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Integrating Mixed Reality Pedagogy into Education


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Technology disruption and automation are driving rapid changes in the jobs landscape. This presentation highlights the latest research and reports of the future jobs market and our work in the mixed reality research lab in focusing the education landscape towards new technologies. The aim is to highlight the need for rethinking our classrooms and adopting a research led mindset to reskilling, retraining and technology adoption. This presentation builds upon the work of The Mixed Reality Research Lab ( as it looks to weave technology into the fabric of the classroom and establish mixed reality pedagogy as an evidenced learning method and not just another technology gimmick.

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Integrating Mixed Reality Pedagogy into Education

  1. 1. Integrating Mixed Reality Pedagogy into Education DR JAMES BIRT
  2. 2. Dr. James Birt Multi-dimensional defines my 20 year industry and academic career, but gaming is my 34 year passion
  4. 4. Affinity What you love LackPassion Opportunity What is wanted Ability What you’re good at CHOOSING A JOB: PASSION OR PRAGMATISM? Sweet Spot
  5. 5. MY FIRST JOB WITH GAMES (1999-2000) Farming Lower Guk in Vanilla EverQuest in search of the Shining Metallic Robes, Short Sword of Ykesha and the Flowing Black Silk Sash and selling on eBay Affinity What you love: Playing EverQuest Ability What you’re good at: Farming Opportunity What is wanted: Virtual Loot
  6. 6. MY CURRENT JOB WITH GAMES (2010 - Today) Affinity What you love: Games and Education Ability What you’re good at: Communicating Opportunity What is wanted: Communicators that understand Tech and Games Associate Professor and discipline lead for Interactive Media and Design where I coordinate the Mixed Reality Research Lab and Communicate on Technology and Games
  7. 7. My Office – Still Features Kings Quest, World of Warcraft and EverQuest!
  8. 8. YOUR FUTURE JOB COULD INVOLVE CREATING PERSONALITIES FOR ROBOTS Jobs Aussies can expect to emerge in the future Melanie Burgess News Corp May 11, 2018
  10. 10. GOOGLE DUPLEX DEMO: Google IO (May 9, 2018) NEW roles are created daily as a result of changing technologies and customer expectations. Workers hoping to remain employable must look ahead and prepare for what is coming.
  11. 11. WHAT ABOUT A JOB IN ESPORTS? The Project – Game on – rise of eSports
  12. 12. “Most of the job titles will be the same as today … we will still have carpenters, nurses, road repairers, even teachers ... but the nature of what they do and the skills they need will change … just as they have over the past 20 years” Ron Johnston Executive Director, Australian Centre for Innovation, University of Sydney; The Conversation (Aug 2, 2016)
  13. 13. AREN’T ALL MILLENNIALS DIGITAL NATIVES? • “[Millennials] are prolific users of [digital technology] … do not assume that they are [proficient users] … the increased use of technology is primarily for [social media and communications] … use doesn't mean learning deeper skills … that requires explicit teaching” • Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority CEO; ABC News (Nov 17, 2015) PROLIFIC USERS OF DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY
  15. 15. Gartner 2018 Emerging Technology Hype Cycle
  16. 16. “Very clear, strong trend between the creative content of a job and its probability of computerisation and replacement by robots” - Oxford Professor Michael Osbourne 2018 Future of Jobs Report – Core Work Skills
  17. 17. T H E C H A N G E I N D E M A N D F O R C O R E W O R K - R E L AT E D S K I L L S Its not about any one technology or learning a tool it’s about: communication, creative thinking, problem solving, agility, digital skills and entrepreneurship
  18. 18. Changing Face of Classrooms
  19. 19. EDUCAUSE Horizon Report: 2018 Higher Education Edition Samantha Adams Becker, Malcolm Brown, Eden Dahlstrom, Annie Davis, Kristi DePaul, Veronica Diaz, and Jeffrey Pomerantz. NMC Horizon Report: 2018 Higher Education Edition. Louisville, CO: EDUCAUSE, 2018.
  20. 20. NMC/CoSN Horizon Report: 2017 K-12 Edition Freeman, A., Adams Becker, S., Cummins, M., Davis, A., and Hall Giesinger, C. (2017). NMC/CoSN Horizon Report: 2017 K–12 Edition. Austin, Texas: The New Media Consortium.
  21. 21. Mixed Reality – Intersection of Virtual & Physical Realities Milgram, P., & Kishino, F. (1994). A taxonomy of mixed reality visual displays. IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems, 77(12), 1321-1329.
  22. 22. Mixed Reality Relevance for Teaching & Learning
  23. 23. Mixed Reality Research Lab
  24. 24. Research Led Teaching Approach
  25. 25. Teaching Method Comparative Design Visualisation of Space & Place
  26. 26. Traditional Teaching Method 27 Learning Anatomy & Physiology
  27. 27. Traditional Teaching Method 28 Simulating Network Packet Flow
  28. 28. Traditional Teaching Method 29 Simulating Airways Training for Paramedics
  29. 29. How do we achieve this?
  30. 30. Pedagogy before Technology
  31. 31. Traditional Teaching Method “this course is a 'skills' learning course … there should be a way for us to actually get more time doing skills … distance students at a severe disadvantage … I am missing out … you can read about the skills but its impossible to get feedback and to know if you’re doing it right … no substitution for experience … any software or equipment to at least go through the motions of doing the skills?” Paramedic Student Learner(s) (201x-2014) 32 Paramedic Distance Education: The Problem
  32. 32. • [Discipline expert] we need every student to have a portable airways mannequin & cheap tools to practice the skills - but cost is prohibitive … residential schools work … but not held early enough for students • [Mixed Reality Team] tools could be provided to students by 3D printing them (cost/set) ~ $1 AUD + postage • [Mixed Reality Team] Airways mannequin could be simulated virtually using a mobile phone • [Discipline expert] students would need both hands free, so the phone would need to be mounted in their eyeline • [Mixed Reality Team] we can provide a hat and 3d printed hat mount • [Mixed Reality Team] A simulation app can then be constructed using a free game engine [Unity3d] that could observe and monitor [learner] skills 33 Paramedic Distance Education: Solving
  33. 33. Needtocreatea1:1mappingoftheskills 34 Paramedic Distance Education: Technology V1
  34. 34. • [Learners] were very excited … [practice] the skills at home ... [learner] more involved in the course & less isolated • [Observers] found most [learners] struggled with the setup of the equipment & progression through the required steps … especially when introducing the Magill forceps & removing the foreign body • [Learners] commented “my hands seem to pass by the [simulated airways manikin]” ... “spent too much time focusing on the markers & not on the [simulated airways manikin] … resulting in frustration when the simulation would present red boxed & restart • Many [learners] commented that they did not get around to using the [simulation] highlighting time struggles and being “extra” work • [Head Paramedic] on reflection should have encouraged more frequent use of the simulation with a reminder & linkage to the learning tasks 35 Paramedic Distance Education: Reflection
  35. 35. SolveV1issuesbutkeeplearningoutcomes 36 Paramedic Distance Education: Revision
  36. 36. • Unity3d game engine ( • Vuforia augmented reality plugin ( • MySQL ( • Php ( • Google Cardboard headset ( • Makerbot 3D Printer ( • Oculus Rift ( • Leap Motion ( • HTC VIVE ( • Adobe Creative ( • MANY MORE! 37 MIXED REALITY AND VIRTUAL PROTOTYPING TOOLS
  37. 37. BACHELOR OF INTERACTIVE MEDIA & DESIGN Latest News in Technology, Design & Society Creative problem solving through design & the latest technology
  38. 38. WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Front End Engineer Airwallex (pre Deloitte Digital) TAYLOR BETT Interactive Experience Design Manager Deloitte Digital PAUL CIAPPARA SAXON CAMERON Senior Front End Consultant Deloitte Digital Directors Assistant Seven Network GEORDI AVILA Interactive Experience Designer Apple AMY McGINTY PRISCILLA FOX Digital Designer + Developer Oracle
  39. 39. Education is about mentoring inspiring young minds full of inquisitive thought, entrepreneurship, a love of creativity, design and technology, and helping them set goals and channel their creative energies to solve real world problems.
  40. 40. Integrating Mixed Reality Pedagogy into Education DR JAMES BIRT Questions?