The future of learning


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James Clay from Gloucestershire College gives a presentation on the future of learning at the MIMAS Mobile Learning event.

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The future of learning

  1. The future of learning... James Clay Gloucestershire College Gloucestershire College Gloucestershire College
  2. So what is the future of learning?
  3. Before we look to the future, we need to look to the past...
  4. Six weeks off so we can get the harvest in...
  5. Victorian classroom
  6. Classroom in Gloucestershire College
  7. Best of both?
  8. Computer suite?
  9. Teacher
  10. Spending all day on Facebook...
  11. PAT Tested?
  12. Using a computer
  13. YouTube in the Dance Studio
  14. The future...
  15. Immersive technologies?
  16. On the phone...
  17. Multi-tasking
  18. On the Nintendo DS
  19. Talking on the phone
  20. Laptop in the cafe
  21. Using my computer, my 3G and my DVD player!
  22. Learning in the coffee shop
  23. Is this mobile learning?
  24. Learning together with technology
  25. Collaboration
  26. Boxes!
  27. We need to blur the boxes we put learning in.
  28. The future...
  29. Microphone
  30. Audio
  31. HD Camera
  32. PSP Camera
  33. Camera on a mobile phone
  34. Video
  35. GPS
  36. GPS and location based learning
  37. Books
  38. e-Books
  39. Venice
  40. We need to ensure easy and cheap connectivity, through wifi or 3G
  41. Batteries
  42. We need to ensure long battery life.
  43. Penknife
  44. Do you want one device which does four things badly or a device which does one thing well?
  45. Change?
  46. Management of Change?
  47. So you plan to take small steps, one at a time....
  48. What do you do if a step is missing?
  49. What do you do if a step is broken?
  50. Isn’t it quicker to avoid the steps and jump down?
  51. We need to be responsive to changes in technology and society.
  52. We need to focus on activity and not creating content.
  53. We need to build in flexibility.
  54. We need to share resources, context and activities.
  55. We need to collaborate and work together.
  56. We need to reward and ensure innovation.
  57. We need to encourage experimentation.
  58. We need to change the way we assess.
  59. It’s all about changing the culture.
  60. Use technology as a solution not just because it is cool technology.
  61. The future?
  62. The future is learners.
  63. Learners choosing how and where they learn.
  64. Using a wide range of resources and technologies.
  65. Mobile technologies are not just for the young.
  66. Not all young people are “digital natives”. The term is not helpful.
  67. Learners want to learn where they want to.
  68. It’s all about the learners, young old, whoever.
  69. Learners
  70. Any questions?
  71. The future... James Clay Gloucestershire College