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mLearning @ the Bottom of the Pyramid


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Published in: Education
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mLearning @ the Bottom of the Pyramid

  1. 1. mLearning @ the BoP James BonTempo Senior Technology Advisor Jhpiego
  2. 2. Context Let’s talk about the global mobile landscape
  3. 3. How many phones are out there?
  4. 4. 5,000,000,000 subscriptions 4,100,000,000 mobile phones 3,600,000,000 subscribers
  5. 5. Where is the greatest growth?
  6. 6. Penetration in emerging markets has grown 321% compared to 46% in developed countries
  7. 7. What about the costs?
  8. 8. The bottom 75% in Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia spent more than 20% of their income
  9. 9. And the hardware available?
  10. 10. Cost continues to drop, but the functionality available has stagnated
  11. 11. What can we do with these phones?
  12. 12. Basic numeracy Develop basic numeracy skills
  13. 13. English learning Learn to speak English
  14. 14. Adopt healthy behaviors
  15. 15. Get tutoring and learning reinforcement
  16. 16. Create communities of learners
  17. 17. Reinforce, assess and connect
  18. 18. But wait, there’s more...
  19. 19. Report grades, attendance and other data
  20. 20. Identify absentee teachers
  21. 21. Mobilize communities
  22. 22. Contact Information James BonTempo Phone: (410) 537-1849 Email: Skype: Twitter: jamesbt Jhpiego
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