Think Tank Presentation 5-2012


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This is the slideshow I made for my presentation at the ShareASale ThinkTank in Austin, TX on May 17, 2012

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Think Tank Presentation 5-2012

  1. 1. All About Testing By Jim BorzilleriCEO and Founder of
  2. 2. Overview Intro to TestingThe 4 Types of TestsBest Elements to Test Rules of Testing Q&A
  3. 3. Who Should Be Testing? ü  Anyone who makes money online ü  Advertisers/Merchants ü  Affiliates ü  Search Marketers - PPC and Organic ü  Lead Gen ü  All E-Commerce Websites!
  4. 4. What is Website “Testing”?ü  Testing: Solving the age old problem of “What works best” (trying new variations of your website)ü  Conversion Rate: The ratio of the number people who complete a desired action versus the number of total visitors. For example if 100 people visit your website, and 3 buy, your conversion rate would be 3%.ü  Control: The unmodified version of the page you’re trying improve.ü  Variation: A different version of a website element.
  5. 5. Why Test?ü  More Profit / Sales /Customersü  Better Website Usabilityü  Increased Conversionsü  Happier Website Visitors
  6. 6. The Math of TestingAssumptions:Media Spend: $10,000Assume 10,000 Visitors ( $1 CPV)Total Sales = 200 ( 2% Conversion)Profit Per Sale = $100Profit = $20,000
  7. 7. Testing is Very Profitable After Testing:10% IncreaseConversion Rate from 2% to 2.2%10k Visitors x 2.2% conversion = 220 Sales20 Additional Sales = $2000 Additional Profit or 20%25% increaseConversion Rate from 2% to 2.5%10k Visitors x 2.5% conversion = 250 Sales50 Additional Sales = $5000 Additional Profit or 50%
  8. 8. The ROI of Testing All That From the Same Traffic you Already Pay for!The Return on Investment is HUGE There is NO Limit!
  9. 9. Some Brutal StatisticsThis is really shocking!
  10. 10. Average Web Conversion Rate is 2%!
  11. 11. Another Way to Look At it
  12. 12. Only 1 out 4 Marketers?ü  Forrester Research claims that ONLY 25% of online businesses are testing as part of their online marketing efforts.ü  That’s 1 in 4 Marketers!
  13. 13. Shopping Cart Abandonment is a HUGE Problem!
  14. 14. So Why isn’t Everybody Testing? ü  Testing is to complicated! ü  Don’t Need To – website works already ü  Requires programmers/programming ü  Not sure if your changes will work ü  Unsure what to test ü  Don’t understand testing
  15. 15. 4 Types of Tests Heat Maps URL A/B Tests Visual A/B Tests Multivariate Tests
  16. 16. Heat Mapsü  Very Simple to Deployü  Show Design Issuesü  Basis for 1st Testü  Great for finding “Funnel” leaks
  17. 17. URLA/B Testing ü  Requires at Least 2 or more URL’s ü  Most Common Testing Method ü  Statistical Significance Issues ü  Low Traffic Requirements
  18. 18. “Visual” A/B Testingü  Works on Any Websiteü  Make Changes Yourself - Easiest to doü  1 Variation At a Timeü  Requires 3rd Party Softwareü  Low Traffic Requirements
  19. 19. Visual A/B Menu
  20. 20. Multivariate Testingü  Requires only 1 URLü  “Combinations” of Variationsü  Least Common Testing Methodü  Higher Traffic Requirements
  21. 21. Best Kept Secret of Testing ü  Start with URL A/B Tests ü  Refine with Visual A/B Tests ü  The Key? Multivariate Tests for even further improvements!
  22. 22. What Should You Test? I get asked that a lot!
  23. 23. Top Elements to Test
  24. 24. What to Test Most Popular Elements①  Headlines ⑤  Cart Setup②  Calls to Action ⑥  Fonts③  Buttons ⑦  Layouts④  Images ⑧  Security Seals
  25. 25. #1 Test Your Headlinesü  What is a good headline? -  Grabs attention and keeps people on your site.ü  You ONLY have a few seconds!
  26. 26. #2Test Your Call to Action What are you asking your visitor to do? BUY NOW
  27. 27. Case Study #2
  28. 28. Case Study #2 Results
  29. 29. #3Test Your Buttons
  30. 30. 64% Increaseü  One of our clients only increased the SIZE of their “Download” button, and enjoyed a whopping 64% increase in conversion! What’s the point? Always Test Button Size and Text!
  31. 31. #4Test Your Imagesü  Image Content - Happy Couple or Bikini for Weight Loss?ü  Image Size - Big Or Smallü  Image Size in KB - Faster is always better
  32. 32. Case Study #46 Image Variations
  33. 33. Every VariationOutperformed the Original
  34. 34. #5 Test Your Cart 14% Don’t want to register12% Felt site was asking for too much info 11% Checkout too long/confusing
  35. 35. #6 Test Fontsü  Test a Larger Font Size •  Makes it Easier to See on the Page •  Makes it easier to Readü  Test a Different Fontü  Test a Different Color Font •  Make it Stand Out on the Page •  Can Produce Different Emotions •  For example, Blue is Safe, etc..
  36. 36. #7 Test Layoutsü  Price Positioning & Sizeü  Page Formatü  Image Positionsü  Text Formats
  37. 37. Case Study #7 Layouts
  38. 38. Case Study #7 - Layout Results
  39. 39. #8 Test Security Sealsü  SSL Sealsü  Trust Sealsü  Privacy
  40. 40. Update: Test Social Proofü  Social Proofü  Likes/ Followersü  Testimonialsü  Must be tested
  41. 41. Review of What to Test- 8 Most Popular Elements①  Headlines ⑤  Shopping Cart②  Calls to Action ⑥  Fonts③  Buttons ⑦  Layouts④  Images ⑧  Security Seals
  42. 42. Testing RulesLittle Things That Make aBig Difference
  43. 43. Rule #1Test Everythingü  Don’t stop at 1 elementü  A small change can be hugeü  Nothing is sacred
  44. 44. How?Adopting a Culture of Testingü  Adopt a New Policy - Test Every Web Site and Landing Pageü  All your commercial websites should be tested 100% of the time.ü  Increasing you conversion rate is addictive and very profitable.
  45. 45. Rule #2 Speed Matters!ü  Always make sure you have a fast websiteü  Amazon claims every second of delay loses 1% conversion!ü  Test speed all the way through your funnel - not just one page
  46. 46. Rule #3 5 Second Ruleü  Show your website/page to someone for 5seconds then hide itü If they can’t tell you the primary purpose ofthe site is, you have a problemü Always make sure visitors get a chance toread your most important text – headlines.
  47. 47. Rule #4 Avoid Clutterü  Simple can be betterü  Most pages have too much infoü  Make it easy to “get it”*An exception to this rule would be for sites designed to provide ahigh level of detail like a “product detail” page.
  48. 48. Wrapping it UpIntroduction to Testing 4 Types of Tests Best Elements to Test Rules of Testing
  49. 49. Why Start Right Now? ü  More Profit / Sales /Customers ü  Better Website Usability ü  Increased Conversions ü  Happier Website Visitors and in case you missed it….
  50. 50. Testing is highlyPROFITABLE!!
  51. 51. Start For Free!Get Heat Maps and Start Testing Free at:
  52. 52. Thank You! Questions?Jim BorzilleriChief 590-8720x