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Building digital capability


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Presentation on building digital capability delivered at the Staff Development Forum London Region Group Meeting on the 14th July 2016.

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Building digital capability

  1. 1. Building digital capability James Clay, Project Manager, Jisc 14/07/2016 Women of Color in Tech by WOCinTech Chat CC BY 2.0
  2. 2. Question What do we understand by digital capability? 14/07/2016 Building digital capability
  3. 3. Twiutter Bird by DryIcons with permission
  4. 4. Meerkat by James Clay CC BY-NC 2.0
  5. 5. Image Copyright NERC
  6. 6. Image: Lawrie Phipps
  7. 7. Location independent working »Benefits to the individual › Improve work-life balance › Reduce commute time › Reduce travel costs › Remove unnecessary stress 14/07/2016 Building digital capability
  8. 8. Location independent working »Benefits to the university › Provide employees with flexibility regarding their working hours and location › Reduce the occupancy of University premises › Improve employees’ work life balance and thereby reduce levels of absenteeism and stress › Reduce pressure on car parking facilities › Position the University as an ’employer of choice’ 14/07/2016 Building digital capability
  9. 9. But what else… Capability 14/07/2016 Building digital capability
  10. 10. Location independent working »Issues in terms of capabilities › ICT proficiency › Digital communication › Digital collaboration › Digital participation › Digital wellbeing 14/07/2016 Building digital capability
  11. 11. Communication …it’s not just about e-mail 14/07/2016 Building digital capability
  12. 12. Tools »Yammer »Slack »Basecamp »Jira »Confluence »CRM »Sharepoint »Google Apps »Skype, Lync »Google Hangouts »Invision »Scribblar »Dropbox, Google Drive »Trello »Padlet »Adobe Connect, Collaborate 14/07/2016 Building digital capability
  13. 13. Location independent working Risk 14/07/2016 Building digital capability
  14. 14. Old Man's Desk by Daniel Hansson CC BY 2.0
  15. 15. What we’re doing… Building digital capability 14/07/2016 Building digital capability
  16. 16. Building digital capability Discovery tool Leadership development Digital capability framework Online offer 14/07/2016 20
  17. 17. Digital capability: the six elements 14/07/2016 21 ICT proficiency Information, data and media literacies Digital learning and self development Digital creation innovation and scholarship Communication, collaboration and participation Digital identity and wellbeing
  18. 18. Teacher profile »Participate in digital teams and working groups e.g. around curriculum development and review. »Collaborate effectively in digital spaces e.g. building shared resources, sharing calendars and task lists. »Support learners to collaborate using shared digital tools and media, and to work effectively across cultural, social and linguistic boundaries. Digital collaboration 14/07/2016 Building digital capability
  19. 19. Researcher profile »Develop new research questions, hypotheses and explanations and explore new approaches relevant to the digital age. »At higher levels, develop new research methods and practices with digital technology; identify digital challenges and opportunities in a field of scholarship; lead research teams, centres and departments in new directions in response to digital risks and opportunities. Digital innovation 14/07/2016 Building digital capability
  20. 20. Building digital capability »This is about staff digital knowledge, skills and attitudes »Universities, colleges and skills want help in: › identifying the digital skills needed › identifying their skills gaps › planning, implementing and evaluating initiatives to improve skills »#digitalcapability 14/07/2016 Building digital capability
  21. 21. Old Tools by arbyreed CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
  22. 22. Discovery tool »We have built a discovery tool to help staff discover their digital capability and provide them with feedback that will help them to build their capability and digital skills 14/07/2016 Embedding digital literacy; building digital capability 27
  23. 23. Discovery tool 14/07/2016 Embedding digital literacy; building digital capability 28
  24. 24. Discovery tool pilots »As well as large scale tests we have a number of institutions, FE, HE and Skills who are undertaking small scale pilots with groups of staff. »In addition we have provided the Digital capability user group of eighty plus institutions with a version of the tool for them to test with small groups. »As a result we have had further user feedback that will inform development and functionality. 14/07/2016 29Embedding digital literacy; building digital capability
  25. 25. By Alan Chia (Lego Color Bricks) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
  26. 26. Digital Leadership Course » The Jisc Digital Leaders programme has been designed specifically to equip current and aspiring leaders and managers with the tools and knowledge to inform their digital practice, enabling them to: › Become a more effective digital leader or manager through personal and professional development › Explore how their organisations can engage more effectively with the technology at their disposal – at both strategic and operational levels › Lead, manage and influence digitally-driven strategy across organisations, departments, services and teams 14/07/2016 31Emedding digital literacy; building digital capability
  27. 27. Digital Leadership Course »The first paid for course will be run in October. › £2,200 per person › 14/07/2016 32Embedding digital literacy; building digital capability
  28. 28. The Shop of Books by Fergus Murrary CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
  29. 29. Digital capability online offer »Personalised dynamic online offer. »“Playlists” of activities, resources, content, guides. »Creation of dynamic and static “playlists”. »Bespoke institutional “playlists”. »Professional framework lenses. »Social sharing,Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. 14/07/2016 Building digital capability
  30. 30. Online Offer »We are basing the online offer on the upcoming Jisc app and content store. »Development on the app and content store is now at the stage where we hope to be able to link to tagged ‘playlists’ of relevant content and resources from the discovery tool results page within the next couple of weeks. 14/07/2016 35Embedding digital literacy; building digital capability
  31. 31. Image by James Clay CC BY-NC 2.0
  32. 32. Building institutional digital capability »Effective use of digital technology by university and college staff is vital in providing a compelling student experience and in realising a good return on investment in digital technology. › Teaching & Learning › Research › Public Engagement 14/07/2016 Building digital capability
  33. 33. Institutional digital capability »Infrastructure »Organisation »Development »Data »Resources »Intelligent campus »Content 14/07/2016 Building digital capability
  34. 34. Institutional digital capability »Infrastructure »Organisation »Development »Data »Resources »Intelligent campus »Content »IT Services »People Services »Organisation development »Student records, MIS »Finance »Estates and facilities »Library 14/07/2016 Building digital capability
  35. 35. Institutional digital capability »Infrastructure › Ubiquitous wifi, eduroam › Access to hardware › Virtual desktops › Collaborative tools › Remote working › Utilisation › Innovation 14/07/2016 Building digital capability
  36. 36. Institutional digital capability »People services › Job descriptions › Skills analysis and audit › Matrix working › Appraisal or performance review › Silo working › Home working › Communication 14/07/2016 Building digital capability
  37. 37. Virtual learning environment »Digital learning 14/07/2016 Building digital capability
  38. 38. Virtual learning environment »Digital learning »Digital communication »Digital collaboration »Digital participation »Digital innovation »Digital media literacy »ICT proficiency 14/07/2016 Building digital capability
  39. 39. Virtual learning environment »Now let’s throw in analytics › Data literacies › Information literacies 14/07/2016 Building digital capability
  40. 40. Image by Randy von Liski CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
  41. 41. Dashboard »Bringing together information and aggregation of data from usage of the discovery tool. »We are currently designing the prototype institutional dashboard based on our emerging understanding of what the institutional leads want to know about their staff’s results in the discovery tool. »Link in with resources and services currently in use and what is available. 14/07/2016 Building digital capability
  42. 42. Further development »We know from the interest in the project among Jisc member institutions, and from the reactions and experiences from pilot sites, that we could usefully expand the organisational capability side of the service to help institutions ensure that they have all of the building blocks in place for a fully digital capable organisation 14/07/2016 Embedding digital literacy; building digital capability 47
  43. 43. Resources »Tools »Services »Advice and Guidance 14/07/2016 Building digital capability
  44. 44. Image Credit: Moyan Brenn CC BY 2.0
  45. 45. So… Digital capability is core to:Teaching & Learning, Research and Public Engagement Dependent on the infrastructure, organisation, development, data, resources, the campus and content. Which are the domains of the different functions of the organisation. Who need to understand digital and the impact on the organisation. 14/07/2016 Building digital capability
  46. 46. Training and development What should we do? 14/07/2016 Building digital capability
  47. 47. Staff development »Assumption that staff have the digital capabilities to carry out their role. »But do they? »How would you know? »How would they know? »Who knows? 14/07/2016 Building digital capability
  48. 48. Image by James Clay CC BY-NC 2.0
  49. 49. »There is the main site on the Jisc website. » cts/building-digital-capability Web site »Follow the project on the blog. »http://digitalcapability.jiscinvol Project Blog 14/07/2016 Building digital capability
  50. 50. Twitter »Follow the community using the hashtag #digitalcapability » gitalcapability?vertical=defaul t&src=hash Twitter 14/07/2016 Building digital capability
  51. 51. Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND Get in touch… Building digital capability James Clay Project manager 14/07/2016 Building digital capability