode and my name at the bottom. Visually I have achieved this by using the typography, the location and composition. The theme of using negative space and the rule of thirds to reflect the loneliness, emptiness and desolation of the relationship. This can be seen in the video in the pier scene in which the characters are vulnerable in the shot. This shot is a shot from my music video and is directly after the unedited version of the shot in panel one. This instantly creates a visual connection between the productions. The imagery of this shot is symbolic of her abandonment. She stands there mourning over their relationship, looking out onto a bleak empty landscape. These themes have a strong link to the themes conveyed in the music video near the end in the pier scene. this Highlights the symbolism that the environment has in my productions. The beach is bleak, empty and cold. Much like the stage in which their relationship is. Generically, I chose to use the same conventions throughout. This is one of the reasons why I chose to use the outside, natural locations, like the beach within all my productions. This convention highlights the relationship between the characters and the environment. I also reference the lyrics "but we're drowning in an ocean too deep" in this image. This further underlines the recurring motif of the locations interconnection with the characters bond. This link between nature and the homosexual relationship has an underlining message of equality and naturalness of all sexualities. This is a theme that runs throughout my productions.
  7. 7. Magazine Advert Visually, I have successfully created a connected and coherent promotional package. I have achieved this through my use of colours, composition and location. My magazine advertisement consists of an image of Megan and Olivia holding hands on a river bank, surrounded by bright, warm, autumnal colours. This immediately relates to my music video with the thematic and visual link of nature, ecology and the connotations of this muted autumnal colouring. I have also embedded generic links and conventions to further connect this package. One of the main links within the generic conventions of the indie folk genre is the convention of the natural and rustic themes. I have used he font to convey this theme/convention. The font I used is called 'DK John Brown'. This font successfully combines the rustic and the minimalistic conventions of the genre. This is a lot like the cinematography and composition of the music video and other productions within my promotional package.
  8. 8. Intertextuality/Comparison One artist that has achieved a similar coherence within their promotional package is Katie Melua and her album 'Ketevan'. In this promotional package she has formed a strong connection between the print and the video, this is done visually, thematically, lyrically, and generically. She achieves this by using the imagery of the painting and the sea. These visuals appear throughout the productions, we first see this in her video showing the artist himself creating it intercut with live footage from her performances. This then begins this connection between her and her environment, much like in my products where this relationship is set up through visuals and locations. Much like my print production, this CD design features a panoramic image spanning across the panels 2&3. This image depicts Melua standing in front of the painting that features throughout the promotional package. Melua also conveys the key themes in her music video within her magazine advert. She also uses this to achieve the main aim of advertisement, She use the typography to create a sense of importance around her name and album title.