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Learning and teaching


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Presentation on learning and teaching given to e-textbook publisher strategy group meeting

Published in: Education
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Learning and teaching

  1. 1. Learning and teaching James Clay Head of HE and student experience
  2. 2. Features For the sector • Needs to demonstrate value for money for students and taxpayer • Need to be able to efficiently provide high-quality teaching and resources • Increasing divergence between the UK nations in terms of HE L&T policy • Burgeoning EdTech sector For Jisc • Demonstrate we offer value for teaching-focused universities • Demonstrate that we support sector priorities, in particular: • High quality teaching • Value for students • Widening participation • Key player in EdTech sector The higher education learning and teaching landscape
  3. 3. How can technology benefit students? Better student outcomes High quality learning experiences Digital capabilities for employment Convenience and flexibility
  4. 4. 2020 strategic priorities for learning and teaching • Learning analytics and personalisationBetter student outcomes • Evidence-informed improvements Better planning and management of technology- enhanced learning • Affordable and engaging content and toolsDelivery of high-quality, cost- effective blended learning • New models of provision; expanded sectorRespond to a changing external landscape Digitalskills,capabilities andfluency
  5. 5. 2020 strategic priorities for learning and teaching •Learning analytics service, wellbeing analyticsBetter student outcomes •Digital experience insights service; Intelligent campus; Analytics labs; Curriculum analytics; Advice and support Better planning and management of technology- enhanced learning •EdTech launchpad; Next generation digital learning environments •New models for eBook provision, eTextbooks; Sticky Campus Delivery of high-quality, cost- effective blended learning •Apprenticeship toolkit; Alternative providers Respond to a changing external landscape Digitalcapabilityservice Global connectivity Cybersecurity Trust and identity Cloud services
  6. 6. Intelligent Campus James Clay Head of HE and student experience
  7. 7. Intelligent campus • Improved student experience • Smarter, more effective use of space • Increased efficiencies across the organisation • More effective interventions • Improved curriculum design and delivery Using data to make smarter use of your estate
  8. 8. Intelligent campus technology infrastructure
  9. 9. Intelligent campus • Thought leadership • Over 120 universities and colleges engaged with project • Community events • Mailing list • Guides • Use cases • Data infrastructure • Collaborating with small number of pilots What we’ve done…
  10. 10. Sticky Campus Roadshow James Clay Head of HE and student experience
  11. 11. Sticky campus roadshow • The sticky campus is a place where students would want to spend time even when they have no formal teaching sessions to attend. • The focus of the roadshow is a mobile, student-centred digital classroom. It travels to you so you can try it out for up to four weeks. • University of Stirling - 2020 • University of Strathclyde - 2020 What we’ve done…
  12. 12. Next Generation Learning Environments James Clay Head of HE and student experience
  13. 13. How teaching and learning is changing in a digital world
  14. 14. Next generation learning environments We have published the following reports: • Listening to teachers: a qualitative exploration of teaching practices in HE and FE and the implications for digital • Next generation [digital] learning environments: present and future What we’ve done
  15. 15. Next generation learning environments Jisc is working with universities and colleges to gain a better understanding of the changing behaviours and needs of staff and students. We are working to: • Develop an in-depth understanding of next generation digital learning • Use that understanding to explore and create prototype new services • Trial new approaches by working in partnership with innovative people What we're doing