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The Intelligent Library #CILIPConf17


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What is the future of the library? This session at the CILIP Conference will explore the potential technologies and the possibilities that can arise from the developments in artificial intelligence and the internet of things. Can we build an intelligent library? Do we want to?

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The Intelligent Library #CILIPConf17

  1. 1. The Intelligent Library James Clay, Senior Co-Design Manager, Jisc
  2. 2. The Intelligent Library So what is the intelligent library?
  3. 3. The Intelligent Library Intelligent Campus
  4. 4. What is the Intelligent Campus? »There has been plenty of hype over artificial intelligence and the internet of things. »We believe it may be time to put aside the cynicism that this kind of hype generates and look seriously at how we can take advantage of these emerging technologies to improve the student experience, research and the management of our campuses.
  5. 5. The Intelligent Library The Smart Campus
  6. 6. What is the Intelligent Campus? »The internet of things makes it possible for us to gather real-time data about the environment and usage of our campuses. »It is easy to imagine using this data to ensure our rooms and facilities are managed effectively, but could we go further and monitor environmental conditions in learning spaces or even, using facial recognition software, student reactions during learning so that we can continually refine the learning experience?
  7. 7. The Intelligent Library Contextual learning
  8. 8. What is the Intelligent Campus? »Most smartphones now make use of artificial intelligence to make contextual recommendations based on an individual’s location and interests. »Could universities and colleges take advantage of this technology to push information and learning materials to students? If we could, it offers some interesting possibilities.
  9. 9. What is the Intelligent Campus? »On-campus notifications could nudge students to make best use of the available services such as the library. »Off-campus notifications could encourage them to take advantage of the learning opportunities all around them. »Could we use approaches like this to turn student’s smartphones into educational coaches, nudging students towards the choices that lead to higher grades and prompting them to expand their learning horizons.
  10. 10. The Intelligent Library Internet ofThings
  11. 11. Tracking »As we start to use a range of tracking technologies, smart cards, beacons, sensors we are facing a deluge of data in the use of buildings, spaces and equipment. »We are faced with a breadth and depth of data which can be challenging to use effectively and have greatest impact. »Interpreting the data is fraught with challenges and difficulties, as well as potential ethical and legal issues. »However this wealth of data does offer the potential to deliver more satisfying experiences for students and staff as well as ensuring the campus is used as effectively as possible.
  12. 12. The Intelligent Library I didn’t know I needed to ask...
  13. 13. What is the Intelligent Campus? »Arriving at a new institution is a disorientating experience. »As students walk around the university or college campus they are faced with problems that need to be resolved in order to help them settle, provide a satisfying experience and even help them on their learning journey.
  14. 14. What is the Intelligent Campus? »There are the known problems, such as where is my next lesson? › What books would be useful for this topic? › When is my tutor free for a quick chat on assignment? »Even simple questions could result in a complicated route to multiple online systems. »Imagine asking the question, where and when is my next lecture, what resources are available and are there any relevant books in the library on this subject?
  15. 15. What is the Intelligent Campus? »There are also the unknown problems, these are the kinds of problems that learners don’t even know they have and haven’t thought to ask? »Could the university or college push information and notifications to learners based on where the learner is on campus, when the learner is on campus, and how far the learner is on their learning journey?
  16. 16. The Intelligent Library Definition
  17. 17. The Intelligent Library Use Cases
  18. 18. Use cases »We can imagine an intelligent library which not only knows what seats and PCs are free, but can learn from history and predict when the library will be busy and when it will be emptier. »The library then provides this information to students via an app, pushing the library when there is more availability of places and computers. Are there any computers available?
  19. 19. Use cases »Having a deeper understanding of the utilisation of the library, will allow for more effective and efficient use of space. »Could this also mean we have a flexible library that expands and contracts as demand for space in the library changes over the day or over the year? We need more space?
  20. 20. Use cases »Could we use wireless technologies, such as RFID, not just for issue and return, but also track those resoruces as they are used within the library itself? »Could we also use the same technologies to track resources across campus to identify areas where they are being used or stored (or even lost)? Could we then enhance those spaces to improve learning? Where are our books?
  21. 21. Use cases »Could we use facial recognition to monitor regular users of the library and provide insight and data into learning analytics? »Could we go one step further and use facial recognition technology to discover when students are “troubled” or “in need of help” and then make appropriate interventions to support them in their studies? Do you need help?
  22. 22. Use cases »If the library is getting full, could we identify those students who have been in there a long time, and push a notification, incentivising them to take a break with a free coffee from the library coffee shop? »Could we go one step further, and promote wellbeing, by doing the same, but with a free coffee on the other side of campus, so they have to go outside and get some air and exercise? You could do with a coffee…
  23. 23. The Intelligent Library Why?
  24. 24. The Intelligent Library Ethics
  25. 25. The Intelligent Library Do we want to?
  26. 26. The Intelligent Library Should we?
  27. 27. The Intelligent Library Next steps
  28. 28. The Intelligent Library Find out more…
  29. 29. Next steps »Follow the project blog »Follow the conversation on theTwitter #intelligentcampus »Follow me on theTwitter @jamesclay You could…
  30. 30. One CastleparkTower Hill Bristol BS2 0JA T 020 3697 5800 The Intelligent Library James Clay Senior Co-Design Manager @jamesclay