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Overcoming Organizational Attention Deficit Disorder


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A lack of organizational focus can demotivate employees, reduce revenues, and increase customer dissatisfaction.

Overcoming Organizational Attention Deficit Disorder

  1. 1. *Organizational Attention Deficit Disorder * Dr. Jim Bohn Pro/Axios Minneapolis, MN
  2. 2. *The symptoms of organizational OADD *Inability to concentrate … *Loss of focus … *Distraction …
  3. 3. *Top Three Sources of OADD *Uncertainty about organizational direction *Disconnected organizational initiatives *Too much change happening at one time Based on research conducted by Pro/Axios
  4. 4. *Here’s what OADD looks like at the employee level! *Uncoordinated activities from multiple directions *Confusion about decisions *Everything is priority #1
  5. 5. *The Outcomes of Organizational OADD *Incomplete projects *Halted growth *Inefficiencies *Employee Frustrations *Loss of market share
  6. 6. *The Impact of OADD *Uncertainty about organizational direction causes: *Employee anxiety, *Employee concern, *Wait-and-see attitudes,and *Social loafing.
  7. 7. *What the best leaders do to resolve OADD 1.The best leaders truly understand critical organizational priorities. 2.The best leaders understand the capacity of their people. 3.The best leaders understand the true workload of their team. 4.The best leaders manage upwardly to prevent overload and maintain focus.
  8. 8. *As a leader, you have a responsibility to overcome OADD! *Be disciplined: *Provide maximum goal clarity *Manage priorities *Maintain focus for your team *Stay the course to get the job done
  9. 9. *Pro/Axios *We offer plainspoken guidance for those who do the work. *Check out the Rapid Diagnostic @ * *651-302-1574 *Minneapolis, MN, USA 7/16/2013Organizational Insight Leading to Organizational Transformation
  10. 10. Disconnected Initiatives 5.7 Too much change ` 5.6 Uncertainty about organizational direction 5.9 People not working together 5.7 Leaders ineffective in their communication styles 5.3 Other leaders ineffective communicating 5.4 Frustrated employees want to give up 5.2 People not pulling their weight 4.4 Employee uncertainty slows productivity 5.7 Initiatives with no possibility of success 4.6 Research conducted by Pro/Axios, 2013 surrounding the question of: “What are the greatest challenges facing your organization today?” Scale of 10 – Deeply concerned to 1- Not at All Concerned APPENDIX A