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Powering UK higher education


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Powering UK higher education

  1. 1. Powering UK higher education 28th April 2021 Jonathan Baldwin Managing Director Higher Education James Clay Head of Higher Education, Teaching, Learning and Student Experience
  2. 2. Today 1. Who is Jisc 2. An overview of Learning and Teaching Reimagined 3. How Jisc will support universities towards a new technology empowered future 4. Q&A and Discussion
  3. 3. Jisc We believe that education and research improve lives, and that technology improves education and research.
  4. 4. 4 We provide solutions for UK education and research. Our vision is for the UK to be world leaders in technology for education and research.
  5. 5. Who are Jisc? We serve the whole UK: • All state funded universities • Vast majority of vocational colleges • Many schools • All research institutes • Many other national institutions • Work very closely with key national institutions like British Library, National Archives, BBC
  6. 6. The UK’s lifelong learning and research digital agency e-infrastructure To run it Enabling education and research Advice and guidance New solution Development R&D
  7. 7. Learning and teaching reimagined
  8. 8. To explore and shape a technology enabled learning and teaching model for UK higher education To reflect on the initial impact of the rapid and radical transformation of learning and teaching during COVID-19 lockdown To explore the impact of making a shift to technology enabled learning and teaching To create resources for the leadership of UK universities, enabling them to adapt their education provision Learning and teaching reimagined focus
  9. 9. ‘Learning and teaching reimagined: A new dawn for higher education?’ Report Wednesday 04 November 2020
  10. 10. Preparing for 2021/22 1. Embed digital at the heart of university culture 2. Invest in the short-term but with a long-term strategic view 3. Explore new economic models for high quality blended learning at scale 4. Embrace blended learning in curriculum re-design 5. Expand the digital skills and confidence of students and staff 6. Communicate the benefits of blended learning 7. Strengthen the response to digital poverty
  11. 11. Recommendations 1. Universities to use their strategic and structural planning processes to effect the digital transformation of learning and teaching, ensuring that sponsorship is provided by governing bodies and executive teams 2. Universities to review their strategic investment in digital learning and teaching 3. Universities to make investment plans to mitigate the heightened cyber security risks that arise from greater dependence on digital technologies 4. Universities to think radically about the scale and scope of their learning and teaching activities, prioritising blended learning approaches wherever possible 5. Universities to accelerate the adoption of blended learning, with close involvement of students in all aspects from design to delivery
  12. 12. Recommendations continued 6. Universities to ensure inclusivity and accessibility are integral considerations in curriculum redesign 7. Universities to ensure their professional development plans include digital training, peer support mechanisms and reward and recognition incentives to encourage upskilling 8. Universities and sector organisations to establish research to remain in step with the changing digital preferences and expectations of prospective higher education students 9. Universities, government and funders to provide additional funding or means to reduce digital poverty as a barrier to students accessing higher education.
  13. 13. Where next?
  14. 14. Empowering culture & leadership • We will support universities on their journey to embed digital at the heart of their cultures through inspiring and transformative thought leadership and leadership development • We will empower a data informed decision-making culture across the university through timely business intelligence • We will help universities to improve their efficiency and effectiveness through the transformative power of digital and data • We will enable universities to increase the digital confidence of staff and students through tools, training and consultancy support
  15. 15. Reimagining learning, teaching & assessment • We will explore and develop solutions to help universities deliver personalised and adaptive learning • We will help transform the ways in which universities design, develop and deliver quality teaching • We will continue to work with universities to investigate how digital can support new paradigms for assessing learning • We will help and support universities to reimagine their course and curriculum design to take advantage of the possibilities that online learning can bring
  16. 16. Reframing the student experience • We will, in partnership with universities, develop approaches and digital solutions to improve and enhance the student experience and greater equity in access and participation. • We will enhance students’ progression into employment through informed and tailored career insight and choices • We will explore the employability skills required for the fourth industrial revolution • We will be recognised as the authority on regional and national labour market information to help universities support students and partnerships with employers
  17. 17. Transforming infrastructure • We will continue to develop and build the Janet access infrastructure to allow secure and resilient high-speed connectivity to meet the future requirements of universities • We will also work with universities, funders and partners to close the digital poverty gap by extending the reach of connectivity wherever students and staff learn and work • We will continue our research into the intelligent campus, learning spaces and digital platforms, and how these improve a seamless student experience
  18. 18. Research • Supporting a new national data infrastructure for research • UK research analytics: understanding systems, cultures, resources and decision-making • Recording the UK’s ‘research estate’ in support of a UK-wide research capability • Accelerating the achievement, delivery and monitoring of the journey to open research • Applied research and knowledge exchange: supporting its commercialisation and deployment • Rapid innovation in research management and active research • ‘Research 4.0’: realising the art of the possible
  19. 19. Help and support
  20. 20. Where can Jisc help? Just some of the possibilities…. • Strategy and vision • Digital leadership • Learning, teaching and assessment • Student experience • Culture • Infrastructure • Resources and content • Cloud
  21. 21. How could Jisc help? Just some of the possibilities…. • Products and services • Consultancy • Training and development • Advice and Guidance
  22. 22. Questions and Discussion

Editor's Notes

  • Image by Pexels from Pixabay 
  • A social enterprise
    Provide a broad range of technology infrastructure, services, software, advice and thought leadership to Higher & Further education and to research
    c 50% government funded
    c 15% member subscription
    Both ‘Federal’ and ‘regional’
    c £130m annual expenditure
    c 900 staff