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Human Resources: Seven Resolutions for 2014


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It's time for Human Resources to become ... human!

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Human Resources: Seven Resolutions for 2014

  1. 1. HUMAN RESOURCES: 7 RESOLUTIONS FOR 2014 It is time for Human Resources to be ... Human.
  2. 2. Make it worthwhile.
  3. 3. For just a while:  Forget  Forget  Forget  Forget the policy … the procedures … the politics … the programs … And focus on the people: Physically, mentally, emotionally … across the career life span.
  4. 4. RESOLUTION # 1 MINIMIZE THE NEGATIVE PHYSICAL IMPACT OF ORGANIZATIONAL LIFE  Provide safety: always.  Travel is physically demanding and exhausting.  Help employees manage time away from home.  Help employees manage the impact of travel to prevent long- term damage to physical health.  Provide reward and respite after long travel.  Provide skill building in work-life balance.
  5. 5. RESOLUTION # 2 MINIMIZE THE NEGATIVE EMOTIONAL IMPACT OF ORGANIZATIONAL LIFE  You have the data: Remove executives, managers and supervisors with a track record of abusive practices.  Provide training to improve the Emotional Intelligence of leadership.  Stop the organizational extortion of phrases like “You’re not a team player”. Guilt is an ineffective longterm motivation.
  6. 6. RESOLUTION # 3 MINIMIZE THE NEGATIVE SOCIAL IMPACT OF ORGANIZATIONAL LIFE  Stop perpetuating mythologies about employees that destroy reputations.  Speak truth about people.  Get to the bottom of an issue and resolve it – then move on.  One failure should not hang over an entire career.
  7. 7. RESOLUTION # 4 MAXIMIZE THE SOCIAL BENEFITS OF ORGANIZATIONAL LIFE  Create space for social interaction that creates organizational value.  Provide leader training to build true teams.  Reward great team builders.
  8. 8. RESOLUTION # 5 MAXIMIZE THE EMOTIONAL IMPACT OF ORGANIZATIONAL LIFE  Develop recognition programs that truly value people.  Provide leader training: show the emotional impact of career and work.  Make it safe for people to express themselves without retaliation.  Inspire employees to greatness!
  9. 9. RESOLUTION # 6 MAXIMIZE THE CAREER IMPACT OF ORGANIZATIONAL LIFE  Promote from within! Years of labor should not go unnoticed.  Promote from within and build morale.  Reward excellence and achievement in a big way.  Understand that people will not know they matter unless you show how they matter.
  10. 10. RESOLUTION # 7 USE YOUR EMPLOYEE SURVEY DATA TO MAKE ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGES. In psychology, the ethically unpardonable sin is ‘the illusion of participation.’ Asking people for their opinions without using them is essentially the same thing: an illusion. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Discover the best ideas. Follow-up the best ideas. Implement the best ideas. Reward the best ideas. Publish the best ideas. Celebrate the best ideas.
  11. 11. Make it worthwhile.
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