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The Butterfly Effect in Organizational Communication


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Ineffective organizational communications can lead to chaos.

Published in: Business
  • Misunderstandings resulting from the lack of in-person communication on major projects and strategic
    initiatives present business risk—88 percent of business leaders indicate business exposure and
    resources significantly affect business outcomes. CISCO
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The Butterfly Effect in Organizational Communication

  1. 1. The Butterfly Effectin OrganizationalCommunication.Dr. Jim BohnPro/AxiosMinneapolis, MN
  2. 2. It’s the Problem that won’t go away. “A Classic is something everyone wants tohave read, but no one wants to read.” ~ Mark Twain To paraphrase: OrganizationalCommunication is the issue everyone wantsto have solved, but no one wants to solve.
  3. 3.  Organizational Communicationis something everyone believesis happening, simply becausepeople talk and share ideas.
  4. 4. OrganizationalCommunication seems somultifaceted (“fuzzy”, “softskill”, “non-financial”) one ishard pressed to measure it’sorganizational (andfinancial) impact.
  5. 5. Creating uncertainty,confusion, and, ultimately,Chaos.But experience shows ineffectiveOrganizational Communicationcosts money through: Obtuse visioning Ineffective direction setting Incomplete decision making Mis-coordinated action Incomplete follow-through
  6. 6. The butterfly effect …IneffectiveCommunicationsIneffectiveprocessing Ineffective actionIneffectiveoutputIneffectivedeliveryLower customersatisfactionLoss of profitLoss ofreputationLoss of marketshare
  7. 7. Common Causes of IneffectiveOrganizational Communication SPEED: Organizations are movingfast these days.◦ (I state the obvious.) SOUND BYTES, not dialogue.◦ 20 seconds of information shared in ahallway conversation between meetingsdoes not constitute communication. SILO mentalities createcontradictory messaging.
  8. 8. Is there a Butterfly Effectin your OrganizationalCommunication?
  9. 9. Pro/Axios We offer plainspoken guidance forthose who do the work. Check out the Rapid Diagnostic 651-302-1574 Minneapolis, MN, USA6/18/2013Organizational Insight Leadingto OrganizationalTransformation